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  1. Tooled and Wet Molded Multi-Tool Case

    This is really lovely work. I have made a couple myself but I've not been able to get the bottom corners anywhere near as clean as yours. What's the best way to go about it? T
  2. Recent stuff

    Nice work. That's a great idea about the gloves. my thumb joints have started aching where I apply pressure to grip the needle. Thanks . T
  3. All really great work. I particularly like the guitar strap and biker tool roll, I will have to try making those myself, though i'm nowhere near your level . T
  4. Really nice work. What type of leather have you made it from? T
  5. Wedding gifts

    Really nice work. They will love them. Love the colour of the journal, is it light tan? T
  6. Really nice. Love that 2colour stitching. I must try that. T
  7. Dying

    Jd62. Yes, another good idea. I'll practice a few options. I'll post the piece when I've done it,(ruined or not) to let you see the results. T
  8. Dying

    Thank you all for the encouraging feed back and advice. What a great site this is. T
  9. Dying

    Hi All, I have tooled this dragon onto 2mm veg for my daughters laptop cover. She would like it dyed black, but will it stand out in black? I was going to antique it then dye it light brown. What do you all think? Thanks. T
  10. Very nice. What type of leather is that? Did you dye it. T
  11. Hi. I used metropolitan leather near Northampton. Very good people. They will give you all the help you need. T
  12. Hi, I used 1.2 mm veg tan shoulder. Folded it, so as you have grain top and bottom. Also you have a lot of choice of colour.
  13. Not burnishing belt edges!

    I would also not skip this stage. You could try a drill to burnish, you could set the spindle speed slower so as not to burn.
  14. Tooling

    Ok, that's a great help . Thank you. T
  15. Tooling

    Hi All, Thought I would have a go at tooling. Starting with some coasters. I cut squares, then wet and cut a border with a swivel knife. I haven't decided on a pattern yet, but would I wet the leather before tooling or do it dry? Thanks T P's. Assuming liquid will get spilt. what should I seal it with?