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  1. Thanks for the kind words the opening is plenty stiff the face is 10-12oz vacuum formed and heat set, with this design its of little consequence though, because if you're pulling the pistola to use it the bad guy don't care if you can get it back in easily and it's a more comfortable option than just tucking it into your britches! Realized the loops in the pix are in the bottom holes and upside down, there is a set of kydex clips that go in bottom holes!! Doah!!!!!
  2. Here's a quick iwb holster that I did for a 1911 Springfield. don't ask why the customer wanted his initials on it as it is an iwb but it's what he wanted so that's what I gave him. Thanks for looking
  3. The color of the tooling and stitching all look great, but my eyes immediately went to the edge I'm hoping that is just a flash from the camera if not you might want to revisit that edge!
  4. Used Liquitex acrylic as antiquing Thanks! Customer liked it too!!
  5. Michaels has them!
  6. Thanks four three kind words!
  7. Thanks the tattoo fonts are one of my favs. Thank you! Its all swivel knife work, thick blade weigh heavy bevel and sharp! thanks! still fighting the good fight brother! Thank you!
  8. Hers my latest biker billfold. 4oz, ISMC BLACK, green antiquing.
  9. So after reading the post about the edge dye rollers I decided it was time to make my old process better. Here's the old process . it's a chunk of heavy felt clamped in a set of forceps, dip in USMC BLACK rub on edges, make a mistake, say things that cannot be unsaid. Fix mistake. Move forward 20 minute later. Lol! Here's the new. $5 empty Montana marker, fill with USMC BLACK (filler cap for tip is reverse thread) get dye to flow to tip after a good shake, apply to edges, go to burnisher done 7 minutes! Very happy with results thanks to those who lead me to try this out.
  10. Yea I've been looking at them thanks!
  11. I guess for something that is thick other than alcohol-based dye these things would work I just don't see them working on any type of thin dye. My current method works for me (chunk of heavy felt clamped in forceps) but they are intriguing! Curious to know if they work with thinner media?
  12. I like all three of them I'd like to know if they're hand-stitched or machine sewn?
  13. That's my lil boys thing he loves frogs!, thanks for the kind words from him of course! Randy says thanks! He's got the artistic eye for sure! I got 2 someone's! Just gotta stay with them!Thanks for the kind words from my son!!
  14. my youngest (10 soon 11) son finally got around to making his "anvil style" wallet hear it is! Only the carving is me. He did all the rest with dad watching and coaching. and the last one is his whole rig. belt, Puuko, wallet all matching sunburst airbrushed by him ! I helped with the construction of the sheath and belt. The antiquing and coloration on the wallet are Liquitex acrylics. Enjoy!
  15. You shoulda got a bader! If you plan on starting to make knives 2 x 72 is the only way to go. My homemade grinder has a 6 inch Drive wheel which changes the lower RPM speeds when you run small idler Wheels obviously making them run faster with the freq drive that I have I can run it down as slow as 5 revolutions per minute also mine is running a 1 horsepower motor still by industry standards that is underpowered! But my grinder will hog Steel with the best of them!