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  1. Yep and yep!
  2. Great to know thank you!!
  3. Dwight, your input is greatly appreciated I will look on your site thanks!! Fantastic work sir if you are doing it all with that lil dude I'd say it's pretty dang sweet!
  4. All I can say is a $xxx.xx smart phone don't like USMC black either specially in quart size splashes sheew! We all have window licking, paste eating helmet wearing moments...oh and the red crayons are ma favorite!!!
  5. Yea, so I don't really see alot of activity or posts about this little do dad what gives ?its either great or junk? I have read few reviews and of course most are positive but that may be mularchy (sp) also what happened to the outlaw? I don't need a big ol electric monster nor do I care to learn to be a seamstress. Cast iron and aluminum both had great reviews and some naysayers too.. who here is using one exclusively and what for? I am ass u ming thread size can be either larger or smaller dependant on what is being stitched ie. wallets=small, holsters=larger etc etc.... if you own one please chime in!!!
  6. No need for cam nuts or wing nuts if the clamping is done from the center also no need for magnetic needle "wing nut" is in the center of the jaws and needles go in the neoprene inserts on the jaws see red circle for "new wing nut" and lower red circle for insert ...
  7. is it? lol! yea it's green representing the "spring/summer " 3hrs total. really simple real oak leaf as pattern and reference, sharp 1/4 round knife, safety skiver, custom swivel knife. oak dowel turned with cordless drill on belt sander and there it is thanks! thank you!
  8. Did a quick project for someone special hope she likes it.
  9. funny I haven't posted anything in years both of those pieces are my work true enough and most of the work on leather with my airbrushes has been sunburst patterns or fades. the rest has been using them as mini guns. where did you pull those images from? found a few earlier pieces from splattering here they are not even trying to guess time stamps so don't ask!
  10. necessity it truly is the mother of invention and creativity!! all of the issues you ran into you overcame in a cost efficient manner way to go!
  11. by no stretch of the imagination am I a saddle maker nor do I care to be but I know a thing of beauty, time and effort when i see one! that my friends is a labor of love right there gorgeous work!
  12. 50 miles south of Nashville I'm in Clarksville
  13. what's the width of this abandoned tool? if you make anything that requires belt slots you can easily use it in conjunction with hole punches to make clean slots if you don't have a slot punch. it looks greater than 1 3/4" though. anyhow just sayin.
  14. very interesting! i am definitely going to try this!!
  15. thanks for all the kind words the owner loved it he put out on immediately and smiled like a Cheshire cat.