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  1. Ok what's left
  2. Jeff i can hook you up with 6-32 x 1/4" 3 prong t nuts screws and washers just send me a e mail
  3. Hey Jeff , why no never mind . Lol just having fun with you
  4. Jeff said saddle soap is bad
  5. wow people if your a custom holster maker thats fine if you can only make them from what patterns you have or can not make a pattern like myself thats fine use a list. i always thought custom men't you could just about do anything but be honest if you dont have the mold gun or the real gun take the time and tell the would be customer that . that way they will understand the reason as to why!
  6. I have bought a lot of mold guns from http://redfeathergear.com/ they are more for kydex holsters but they are excelent mold guns and Bill is a great guy to work with
  7. i would say call Tippmann in the Morning the guys there are great and can talk you through just about anything .
  8. This. Is a holster. Made for a 629 6 inch barrel
  9. I have a tippmann Boss sewing machine made about 20 years ago. I took it in to Tippmann yesterday and everyone there treated me like I was a family member. They made a few adjustments on it and it now sews better than it ever has.
  10. I'm not sure where I found this picture of a cell phone holster
  11. where can you get a good sharp punch made
  12. parts are on Amazon CAM ACTION HOLD DOWN CLAMP - 5/16" X 18 TPI by Peachtree Woodworking - PW965 Red Medium Load Press Mould Compression Die Spring 16mm x 8mm x 65mm
  13. Hey jeff i will let you borrow my dummy gun for that if you want