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  1. Thanks Chain.  I spent hours searching for decent outline drawing & never saw the one you sent. There are several in that bunch I can use. I screen capture the image, size it & then copy to transparency film as a template.  Here in Central Texas, the armadillo is a very popular creature for painting & nature photos,  I can't remember seeing it on purses etc.  You have been a great help & look from where. I ran into a lot of you guys when I was in Viet Nam 69 & 70 - great soldiers.

    1. Chain


      Thanks Herbworff

      glad I could help


    2. Chain


      I will expalin how I did it to find the ouline drawing.

      We will look for skulls.

      1. Google Skulls

      2. Click on "images" (you should now have a heap of skull images)

      3. You should have a menu at the top like this  "All - Images  -  Shopping  -  Videos  -   News  -  More  -  Settings  -   Tools"

      4. Click on "Tools"

      5. A new menu will appear

      6. Click on "Type"

      7. Click on "Line Drawing"


      now you have a heap of skull outlines to pick from.

      Hope this helps in the future


  2. Armadillo tooling pattern

    There may be something here for you:
  3. Making own Tools

    I made a maul from a trolly jack wheel
  4. Maul. Doubts with the purchase $AU14.26 and free postage
  5. Australian Newbie Here!

    Birdsall are pretty good and helpful. Crispin Leather is one to watch. I think they are an agent for Tandy If your on Facebook here are a couple of good Leather groups to look for. People here can be pretty helpful as well
  6. Australian Newbie Here!

    You don't say what part of OZ your in, but some suppliers below. there a few to get you started
  8. WOW for your first efforts they are amazing
  9. Easier way to Punch Holes for Lacing

    What a great idea !! Anything that saves time and wear and tear on the body has to be good in my book
  10. Kangaroo Hides
  11. Even made a Maul!

    I bought one of these without the bearing. Took it to a hardware shop where I found a tapered wooden handle. Banged it in and cut to length. Voila. Instant Maul Nothing fancy but it works well and quick to make
  12. Are expensive whet stones worth it?

    I use a Lansky knife sharpening kit.
  13. Baseball Brims

    Why not hand sew if your not mass producing?