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  1. Leather on the Hoof

    @olfart You are correct on that, all does. I didn't expand the pictue, thank you for calling me on that! I am not being smart either, I hate being ignorant or arrogant so I really do appreciate when people correct me. (Note to self; expand all photos and take good look before commenting!)
  2. I fully agree with you. That is why I am loving leatherwork! There are so many ways of doing everything that there is no right or wrong, it just works for some and not others! I watch many videos on YouTube and as soon as someone says "this is the right way" I shut it off! I know something are easier other ways but its not my way. I am still new to this, going on a couple months so my tools are very few, a majority handmade. I am working on some stamps now. First attempt was ugly, but now the bolts I used are holding my spools of thread, no use to waste good material.
  3. Leather on the Hoof

    I see a couple deep freezers for meat, a new rug for my den, some hide to tan, antlers and bone for knife handles and a bone folder or two! So many endless possibilities there P.S. if you sand bone or antler wear a respirator!
  4. @Mjolnir I am actually making my attempt at that. I just have not found the right type to use just yet. I have a business account at a landscape design supplier and the selections they have is endless. That is the whole reason I mentioned rock! I actually use those small glass bead rocks that belong in fish tanks for decoration to slick and edge extremely tight spots.
  5. Diaper Bag

    My daughters god mother is about to have her first baby! The one and only thing she asked for from us is a custom, handmade diaper bag! I have not even made a purse before. I told her I will give it a go. So this is where I request any and all help. I have no idea where to start! Is there any patterns for this? She did ask for something with shoulder strap and an outside pocket in the design.
  6. @OLDNSLOW Barry's are worth the cost! All of his tools are well worth the money. Unfortunately this early in my journey I have yet to be able to justify the cost to my wife, she just responds can't you make that. It never comes out anywhere close!
  7. @Brooks125 My favorite store!
  8. @OLDNSLOW so my question to you would be what is your preference. What is it that you use and since money has been brought up, did you pay for it?
  9. So I have lived on this forum since I found it and discovered my love for leather products, especially what ever I happen to make....(DISCLAIMER: I am a no on and have not made to much besides a bunch of scrap I can't find beauty in. But it always is taken as an object to learn from, even if I take my diamond chisel and practice my hand sweing!) So to my topic, I see a lot of discussion about stamps, surfaces, thread, machines, and so on. But I have not seen anything as far as what tool you prefer to use as a striker? I happen to have access to a wood lathe and have become pretty decent at using it. This is my maul. Roughly only a month old. It measures in at 9 inch long with 3 inch inch surface, 2 1/4 inch thick. Weighs 9 ounces with the help of lead shot core. As you can tell it does dent easy, but so easy to fix and replace, it works.
  10. None of your beezwax!

    For glueing and dying swing over to the hospital. The bed roll paper they use works great! They usually change out the rolls once they are half way done and toss out the rest. If you can meet up with anyone, preferably a member of management, ask to take them off their hand. I have rolls of it out the house and never played a dime. Also if you really need to you can use it as an extremely cheap tracing paper, but it will bunch up if not pulled tight enough and gets to wet from the leather.
  11. Pawn shop

    @nstarleather They were the only leather tools in the box. I tried to explain that they did not belong. I would have bought everything since I do metal smithing as well but the attitude the guy had turned me off of giving them my hard earned money. Service is more important to me than price sometimes. I am always on the lookout for the next good find, but at some point it does need to be walked away from, give it a few weeks and try again, maybe better luck or a different worker.
  12. Pawn shop

    So I just came out of a local pawn shop and they have me frustrated. I went in looking for repurposing material, while browsing tools I had found a tool box with some hand tools. It was labeled as welding tools. Perusing the tools I found 2 Barry King edge skivers and a round knife. I could not make out a brand on the knife. I offered 40 for all 3 and they turned me down, they wanted me to pay 200 for the whole box! The guy at the counter even started asking me what the tools were and what they were for. I was baffled at that point! How can they turn down selling tools that they had no idea what they were for!
  13. Want to make first wallet

    I want to make my first wallet. I need to know what optimal size veg tan to use as well as what kind of lining. I would prefer to do a slot style bifold, not interested in doing a t-style slot at this time. Open for many and all suggestions!
  14. Very first project!

    I used 9 oz veg tan from Tandy leather. I know I need a new blade for the swivel knife, there is a chip on one side of the one from the garage sale. Also the handle seemed to thin to control well, I have heard about people stacking leather to make a new grip, can anyone shine some light on that! Especially how to adhere it to the barrel.
  15. Very first project!

    This is my first and only leather project so far, used 2 tandy stamps and a swivel knife I had found at a garage sale. I am extremely excited all ready about learning the craft! Also I take criticism extremely well!