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    I operate a small used bookstore in Arnold,Ca. located on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. Main interests are my family, western history,from Lewis and Clark to Charlie Russell,natural history of this area,which include just about any and everything out there.

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    molded,and carved bowls and trays,furniture
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    better tooling and carving
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  1. Ooze Cowhide

    Found an old 1927 Grafton and Knight leathercraft catalog,and one of their leather types is called ooze leather,its described as"a heavy velvet leather for tooling,"offered in 4 colors, for .64 per square ft. for a whole side.Any one ever hear of this.
  2. Old School Tools

    Hello,The vast majority of my tooling is traditional,Visalia,Porter,I have a few Sheridan style tools,but I'd like to know where to buy , especially regular bevelers,other than Tandy products,have some nice old McMillians but I don't think they make stamping tools anymore. Thanks for your help.
  3. Favorite Maul

    Hi Bruce,thanks for the invite,my wife and I are down in your area often,in-laws in Modesto,sorry we could'nt catch up with one another,about my King push beader,maybe next time ,best to you John
  4. Favorite Maul

    I've used a mallet,rawhide maul and plastic maul,whats your personal choice,thanks for the input.
  5. How Sharp Is Sharp?

    Thanks to all of you for your information ,and I must apologize ,the knife I was referring to is the swivel knife,thanks again for your support.
  6. How Sharp Is Sharp?

    Aside from your blade being chipped or it drags so badly it won't cut butter,what is your definition of "sharp", and how do you test or determine what is sharp,thanks
  7. Beader Question

  8. Beader Question

    Jon what I have is a push beader,should have been clearer,not a beader blade that goes in a swivels knife.
  9. Beader Question

    Hello, have just bought a 1/8"wide King beader,Whether using a straight edge,or freehand,the inside or left leg doesn't leave a true impression,more of a scratch,is there a way to even or adjust the leg for an even impression. Thanks for the help
  10. Molded Oak-Leaf Tray

    7/8 ounce, is the easiest weight for me to mold properly. Thanks John
  11. This my latest molded tray,its fairly good sized,20"x6"I usually mess up the pics,so I thank my daughter for the tech help.
  12. latest work

    this is a collection of some of my bowls and trays I've done recently,Thanks for having a peek.
  13. carrie3.jpg

    From the album latest work

  14. carrie2.jpg

    From the album latest work

  15. carrie1.jpg

    From the album latest work