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  1. Check on the way, thanks for the samples.
  2. Thanks send me an invoice, for the leather and the postal shipping and I’ll send you a USA check. My email address is I bought some hardware from you before. please send me your postal address too
  3. What is the total for the leather?
  4. I’ll check today, it’s like pulling teeth. lol! How much for the 4 sides of 9 oz?
  5. Skiving Machine

    $95 freight, the motor and head only
  6. Skiving Machine

    I’ll price it for you Monday, when the shipper is open
  7. No headway with the shippers today, its Remembrance day here tomorrow and Monday everything is closed too, I will get back at it then , thanks for your patience.
  8. What is your address, I’ll get a few rates from here too.
  9. Can not secure a USA address, can you ship DHL?
  10. I’m waiting To secure the address
  11. Ok how much to a address in Maine?
  12. Skiving Machine

  13. Please get me a price to the Canadian address, Wickett/ Craig always packs the rolls with 4 sides to keep them manageable! I have not secured the US address yet.
  14. Ok how much would it be to ship 8 sides of the 9/10oz to my address?