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  1. Leather splitter advice

    Skiving belt ends and card slots for wallets.
  2. Hello everyone, I know all the major brands of leather splitters but they are out of my money reach right now. I found a video on YouTube of a guy in Germany making his own splitter and it looks good. I even contacted him and the price is reasonable, about 200 EUR depending on the model. I am not advertising anything, just want to know if anyone knows this guy or has maybe purchased a splitter made by him. His YouTube channel is Alexander Majura.
  3. 800 stitches with one piece of thread?

    Thank you guys, very helpful. In your opinion, does the double stitching affect the aesthetics of the final product if they are placed in the middle of a belt?
  4. 800 stitches with one piece of thread?

    NYeah, I guess I had that coming but how do you seamlessly make that switch from one thread to the second thread?
  5. I have seen many leatherwork sites that say their belts have 500,600 or even 800 stitches. I know that is possible but do those makers do it with one continuous piece of thread or with a number of threads. If with only one, how not to have those spots of melted polyester if I use Ritza or similar?