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  1. Blue Guns

    Do you still have the sig 238
  2. Tippmann Boss

    I am thinking about selling my Tippmann Boss it's the Cast Iron Machine . The flatbed attachment. Material guide attachment. $1,200.00 plus shipping serial number 1855
  3. Cowboy CB3200 For Sale

    Do you still have this machine
  4. Holster Molds / Blueguns

    Do you still have the sig p 220
  5. Holster Molds / Blueguns

    ile take the Bersa Thunder 380, and the S&W 9/40 shield w/crimson trace Blue guns
  6. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    Hey jeff if you ever deside to leave this forum and go somewhere else please advise me of where it is i find your knowledge to be very helpful , and when someone asks your opinion on something they have made you offer than constructive criticism instead of trying to attack them (and before anyone goes off topic the last part of this message has nothing to do with videos ) so take a chill pill
  7. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    ok im really starting to get confused here, we have a Moderator thats keeping a argument going about videos and i think he has a site that you have to pay for videos !!!!! Might be a little bias there but the more important thing is i thought Moderators were there to stop B.S. like this not to keep poking the Bear
  8. Holster VIDEOs 'n' stuff

    IMMIKETO i for one have watched many videos and the biggest problem with that is no one does it the same way , so if your learning and someone from this site says watch a video you think ok thats how its done then you find another video and its done differently so then you get confused . And then there are a LOT of people on this site that if you ask them questions they tell you to go watch this video or go read this book. Now not everyone i have made several friends that have helped me a lot but with every group of people you have your @@s hats .
  9. Blue Guns for sale

    i will buy 5 and 6 if its still available
  10. i will take all 3 of them
  11. Hopefully tommorow had to deal with Family
  12. im going to add my two cents worth i do not post a lot because of a few people think they are the only ones that know anything. And no im not talking about Jeff. I have made about 50 holsters from jeffs patterns and they all have been great then i get this guy that wants a M&P shield pancake no problem ive made probably25 of them . Well he comes to pick it up and this guy stands 5 foot tall weighs maybe 90 pounds he loves the holster puts it on and for all the money he cant pull his gun out , it was to tight . he was so damn small there was no way it was comming out i put the holster on it worked fine. So i contacted Jeff he helped me adjust the front panel and i remade the holster and it worked great. my point is if you want to see what what a 50/50 is like try putting it on a paint can and pulling a gun out of the holster.
  13. WTS: 13 Blue Guns & Red 1911

    Ok what's left
  14. Tension screws

    Jeff i can hook you up with 6-32 x 1/4" 3 prong t nuts screws and washers just send me a e mail