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  1. Stirrup Attachment

    Thanks Wiz...
  2. Stirrup Attachment

    Are these only for cylinder beds? I have a flat bed Pfaff MA1245
  3. Hi This is everything that I wish to sell. The prices beside are the original prices. 1/8 inch beader blade $253/8 inch barrel with Straight 3/8 inch thick blade $45 7/16 inch barrel with Straight 1/4 inch thin blade $45 Taper 14 oz maul $50 #1 Lifter $25 #2 Lifter $25 #0 Checkered Beveler $25 #1 Checkered Beveler $25 #2 Checkered Beveler $25 #2 Round Checkered Beveler $25 #4 Round Checkered Beveler $25 #0 Smooth Beveler $25 #2 Smooth Beveler $25 #2 Curved Thumbprint (left & right)$50 #0 Horizontal Thumbprint $30 #2 Horizontal Thumbprint $30 #3 Horizontal Thumbprint $30 #1 Leaf Liner $30 #2 Smooth Stop $30 #2 Checkered Turnback $30 #2 Lined and Scalloped Veiner $30 #1 Center Shader $30 #3 Flower Center 12 Seed $30 #4 Fluted Camouflage $35 There's $745 worth of tools here and I would like to sell for $600 exclude shipping. I would not like to break up the set as I do not wish to be stuck with a tool here and there. At least with a complete set, I could still pick up carving in the future if I find the time for it. I will throw in 2 Grey Ghost lifters for free. They corroded a little when I made sheaths for them. After buffing the corrosion out, they were not as sharp as original but still work very well.
  4. Decorative Cuts

    I've bungled up a few pieces at the very last step, decorative cutting. Usually because of two things: 1. I can't figure out how wet should the leather be. I've tried cutting without re-wetting and it drags. I've tried re-wetting with a quick squeeze on the spray bottle, and it's too mushy. 2. The thumb printed vines are the worse. The thumb print tends to "lead" the blade due to the uneven surface. Any advice?
  5. Anyone interested to buy these in a lot? If yes I'll check each tool how much I bought for and less 15% and put them in the classified. I'm tired of binning leather. Either I don't have talent or time for this, or it's simply not practical for someone living in a place where leather is not avail locally. It's heart wrenching practicing on leather which is $15 a foot shipped. It's especially difficult when I don't have the opportunity to ever see a real Sheridan carving other than photos too. There's also two BK swivel knives with extra border blade. One Kyoshin Elle swivel with two Leather Wrangler blades. There's also two Grey Ghost lifters I'd give free to the buyer. When they first arrive, I'd made sheaths for them using veg tan from some Indian tannery. The leather sheath actually corroded the lifters. After buffing out the rust, the lifters work ok but just not as sharp as new.
  6. Tools Of The Trade

    I started with Tandy then upgraded like everyone else. But when it's time to sell off the Tandy tools, I found that they are worthless. That said, it'll be tough to start off with high end stuff. I suggest that you take a look at Their tools aren't so much more than Tandy and yet are so much more better made. It should get you started. A maul from Barry King. Pricking irons & edge beveler from Goodsjapan. Thread, needles, leather and hardware from Springfield leather is sufficient to do alot of projects.

    Gerry, I've had that experience many a times with my Pfaff. I tried pushing the knot in with a stylus. Made it even more obvious. End up taking out all the stitches and hand sewing it. Best to leave it alone.
  8. Strange Part Found On My Pfaff Ma1245

    I hate these kinda things happening.. Keeps you awake at night wondering where it came from. Just now a package of tools and supplies arrived from US. I was rearranging my tools to make way for the new stamping tools. Used a piece of 3/4 inch diameter magnet to try and pick up a swivel knife blade that had dropped into the bottom of a narrow container. When I finished packing my whole bench, realized the magnet is missing. Spent an hour of leather time searching for it to no avail. Though its a cheap magnet, not worth anything, it just bothers me not knowing where it had gone .. Aargh..
  9. Strange Part Found On My Pfaff Ma1245

    Hi all, it's brass...
  10. Any Campbell Keystone Splitter Owners?

    Hi Tor, you are right. It's not wise to keep running to the shop every time the blade is dull. It's better that I learn to strop it.
  11. Found this strange part while I'm sewing today. Wonder where it came from. Pic shows it and where it was found. About 3mm diameter.
  12. Any Campbell Keystone Splitter Owners?

    The shop is confident of flattening the bottom. Caveat is that I will lose 2mm thickness from the grinding. I hope it'll solve the problem as I dread having to foot the cost of return shipping which means I have spent money and return to nothing. When Dan suggested that I return it, we didn't delve into details but from his email, it seems he won't be footing the entire bill.
  13. Any Campbell Keystone Splitter Owners?

    They have done some good work on my Heritage blade so I trust these guys. For US$12 per sharpening with 3 days turnaround, I rather leave it with them. After the owner showed me that the blade is bent slightly up in the middle, he asked me how old I'd this blade. When I told him I just bought thus tool, he shook his head. And I told him two things: 1. The blade was knocked out of position during shipping 2. When I was trying out the splitter, I was using a 2 inch strap, and it wasn't cutting. So I was pressing on the lever down hard with my body weight trying to get the initial bite. My theory is that with the strap (8 oz) thickness pushing upwards on the blade, it might have bent it. He then told me if that's the case, the blade material is poor.
  14. Splitter Blade Micro-Bevel Or Not?

    I had the opposite experience. On my Heritage, it was tough to use. After the local shop put a micro bevel on it, I could pull through 4 inch wide pieces with just my thumb and index finger. Unfortunately, they are impossible to maintain by myself.