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  1. How To Make Wooly Chaps?

    I know this post is old, but maybe somebody will catch this. I've been thinking about building a pair of woolies myself and from everything I've read, I feel like I have a pretty decent idea where to start. My big question comes down to the main bodies of your leggings. Is it an entire piece of leather like you would use for regular leggings with the backed woolies sewn over top of them or is it the wooly piece and the leather that would wrap around the inside of your leg sewn together at that joint? I think a picture of the backside a pair would answer my question the best, but I would love any piece of help somebody can provide. Thanks
  2. Help With Seat Rigged Saddle

    Hi all, I am wanting to build a seat rigged saddle over the winter while I have some time and have tried to find out as much as I can, but I still have a few questions. First off, how do you guys attach your rear dees? Secondly, does anybody have any patterns they'd be willing to part with for fenders? Lastly, does anybody have any tips for getting the slots right in the seat piece? Any help I could get in this project would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  3. Laser Attachment To Drawdown

    I used a drawdown stand a few weeks ago at a clinic that the guy had put a laser on it himself. He had an arm made out of inch boxed tubing that was over top the tree and he attached a laser to it. It was nice to help find the center lines on the tree while putting the ground seat on. It needed some things changed, but like I said, it was a homemade deal. I have never seen the particular stand you are talking about, but I did like having the laser.
  4. How Do You Do A "nevada" Twist?

    Bob, I think I'm getting the idea of what you are describing, (which I know is easier said than done). So, are the two tails tucked under the wraps then? I guess that's the one thing I've been trying to find out is how the tails are dealt with.
  5. So, I understand the whole idea of wrapping the latigo around the stirrup leathers, but I don't know how you "tie" the ends off so that they are tight and won't come loose. Just wondering if anybody had some pictures of how the ends are dealt with. It would be a big help. thanks a bunch. God Bless
  6. Couple Of Chink Questions

    When you say an aprong front, are you talking about like a pair of armitas or what? So far, I'm pretty happy with how they fit. I was just thinking that it would be something kind of different if I could completely do them without metal in them anywhere. I found some pretty cool leather knot / buttons that I'm gonna try to use with a slit. Not sure yet. I swear I've seen a pair like I'm thinking of somewhere on this site. Any other ideas?
  7. Couple Of Chink Questions

    So, I'm working on a pair of personal chinks and have them close to done, but am pondering a couple of new ideas. They're a pair of square step-ins. The back belt is laced in and is only adjustable by unlacing them and relacing them longer. The legs are laced in, so you can't adjust them without unlacing and relacing them bigger around. I think most of you know what I'm talking about. So, for the questions. I'm trying to not use any metal hardware of any kind on these chinks, just think it'll be cool. Does anybody have any idea as to how to "buckle" the front belt without a metal buckle. But using a leather button or something else instead. I have a few ideas, but just wondering what ideas anybody else has. Some pictures would of any suggestions would be wonderful just so I know for sure what you're talking about. Thanks for your time and help.
  8. A Couple Of Questions On Belts

    Hey, thank you guys so much for your help. I think that I've got it figured out. Hope you guys have a great day.
  9. A Couple Of Questions On Belts

    Hey, I just have a couple of questions on how to do a regular old belt First one is: How do you figure out how long to make the belt? What measurements do I need and such? Second one is: How do you figure out where to center a name on the back of a belt? Thank you for any and all help you can give.
  10. Looking For Help On Mule Hide Horn Wraps

    Hey Joe. Thanks for throwin that in here. Any little tricks like that really are nice to hear about. I think I'm gonna have it all done here soon.
  11. Looking For Help On Mule Hide Horn Wraps

    Alright, thanks Keith. Like I said, I was just wondering. One more question. Do you tack the tail somehow where it passes under the starting end or is it just loose hangin out there? Like, is there a small tack under that slit you can't see, or does the tightness of the whole wrap hold it there for good?
  12. Looking For Help On Mule Hide Horn Wraps

    Randy, thanks for your help. The way you have described is the way the Stohlman books have showed, so I have a good idea of what you're talking about. Bruce, thank you for your help as well. My saddle is a Modified Association tree. Just wondering if I could put the screw through the mulehide and the rope strap like you have on your Wade. I believe I have seen it done before, just wondering if if works very good or not. Also, when you tuck the tail back under the end that is tacked down, do you somehow tack it down as well, or is it just loose under there? One other question, is there any advantage to splitting it and wrapping it around the front of the gullet?
  13. Hey, I'm getting ready to finish my first saddle. I have a wood post horn that I'm going to wrap in mulehide. Just looking for some pointers on how to do it and get it tight and nice. Thanks for any help you can give
  14. Rawhide Cantle Do Or Not To Do

    Hey, I jus did a rawhide binding on my first saddle. Just wondering how you get the thread to stay down and tight after all of it dries?
  15. Hobbles

    Thanks so much. I think that with the information you gave me, I can get a pattern made up by myself. But again, I really do appreciate your help on it. This will be another first for me.