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  1. Edge Guide For 188K Singer

    Hi, You mean a bolt on the flat bed? theres a screw.
  2. Hi all. I know this is a tough one but i am sure someone could help me here. I am looking for a edge guide for my 188k singer and was hoping if someone could help me with it. Thanks in advance.
  3. Singer 188K

    Hi all, a friend of mine just gave me his singer 188k. I know its a old machine not really designed for heavy leather. I am just wondering, whats the maximum weight of leather that it can go through without having big problems and also whats the maximum thread that it will take. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, wondering if anyone knows any good place in bangkok for leather/silver supplies! Tools,hardware,leather maybe?
  5. What Is This Called?

    Hey thanks all for the replies, just wondering if there is any of this item on ebay on sale. that would be much better. have been looking for days!
  6. What exactly is this called and do anyone have an online link on where to get it other than ohio travel! Thanks in advance!
  7. Can anyone tell me what is this called and where i could get it?
  8. Getting A Ring In

    Thats exactly what i do. Sometimes, its just so hard to get it wide enough though.
  9. Getting A Ring In

    No idea how the rest did it but i if there's a opening, i just pried it open put it in and knock it back later. Works for me though. Haha
  10. How Should I Package My Item?

    Sounds like you might just need more courage! most of the belts that i am doing are just raw untreated belt and burnishing are NOT NEEDED. Therefore, i took in the order. Also, about the hole punching. Its always good to learn more from other craftsmen regarding the way and method they used to gauge the length to punch hole. Well, learning doesn't stop at anytime. You might be a great tattoo artist, but you would definitely want to learn more from other better tattoo artist that have way more experience and are much talented than you.Would love to see some works from you though. Lastly, i do sell them at a pretty low price. So ya, maybe this could "help" you in some ways.
  11. Hi all, i am doing a few orders for custom belts and small leather goods. i am just wondering, how should i package the item? Was thinking of using those brown paper bag, but do anyone have any other ideas or things they use to package the item? Thanks!
  12. Hi all! Lets say i am denim size 32". From the tip to the middle hole, what should the length be? 32" too?
  13. Hi all! Was wondering, How do i burnish the edge till like this? What is item is needed? i have read bob park's finishing edge. However,i don't really get what item is used to wax. Is it like the guide, using saddle soap or glycerin bar soap? Many thanks!
  14. Making a round awl into a diamond awl. Anyone tried before or know what to do! please let me know!
  15. what is the secret to stitching straight? Does the groover makes the stitching straight?If so, what if we are using other leather not tooling leather?