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  1. Skiving Machine

  2. Skiving Machine

    I'm in Nova Scotia
  3. Skiving Machine

    I need an actual address with postal code for shipping quotes.
  4. Please send me a few more close up pictures.
  5. Clock Lock (briefcase locks)

    I would like to buy two.
  6. Police Holster Dies & Sample

    The holster will take a Sig Sauer or a Smith Wesson 5946
  7. For sale , police holster dies, with a finished sample. Pictures and prices on request, send your email address.
  8. Clock Lock (briefcase locks)

    No Reply?
  9. J.D Randall Krebs style splitter

    Thanks, I need something wider. Did you sell your staple machine?
  10. SB Foot Leathers

    Ok I’m looking for Brown leathers, thicker is better, thanks
  11. Clock Lock (briefcase locks)

    Can you ship them to Nova Scotia?
  12. SB Foot Leathers

    is it possible to get a few samples?
  13. J.D Randall Krebs style splitter

    how wide will it split?
  14. Clock Lock (briefcase locks)

    Are these new? Can you ship them to Canada?