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  1. Received Leather , Thanks
  2. Leather Machine CO. are they Still in Business?

    Thanks I’ll try them again today!
  3. Leather Machine CO. are they Still in Business?

    Tried multiple times to email and call, no replies.
  4. Is the leather machine co still in business?
  5. TONS of snakeskin hides for sale!

    How thick are they and can you ship to Canada?
  6. Kiwi print hot stamping machine

    what size and style of print?
  7. Consew Age

  8. Consew Age

    Thanks, What is the maximum thread and needle size for the Consew 277R!
  9. Consew Age

    How can I find the age of a Consew machine 277R serial # LC 0110050 ?
  10. Adler 669

    Ok thanks
  11. Adler 669

    Thanks, that is what I much and where are you buying it from?
  12. Crosshatch Bottega Veneta-style Leather

    Thanks for the samples, I like some of the samples , are they in sides or full hides & how old is the leather?
  13. How about 5 Brown 2 dk blue, 2 light blue, shipping included?
  14. All I want to spend is $1200 ! , can you cut me a deal? 6 Brown, 2 dark blue 2 light blue.