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  1. Box

    Fantastic work!!! I would also like to see a how to on this.
  2. Those are great patterns. Thanks I can just imagine how much work that went in to that.
  3. Try this for a pattern These are a lot nicer than the tandy patterns. I use a 6/7 oz leather for the bags with a 2/3 oz latigo or oil tan for the gullets.
  4. The piece is a least 8 X 12 ft She is 80 yrs and living in British Columbia now. Interesting to talk to , she used to work in saddle shops in Calgary and made the Trophy saddles for the Stampede.
  5. We are getting a new hospital for our town and this is a picture a local lady did about 37 years ago. It is in the lobby and will have to be moved to the new hospital. Thought I should show this off to people who can appreciate how much work went into this.
  6. Hey Beaverslayer. Sorry I have seen your name here lots but hadn't picked up on the location. I'm trying to find out about a leather picture a local lady did for hotel there. She used to make the trophy saddles for the stampede and do lots of leather work in Alberta. To long of a story to carry on here so I would sure like to talk to you if you would PM me your phone number. I will try to post some pictures of her work in the show off section to show you what I will be talking about.
  7. Thought I have seen some Calgary people on here. Would like to talk to someone from there.
  8. I have some patterns from Chan Geer that are really good. I bought them from hide Hide Crafter Leathercraft but they have changed ownership. Try
  9. Looks good,nice beveling job on the brand.
  10. or just google Leather Crafters and Saddlers journal.