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  1. I used to only have one Edge beveler which was the Tandy Craftsman series and I would say by far and wide yes they work better
  2. Jeremiah Watt QC-WE NEW HANDLES

    Okay so I had the extra time today and I finished up the handles they're all shaped on a small belt sander because my 2 by 72 belt grinder took a crap on me or to clarify I should say the frequency drive took a crap on me! Either way here they are sanded down to 400 grit only and finished with an Oil and Beeswax finish that was melted into the wood itself. As I said before the only drawback that I personally had to ordering this set was the plastic handle and it was as you can see in the pictures a little small ish.
  3. Okay so after having purchased the Jeremiah Watt Quick Change Edge bevelers I decided I wanted a different handle for them the shape is fine but the material is not to my liking so I decided to make my own handles because I am more than confident the steel these are made of will last quite some time. I chose to use Bocote as the wood for these. Here is a picture of the start kept it very simple used T - 88 marine-grade epoxy. I will post more as I make progress on them thanks for looking!
  4. Show your Shop

    Ok I'll play here are Some older pix
  5. This is a true statement and I will post some later been kind of busy at work and it's been a long day!
  6. My decision to purchase this set and what made me pull the trigger. So after some time of thinking about purchasing this set of western-edge style Edge bevelers from I decided to email the company. After a couple of emails my patience was wearing thin because it is what it is and we live in a fast-food world blah blah blah! I decided why not call and speak to someone there. Well lo and behold I found out that they happened to be out of the country and that's why my emails went with no response! No harm no foul, I was even able to speak to Jeremiah, who was kind enough to give me the specifications on the type of Steel used for these bevelers etc etc. He did go through the Heat Treating process and what not. 15 minutes after speaking to him I ordered this set! Needless to say their customer service is beyond phenomenal! I was supposed to have received the set of bevelers and handle on Monday I received them Saturday! Of course like a kid with a brand new toy I went to playing! I grabbed some scraps of leather all vegtan varying in thickness from 4oz all the way to 12-14oz saddle skirting and begin to try them out. My initial impression as well as my thoughts after having used them a few times now is this. These things are phenomenal I have absolutely no regrets in purchasing them! For those of you that have any trepidation about the thickness of the tools and the shape of the handle you have no worries whatsoever! First of all the thickness of the tools actually allows for better performance and the quality of the 1075 Spring Steel that they are made of is fantastic! The parallel line that has been spoken of in previous threads and seen on a video was an issue that I addressed to Jeremiah. He in turn explained to me what may have caused this issue. There could have been several factors to include the type of leather and "angle of attack" for lack of a better term needless to say this was not an issue for me. The handle: The handle has a very ergonomic shape! Also as many of you have seen already this handle is not like the round handles we are used to, which means it will not go for a walk off of your bench and land business end first on the blade! The shape of the handle itself leads the user to hold the tool in a correct fashion. It is not counterintuitive to the use whereas a straight handle sometimes can be. I know a little about this as I am a lean manufacturing instructor the importance of good tool design and the ergonomics of them can effect the end user greatly either in a negative or positive manner. Also I have made many "bladed" tools for myself ranging from stitching awls to round knives and am a fairly decent knife maker who knows the importance of good steel and the absolute importance of HT and temper, so much of what I asked Jeremiah about pertained to this. NOW as with anything else there has to be cons that follow all of the pros and here they are. The only con that I have personally is the handle, not the shape, but the material "plastic" Keeping in mind these tools are meant to be cost effective, both for the individual purchasing them and the company I would say that using plastic was a very prudent choice, but if I had my way (which I will) I would prefer a wooden handle. Again in keeping cost to customers at a reasonable range as well as cost to the company plastic is a good alternative. I will in the future make some handles for the set I have out of stabilized wood that is how confident in the quality of the blades I am. They will last me a great long time! Finally. My disclaimer I am in no way shape or form affiliated with everything that I wrote is my personal opinion and I am just giving my thoughts if you are looking to purchase some edge bevelers GET EM! On the off-chance that Mr Watt or anyone there reads this I would like to thank them greatly, you are fantastic people to deal with!
  7. +1 M&G but 60/40 or even 70/30 distilled water. Then Montana pitch blend or my blend. Warned with heat gun them buffed to a satin.
  8. Barry King Edgers.

    Called the nice folks at ranch2arena actually got to speak with Mr. Watt himself they were out of country hence no replies to my email queries about the QC edgers. He gave me a very clear and concise explanation about the "line" that the edgers made in the video and that some users are getting. It's not a product deficiency more of a user issue and how the edgers should be maintained. I ordered the 6 piece set today. Also if there is any interest they are made of 1075 spring steel which is a good carbon steel, very tough and very good for holding an edge.
  9. Thank you all for your answers and your time! I have researched this before and again the same answers as before no change and this go round different responders as well as a confirmation of my gut feeling I've decided again yup save my pennies thanks again!!
  10. New Tools

    Cool tools only I don't make boxes but will keep this in mind if I ever need to!
  11. High Desert Winter Day

    Very nice! Would love to see the back side and can you give some sort of size reference say place a dime next to one of the figures?
  12. Okay that's one response! Thank you! I forgot to ask what was your intended use when you aquired yours? Call me whatever but I cannot justify spending 4 figures on a "majic stick" that does everything cept make dinner lol!! SO -1 for the 29-4 but still waiting for more feed back!
  13. I have the opportunity to buy a 29-4 for $200.00 from a gentleman who was a saddlemaker. The questions I have are these. I'm sure they have been asked and answered but I need to know what real world thickness of leather can this old girl sew? I know from reading she should do a double thick 4oz, am I correct? What type of projects will I be able to effectively tackle? Aside from the obvious, how is the learning curve? What will she eat??? Please if you own one of these help me decide if its money invested or just a dusty space eating thing to look at. Projects that I intend to use it on should I purchase it are ranging from wallets to gun leather. ALSO to those who own one please include any pix of projects you have done on your 29-4 and what was your intended use when you aquired your 29-4??? Thanks in advance for reading this and entertaining my repeated queries!
  14. Barry King Edgers.

    Yea, I looked just not a huge fan of waiting for things to be shipped from overseas seems shipments from there take particularly long to TN