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  1. Weavers Large Manual Clicker

    I would be interested as well
  2. Wanted - Osborne 86 Splitter

    Done anyone have one they're interested in parting with? if so please contact me. Thanks! Joe
  3. Cobra Class 4 Stitch Question

    Thanks Wiz! That seemed to do the trick, although the foot still leaves a bit of a mark, just not as deep.
  4. Cobra Class 4 Stitch Question

    Hi All, as promissed, photos of some stitching after working on the tenstion. The attached photo is two pieces of Chromexcel, pretty think, probably 3 oz each, 207 thread with #24 needle. The combo worked great! The stitching is nice and clean with no pulled top or bottom stitches. Now for my next question - as you can see the presser foot left pretty deep marks. Any tips on a remedy for that? Thanks again! Joe
  5. Cobra

  6. Cobra Class 4 Stitch Question

    Thanks Wiz! That's great advice. I'm going to get my hands on some 138 and let you all know how it goes.
  7. Cobra Class 4 Stitch Question

    I'm using 277. I finally got it somewhat dialed. The thicker leather worked best for sure, and I'm pretty convinced it's the size of the thread for the thickness of leathere I'm sewing. Thanks for the help all!
  8. Cobra Class 4 Stitch Question

    Thanks Wiz! I'll give all of these tips a shot. Much apprecaited all!
  9. Cobra Class 4 Stitch Question

    Thanks guys, that's the top. It seems a bit tricky to tighten the bottom tension on the class 4, unless there's something to it I'm not seeing. I'll keep at it, any more tips would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi Leatherworkers! I've been following the forum for a while, and because of the great info on this site I just purchased a Cobra Class 4. I just picked it up today and couldn't be happier. To get a little practice under my belt, I did my first few stitches on some scraps. Although I saw Steve do some really nice stitches, I'm unable to figure out how to solve the problem in this picture. My bottom thread doesn't seem to be pulling through far enough. The leather in the picture is 2 pieces of 2/3 oz veg tan. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Joe
  11. Leather Pattern Cutter / Stamp

    thanks for the help!
  12. Hi Folks! Long time forum reader, although I haven't done a lot of posting. I'm hoping some of the pros here can answer a question for me... I have leather shape for a wallet that I need to cut a lot of. I've been using a basic cardboard template, but I'd really like to have some sort of solution for stamping them out with a press. Does anyone know where I can get something like that made? Thanks! Joe
  13. Premium 6Mm Round Leather Cord?

    Nice, thanks for the tip
  14. Premium 6Mm Round Leather Cord?

    I could be into splitting an order, how much 1/4 inch cord do you get for $50?