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  1. Need Help Locating A Few Items.

    Chris- Lift-the-Dot stuff here: Found the spring pump handle money clip: http://www.walletgea...eplacement.html Cheers, Coop
  2. Trying To Track Down A Special Leather
  3. Do Not Use Leather Unlimited!

    Bringing this back alive! Placed an order Jan. 10th didn't recieve anything by Feb. 15th, emailed and they had stuff on B/O with NO ETA but shipped (& billed) a partial, supposedly on Feb. 16th. It is now Feb. 28th & I have not recieved ANYTHING! They do a very, VERY bad job of acknowledging, processing, communicating and shipping. I'm done with them regardless of price, it's just not worth the HASSLE! Coop
  4. *really* Gold Thread

    Jennifer- How about "blue jean gold" thread? Cheers, Coop
  5. Looking For Specific Punch

    Duke- Like this 4 in 1 punch? Cheers, Coop