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  1. normally I do concealed carry gear, but I had a request to try a custom seat for a motorcycle. this is my first, but hopefully not my last
  2. motorcycle seats

  3. I'm going to be making a couple in the upcoming weeks. i'll try to post some pics and details. Tony
  4. plus its molded just enough that the whole weight of the gun is not resting on the screw. it just keeps it from wanting to push all the way through. Tony
  5. P1010252

    thank you very much. it is actually my departments first badge from 1910.
  6. I have done two with lights. I do only light hand molding, and use a Chicago screw so that the gun rests on it just under the barrel and above the light. have had no complaints so far. Tony
  7. P1010210

    I have molds and blanks made from high density polyethylene. then wet the leather and put it in a 12 ton press.
  8. P1010210

    just a swivel knife and backgrounder
  9. Third Briefcase

    I use fiebings pro oil dyes.... I seal with neutral Kiwi then wyosheen.
  10. go with the Cobra. I own two and Steve is the best at helping you out!! Tony
  11. ok you guys. you made me sorry I didn't go this year. next year for sure. how was the show itself?? Tony
  12. I have been thinking that a laser cutter was the way to go as well. I've been hoping the technology comes soon to harbor freight. can I ask what model cutter you have? Tony
  13. wish I was going. i'll see you there next year for sure! Tony