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Carving Pattern Collaboration

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hey everyone, i know all leatherworkers slowly gather patterns over a period of time so they will always have the right pattern for the project, well I'm trying to speed up the process for a lot of us in the beginning few years of our career.

if you have a pattern or would like to draw up any floral, sheridan, or figure carving pattern please post it or send it to me in a pm

make sure that these are legal patterns to share with everyone, do not use any patterns that will take money from anybody's pocket in other words. all patterns will be put in a folder on my computer and be available to send to everyone, i hope that this goes well and we can all have a nice collection of things to choose from for future projects.

ill do all the labeling and divide all the patterns into their specific categories for everyone

thanks everyone,

also if you know of any sources for free downloads just post the link and i will go download them all for everyone


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