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  1. Can you send them ?
  2. are the 3 rare Midas stamps still available?
  3. Doctors bag frame

    did you try Ohio Travel Bag?
  4. WANTED: Kingsley M-50 or Kwikprint 25/55/86

    I have a brand new replacement element too.
  5. WANTED: Kingsley M-50 or Kwikprint 25/55/86

    I have a Kwikprint #86 floor model.I'm in Canada.$500
  6. Trim & Belt house Downsizing - Lots of equipment

    can you post more pictures of the shears, and how wide is the splitter?
  7. Skiving Machine

  8. Skiving Machine

    I'm in Nova Scotia
  9. Skiving Machine

    I need an actual address with postal code for shipping quotes.
  10. Please send me a few more close up pictures.
  11. Clock Lock (briefcase locks)

    I would like to buy two.
  12. Police Holster Dies & Sample

    The holster will take a Sig Sauer or a Smith Wesson 5946
  13. For sale , police holster dies, with a finished sample. Pictures and prices on request, send your email address.
  14. Clock Lock (briefcase locks)

    No Reply?