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  1. Beveler blade for swivel knife?

    Most of my slickers are Delrin..hmmm 15 min on the lathe and should be a blue to come up with somthing but the SS had to be tried as well. Thanks again Thanks for the reply!
  2. Beveler blade for swivel knife?

    1st off. Very nice work! Secondly thank you for the answer 88 views later lol!!! Yea i don't need to source them though i made a couple out of SS just was curious thank you so much though!!
  3. Who's got one and uses it regularly? With what results? Post pix...
  4. New swivels

    Lol yea yea Custom tools for custom leather...
  5. New swivels

    I do not. Sorry.
  6. New swivels

    To each his own... fidget spinner how many do you own lol!
  7. How to resist spirit dyes.

    Search for liquid latex and you'll find it cheaper in larger quantities i purchased a quart abour 5 years ago for approximately $12 and its still good. Kept in cool dark cabinet.
  8. New swivels

    Thanks, Fixed height. Thanks, look for micro bearings, these have none only tight tolerances and synth grease. IMHO I feel that bearings and spinning the saddle for 2 minutes straight thing are over hyped selling points, as long as you can get a smooth action from the barrel you're golden. The blade angle, sharpness, and polish are key. I prefer the smooth finish over an knurl finish anyday day even if the knurl and is not aggressive. No issues at all for me. Thanks for the kind words.
  9. New swivels

    Made a couple of new swivel knives 100% hand made no purchase shtuff.. 6061 aluminum body and saddle, brass body and 304 SS saddle. Both sporting 4140 HT blades made by me..needed somthing skinnier than 1/2" and 5/8" that's what my other hand made barrels are, so I decided 3/8" was best. Enjoy and as always comments are welcomed.
  10. Hot scribe?

    Very beautiful work.. and i'm sure the technique has its merit, although hardening the edges of a cut wouldn't suit my style of tooling in most cases. I can see where it would be worth the added effort, and it obviously works!
  11. Very very classy looking work I like it clean, simple great job! One question why did you choose to not do the edges and black just a curiosity, and for my take I think black would have really set the color that you chose or that the customer chose off very well nonetheless again very classy work!
  12. Sisters of the blade

    Thanks maybe we can talk Thank you.
  13. Sisters of the blade

    It's L6. Thanks for the kind words.
  14. Sisters of the blade

    Okay so here they are they both came from the same parent blade and they both have scales from the same parent wood only like most siblings they are different LOL!
  15. Anyone Make Metal Burnishers

    Ok so it seems this was missed by me...i gave.. yeah that's right gave @OLDNSLOWone i made a while back after modifying it to accept a 1/2" diameter shaft, he may still have it and can tell you about the performance...i never got along with it...i prefer Delrin, and have made a few. But I always find myself going back to burnishing by hand with Delrin. It is slick and non-porous you would think that it would perform the same as stainless steel which is what the one that I gave away was made of 304 stainless steel to be exact 1 inch diameter. Although I would be interested in finding out how well aluminum would work my only fear and reasoning behind not doing one in aluminum is that there would be transfer to the leather from the aluminum. If anyone knows the wiser please inform me cuz I would like to know