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  1. Chrome tanned burnishing

    If you have a Dremel, they come with felt polishing discs. Use one of them and the edges come up nice and burnished
  2. My First Real Project

    Thanks you. But design credit goes to the pattern designer Tony See
  3. My First Real Project

    I liked the thick thread as the 3 piece gusset had that zig zaggy type pattern so the thicker thread showed it off. I just continued on with it It was a bit hard not to get my ugly mug into the show
  4. My First

    Well it finally happened. My first real project.A Lady's shoulder bag/sling bag. I just have to make a strap for it.
  5. My First Real Project

    Well it finally happened. My first real project.A Lady's shoulder bag/sling bag. I just have to make a strap for it.
  6. Cane Toad Skin Stubby Holders

    I don't think they do This is the place for roo leather
  7. Ceramic leather knife?

    Strop the ceramic blades and they are good to go
  8. What they really need to do is stop using a unit of weight as a unit of size
  9. Doctor's bag patterns

    You won't regret it when you do. He is doing it the right way and seems like a really nice guy into the bargain.
  10. Doctor's bag patterns

    This guy has some great patterns that are a but away from the "normal" They are affordable and he also has Youtube videos showing how to construct the patterns. And has a Facebook group as support if you run into trouble Well worth the few dollars
  11. I need inspiration

    This guy has some affordable patterns that are a "bit different" to the usual. He also has Youtube Instructional Videos for the patterns
  12. Backpack/Rucksack patterns

    This guy has some at a very reasonable price: He also backs it up with a Youtube Channel of instructional videos for the construction of the patterns: Also he runs a Facebook Group for support/questions if need be:
  13. On line classes

    This guy sells patterns at quite a reasonable price As part of the deal he also had Youtube instruction videos on constructing the items And also has a support Facebook Group The patterns have a bit of s Steampunk look but are very adaptable. All in all a great deal and sites
  14. Serge Volken's Two Tool Basketweave-O-Rama

    I watched the whole video through several times (it takes a while to sink in) and all I can say is "I think this will be a game changer"
  15. 111WSV77 leather sewing machine project yeah

    If your looking for parts and advice see this guy over on Facebook