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  1. Knuckle duster

    If I were to make something like that I would take pieces of dowel and put them in the finger holes and then dip it in boiling wax to harden it
  2. Morning....brief question...what is the best kind of chisel i can use as a starter

    1. Sanch


      Sorry for the late reply what kind of chisel are you referring to?

    2. H2345


      New at thos...i mean chisel for stuff like wallets... small stuff

    3. Sanch


      Stitching chisel can be found on eBay or Amazon 

  3. I recently had the opportunity to use a dremmel burnisher and did not care for the results at all the surface area on the thing was way too small for my taste and the speeds were all over the place. That's my opinion. I'm sticking to it..
  4. What is this called?

    Not to be a critical snob but thread is way small for the holes which look like they were drilled out or punched single layer like as said before would not be coming off of my bench unless it's IWB small of back, period... floppy holsters lead to possible disaster. That one is unsafe in my opinion get it wet and its a done deal...
  5. I have had success with denatured alcohol on mostly all finishes I've had to "remove" try it out it should work tan coat is acrylic I'm pretty sure...
  6. I have 5 tables made of UHMW bathroom stall dividers color is irrelevant durability and ability to clean with solvent is not of concern, tool sharpness and nondulling qualities of UHMW are fantastic have had no issues...
  7. Prayers for all members and non members too who are stuck in flood areas and for the families. Please stay safe.
  8. Quick Airbrush Video

    Depends on the dye. Alch based Fiebings is fine airbrushed. Waterbase imho is a no go as though I've had good results along with heat setting it.
  9. Quick Airbrush Video

    Look up DIY for silent air compressors!!! Min runs as quiet as a refrigerator.
  10. Well dang I guess not! Very nice work none the less!
  11. NO doubt! I just prefer vacuum !
  12. I like both pieces that 101st Airborne holster tells me you might be local to me where are you located?
  13. Welcome. 1. Better pix front, back edges? 2. Was this a Tandy Leather kit sheath? If it was you did a good job making it shine. 3. You're tooling looks very well executed. I personally would not have chosen to use white for the letters on any item that may see hard use. 4. You should have shown a picture of the blade that this work is for it opens the doors too many questions if you do not. I'm sure there are many of us that would like to know if this sheath is made to sit in the cabinet or actually be used. 5. I personally do not care to use whip stitching or lacing on any item that will see hard use. 6. Also as stated above by someone else there is no visible welt between the layers of leather this is a very big No-No coupled with that whip Stitch lacing. 7. I understand the necessity of making the holes for the lacing as big as you did because of the double pass-through of said lacing this will also lead to quick deterioration of that area if not treated correctly. Take everything that I have posted with a grain of salt and no insult, the work looks great in my opinion for a shelf sheath again you asked for opinions I gave mine we all know how opinions are everyone has one etc etc!
  14. Always such a tease on what you're making but it's always been worth the wait and it's looking great so far!
  15. Purse for my mom

    I for one can say she will moved to tears that is beautiful work young sir! Keep it up!!!