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  1. Box

    Fantastic work!!! I would also like to see a how to on this.
  2. 1800's Pommel Bags

    Those are great patterns. Thanks I can just imagine how much work that went in to that.
  3. Saddle Bags

    Try this for a pattern These are a lot nicer than the tandy patterns. I use a 6/7 oz leather for the bags with a 2/3 oz latigo or oil tan for the gullets.
  4. Hospital Picture

    The piece is a least 8 X 12 ft She is 80 yrs and living in British Columbia now. Interesting to talk to , she used to work in saddle shops in Calgary and made the Trophy saddles for the Stampede.
  5. Hospital Picture

    We are getting a new hospital for our town and this is a picture a local lady did about 37 years ago. It is in the lobby and will have to be moved to the new hospital. Thought I should show this off to people who can appreciate how much work went into this.
  6. Hey Beaverslayer. Sorry I have seen your name here lots but hadn't picked up on the location. I'm trying to find out about a leather picture a local lady did for hotel there. She used to make the trophy saddles for the stampede and do lots of leather work in Alberta. To long of a story to carry on here so I would sure like to talk to you if you would PM me your phone number. I will try to post some pictures of her work in the show off section to show you what I will be talking about.
  7. Thought I have seen some Calgary people on here. Would like to talk to someone from there.
  8. Constructing Spur Straps

    I have some patterns from Chan Geer that are really good. I bought them from hide Hide Crafter Leathercraft but they have changed ownership. Try
  9. Looks good,nice beveling job on the brand.
  10. Portfolio Pattern Help or just google Leather Crafters and Saddlers journal.