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You might want to take a look in classified section.  It seems to be on ebay also. 

Its not a byler.  But it might do for your needs. No connection. Just trying to help. 

Good Luck. 


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I have his bench top self centering presses, which acts similar to the weaver machine, but is a totaly different design.  Dan also makes two larger foot press models of the press as well.  The press works extreamly well and is built like a Russsian tank, all metal, no plastic on it.   I got the press and two set of dies (front and rear set,  4 dies all togeter) for right around $ 600 shiping included. The press alone runs around $350.   Dan will make the cutting dies for the belts to your specs.  He does great work, the dies are very well made and very sharp.  Dan also makes several other machines such as strap cutters, embossers, foot press, etc.  Dan makes hand tools such as hole punches, English and round strap end punches, bag punches and clicker dies.   I would recommend anything he makes.  The prices are really good, truth be told he should charge more than he does for his products.  If you write him he will send you a price list of his products as well as photos.  He responds quickly and is great to work with, he even takes personal checks.   He recently moved, so I will put his new address below, if you send a letter to his old address he will not get it.  He does not have a phone or email.  

Hope this helps, if you have more questions you can email me off line.  My email is


Dan Byler

881 Ivory Road

Frewsburg Ny 14738

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I just purchased a strap cutter and a couple of self-centering gang punches from Dan Byler, and am looking forward to receiving it next week. All of his machinery and tools cost about a third of any other makers, and seem to be a better design and more reliable.  Found some at the Weaver Consignment Auction, and he was also there selling directly. I've heard nothing but fantastic things from many other leather workers about his tools. 

The trick is, he is Amish. One can only contact him by mail, or in person! Worth it. Write him, ask for a price list. 

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