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  1. Again with the white dye. They all look great!
  2. Love it. Which white dye are you using and what is your application method I'm assuming airbrush.
  3. Okay so this is a biker billfold that I did fairly recently enjoy as always comments questions are welcome! Oh and I just did the billfold the guy did not want a chain and a belt attachment as he had a custom one. And one final shot of part of the tooling
  4. Okay so recently yes I made a couple of edge bevelers had a blast doing it. They do work and they are effective and I only lost a little bit of skin on the tip of my left forefinger while making the handles! LOL! So I watched the review that Nigel did and have read a few other reviews but I wanna know what the collective thinks how many of you own them and love them or not? What kind of mileage can one expect from these tools I understand they're not 3 figure tools but I also understand that you can strop them . I was very close to pulling the trigger on a full set tonight just because, like I said before I like making my own tools but this set really intrigues me so any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  5. You could Sunburst that thing with an airbrush whatever color is your choice but I would do it either dark brown or black
  6. lol! I am well beyond the beta testing stage these are my personal knives I will never make any for production only onesies and twosies here and there!
  7. It's definitely doable and HDPE is fairly simple to work with. Although I choose Delrin. For this application you wouldn't have to worry about inclusions in your melt at least not as much as if it were something more structural such as take for instance a slingshot frame. Watching the video if you're going to go through that much trouble you need to ensure that you get a good melt all the way through because if you don't it will Splinter apart also instead of trying to press it into a square mold like he has or why not press it into something round like say a section of copper pipe with a cap silver soldered on one end and another cap to do your pressing on the top the reason why I say copper is because copper will heat up much better and you can put it in the oven and continually fill it as the Melt is happening also you could monitor it to make sure you do not get any of the inclusions that I was telling you about. And actually for the cost of the copper pipe you could probably just save yourself the trouble and by a mallet already made LOL! Maybe some black Iron 2-inch ID you would definitely get a better press out of that anyway cuz she could add more Force to it
  8. are you referring to the one on top of the cutting table or the one on the layout table? yea I fabbed both of them. well I have always had a train wreck so decided I was getting a hand on things rather than the mess.
  9. cool, you anywhere near Elkton? I used to ride out to bike night every Thursday with my Indy. I hope to be doing it again soon I got to get my old Shovelhead back together.
  10. grab some old lawn mower blades and some tubing find somebody that has a MIG welder knows how to use it and let your creativity begin! You might surprise yourself what you can come up with
  11. The steel that I use is L6. The procedure is cut steel to desired width. Put in Forge bring up to critical temp/ non-magnetic. Put pieces of Steel in vermiculite to anneal them overnight. Drill desired hole size after overnight annealing. Use chainsaw sharpening files to profile correctly. Once profile is obtained put the pieces back in the Forge bring them back up to critical temperature then quench them in proper oil. Then temper the blades at proper temperature for proper time. Then buff polish sharpen and keep doing it till you get them right. Good luck! It's really not that difficult as long as you know your Steel and process.
  12. The airbrush station has its own fan it actually pulls through two particulate filters and then through an activated charcoal filter that is two inches thick. I have actually laid fiberglass Micarta inside that station/ Hood and you could not smell any of the fiberglass resin. It is a system that's actually made by Sentry Air Systems Incorporated. I just happened to be at the right place at the right time and was able to acquire it.
  13. It sounds like you may be just doing geometric stamping if that's the case just get a mallet or make one out of delrin. I make my own mauls and delrin is my choice material but I do use them for basket weave stuff as well for my makers mark I use a dead blow hammer (plastic type) no bounce or stutter of my mark. my .02 cents
  14. Okay so after some tweaking and adjusting of the width both of my handmade Edge bevelers are a success! 1. During testing process and before finish . Yes dagnabbit I split one of the handles tapping the blade into it ! 2. Close-ups of the business ends. 3. The handles are maple the ferrules are half inch ID copper tubing. Believe it or not I turned the handles on my drill press. 4. Here they are after three coats of Danish oil and a nice thick slathering of Montana pitch blend, yes that's correct! It has beeswax, Pine pitch and mink oil in it so what better to put on the wood! Plus it's what I had on hand. They both cut wonderfully and smoothly which is exactly what I wanted I am pleased with them. Plus I know they will hold an edge far longer than the Tandy Leather Factory Edge beveler I have been using! As always comments and questions are welcome!
  15. leather is good but a strip of duck canvas glued to the back side of that same board with jewlers Rouge on it would be hard to beat strop on it 1st then the leather. BAM! SCARY SHARP!