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  1. email me at and I will send pics of a shop press turned into a clicker press.
  2. Always wear a mask during sanding..........
  3. Year 1954, my Grandfather walk me to the Tac room in the barn. Taught me how to make a strap. Beveled and coffee sun dyed. When it was done......He Whooped me with it.....can't remember why. And that was the beginning.
  4. Please accept my request, My Face Book page is Dennis from Durango Thanks Dennis
  5. FB Dennis from Durango Thanks Dennis
  7. Springfield and Weaver
  8. Hope HO don't run out of Leather
  9. send me your email and I will send you pics of our 20 ton air. Invested $350
  10. We have 2 of them and both run 30 hrs. a week and no problems. One is 2 years old.
  11. Could be mold. Any imported leather crossing the oceans or other countries can get mold.
  12. Springfield Leather, Weaver leather carry a clicker press board.
  13. They are for covering caps with fabric to leather. For upholstery snaps and screw cap covers. You are missing the receivers. have a set some place in my collection.
  14. We have a full production shop. contact us at Thanks