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  1. New swivels

    These 2 have no bearings at all.
  2. Jeremiah Watt horseshoe brand look him up
  3. Okay first of all I don't know if he posted this here for constructive criticism, or maybe to get some advice? First off 4 oz is too thin for a knife sheath in my humble opinion, it will get floppy on you . secondly I see no mention of any type of welt being used, if that blade has any type of Edge at all your stitches will last all of maybe two or three pulls, or the sheath itself being so thin will catch no slack....Thirdly if your Stitch line follows the Contours of that knife at the distance it should 2X the thickness of the leather you will never pull that knife out of that sheath! Good luck and let us know how it goes
  4. I for one can say that this forum and all of the members here both active and no longer active have contributed to my success and some failures (because of my interpretation or lack thereof lol!!) So to list all of the names would be kind of difficult! Starting from the mass-produced cheap leather goods I have seen, all the way through to having seen breathtaking work has inspired me in one way or another. As far as the claim of being self-taught I am guilty of that claim in that I have never sat down for any type of formal training with anyone, I initially started with the intent of making a custom motorcycle seat for my FLH which you see as my avatar. This led me to where I'm at currently, making my own tools and making custom pieces. No I do not have a huge following nor do I prefer one, but I am thankful to all here from the beginner all the way through to the most experienced!
  5. Re front pocket wallet and designs etc etc what I find very interesting is that you don't hear about any big clothing industry arguments pertaining to the shape of front pockets themselves! I can understand if a person reverse engineers and CLONES a product and makes a profit in doing so. But to make a big issue over a shape? It's kind of like arguing over who came up with bottled water first...or whose idea it was to carry a pocket knife with a clip "wait you have a clip on your knife, that is my idea you can't do that!!" Bla bla bla.... anyhow... People will be inspired by others! WELL SAID SIR.
  6. OOPS or it that beveler?!

    Horseshoe brand...
  7. Beveler blade for swivel knife?

    Most of my slickers are Delrin..hmmm 15 min on the lathe and should be a blue to come up with somthing but the SS had to be tried as well. Thanks again Thanks for the reply!
  8. Beveler blade for swivel knife?

    1st off. Very nice work! Secondly thank you for the answer 88 views later lol!!! Yea i don't need to source them though i made a couple out of SS just was curious thank you so much though!!
  9. Who's got one and uses it regularly? With what results? Post pix...
  10. New swivels

    Lol yea yea Custom tools for custom leather...
  11. New swivels

    To each his own... fidget spinner how many do you own lol!
  12. How to resist spirit dyes.

    Search for liquid latex and you'll find it cheaper in larger quantities i purchased a quart abour 5 years ago for approximately $12 and its still good. Kept in cool dark cabinet.
  13. New swivels

    Thanks, Fixed height. Thanks, look for micro bearings, these have none only tight tolerances and synth grease. IMHO I feel that bearings and spinning the saddle for 2 minutes straight thing are over hyped selling points, as long as you can get a smooth action from the barrel you're golden. The blade angle, sharpness, and polish are key. I prefer the smooth finish over an knurl finish anyday day even if the knurl and is not aggressive. No issues at all for me. Thanks for the kind words.