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  1. Airbrushing help

    @immiketoo Thank you for the rapid response. Luckily I only use spirit dyes as it is So I will be making a purchase for a system within the next week ( I would prefer for this to be an informed purchase) AW 3 Multi-purpose Professional Airbrush Kit Compressor Dual-action Spray Air Brush Set Tattoo Nail Art Does anyone have experience with this set up, or have a set up they recommend within same price range?
  2. Airbrushing help

    So I have multiple questions on this subject, some of which I know have been answered on other posts( don't need to be told how to use the search function, I have found some answers to a lower degree than I prefer) Vescocity of dye and type. What is the best type of dye for spraying? Just looking for a what works best for most and a place to start testing on my own. System: I am on a very tight budget but am willing to relocate funds to get something worth while. I am wishing to do overall dying as well as coloring tooling. Now that I have brought up coloring, is the a latex or silicone coating I can use to cover areas I do not want overstay that could be peeled off afterwards.
  3. Awl Haft

    So I would like to start out by stating I know that this a leatherworking forum and not woodworking, as I am not a woodworker by any means. But I am curious. I have access to a lathe and would like to try my hand at making my own awl haft. But I am not sure how to make it hold a blade, prefferabbly to be able to replace the blade. Would anyone have any experience they would be willing to share with a newbie?
  4. Start-up Tool List

    All I can say is wow, I am a few months into this and really stink at office type of work so making lists is difficult for me. I honestly have not even thought of doing a true inventory on tools I have (not many) I just know the ones I use as of now. But one thing I have been doing is looking for a well thought out inventory list that I can use and yours is the most comprehensive I have come across! I like how it is broke into stages for need, progressing from can do what it does to made specifically for what it does. If you have no issue I think I may borrow this list and adapt to fit my style and where I am wanting to go within the craft.
  5. Edge Creaser???

    What exactly is an edge creased used for? I understand it should put a nice crease line along an edge but is it fully cosmetic? Is the a feature bonus to using one? Does my crease become my a stitch line? Am I to finish my edge before or after the crease? I am fully clueless on this tool, just needing info to find out what tools to purchase as all I have is from a cheap stitching kit off Amazon.
  6. Woops, would this be the 1lb one you were waiting on?
  7. @Mjolnir I like the new maul, what does she weigh in at? I still love your rawhide mallet! It is an inspirational piece of art, I need to go get some rawhide, and I am thinking a nice cocobolo handle.
  8. I am new to leather work still and have a really hard time with tooling. I do really like the look of Sheridan style and would like a lot more practice. I have a bunch of squares that was given to me and just want to tool some completely. Maybe if one turns out well I may hang it as wall art and inspiration. Now the issue is I can't draw! I have never been big into drawing, painting or anything artistic. I decided I needed a hobby and decided I wanted to learn something that has always been around, and I chose leather Now at some time I hope by tracing many things I will learn to be better at design. If anyone cam help I would appreciate it. The leather I have is 7.75 x 7.75 inch. If anyone is willing to send me designs I would appreciate it. This is the only tooling I have done and I want to improve!
  9. @HaloJones So my wooden maul that I posted, his name is Gobber, after my favorite character in my daughters favorite cartoon. This guy is my little helper, he has no point but to sit in front of me and remind me to smile and for that reason he is named after an old squad member I had in the Army, he was able to make a joke in all situations!
  10. Leather on the Hoof

    @olfart You are correct on that, all does. I didn't expand the pictue, thank you for calling me on that! I am not being smart either, I hate being ignorant or arrogant so I really do appreciate when people correct me. (Note to self; expand all photos and take good look before commenting!)
  11. I fully agree with you. That is why I am loving leatherwork! There are so many ways of doing everything that there is no right or wrong, it just works for some and not others! I watch many videos on YouTube and as soon as someone says "this is the right way" I shut it off! I know something are easier other ways but its not my way. I am still new to this, going on a couple months so my tools are very few, a majority handmade. I am working on some stamps now. First attempt was ugly, but now the bolts I used are holding my spools of thread, no use to waste good material.
  12. Leather on the Hoof

    I see a couple deep freezers for meat, a new rug for my den, some hide to tan, antlers and bone for knife handles and a bone folder or two! So many endless possibilities there P.S. if you sand bone or antler wear a respirator!
  13. @Mjolnir I am actually making my attempt at that. I just have not found the right type to use just yet. I have a business account at a landscape design supplier and the selections they have is endless. That is the whole reason I mentioned rock! I actually use those small glass bead rocks that belong in fish tanks for decoration to slick and edge extremely tight spots.
  14. Diaper Bag

    My daughters god mother is about to have her first baby! The one and only thing she asked for from us is a custom, handmade diaper bag! I have not even made a purse before. I told her I will give it a go. So this is where I request any and all help. I have no idea where to start! Is there any patterns for this? She did ask for something with shoulder strap and an outside pocket in the design.
  15. @OLDNSLOW Barry's are worth the cost! All of his tools are well worth the money. Unfortunately this early in my journey I have yet to be able to justify the cost to my wife, she just responds can't you make that. It never comes out anywhere close!