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  1. Is this leather any good?

    I checked the different grades descriptions and I do plan to order half of each but the low 3 grade, which should be ok for wallets at least I hope so. There are no extra costs except of maybe 6 eur or so for shipping and gladly don't have to stock buy that since I'm from Slovakia. Yeah, I've seen that video, also plan to buy his wallet templates. I know people generally prefer the Tiger thread (can't remember full name) but I plan to buy some from leathercraftstool, together with the whole equipment (I'm bit tight on a budget, everything including leather needs to be under 200e). Do you think it would be better to contact her or to buy a specific higher grade thread? The one I plan to buy is 4e/48m waxed thread.
  2. Is this leather any good?

    I'm from Europe actually, so Italy based company is ok
  3. Is this leather any good?

    I'm looking to get myself into leathercraft and and I would like to know if leather I plan to pick is any good, or should look elsewhere since it's cheapest from what I found. What do you think about the quality if that can be told just from the look on the website? I intend to do wallets and these will be my first projects so it doesn't have to be top quality, but I also don't want to spend my money on useless stuff. I picked 2 different thickness for outside/inside.
  4. Wallet craft time?

    I live in central Europe (Slovakia) and I do believe there is space to sell some, especially when i see what are people around willing to pay for useless and essentially garbage items. The biggest mystery for me however is the production time so i can make some calculations before I take this road.
  5. Wallet craft time?

    Hi, I'm considering to try to make some wallets to sell, I have no experience with leathercraft however. What would you say is the approx time to create some? both simple and more complex ones? Also if you would recommend tools i will need for this, I have seen some videos read couple articles but otherwise I'm complete beginner. Do you think it is possible and effective to make some extra bucks this way?