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  1. Very nice machine indeed. Watched a lot of youtube for these kind of machines. But I don't realy need it either. But if I had the money, I would buy one today. To bad the sewing thickness is only 6mm. Enough for shoes I guess, but in my head I am sewing al kinds of stuff with this cool machine.
  2. There you go. Thanks Uwe. Download that manual. It's your and your machine's best friend. Sandy.
  3. I don't know the machine, but could it also be the needle bar being to high? Don't have the settings to check it though. Needle bar and hook timing usualy isn't that hard. Make it your own at least for your machine and you never will regret spending the time to learn it. Sandy.
  4. I don't know what a bargain is for you, but I would probably be to curious to leave it IF IT'S IN GOOD WORKING CONDITION and realy cheap. But that's me. A lot of parts need to be hardened to hold up against wear. So only a lathe is not enough to make parts. Sandy.
  5. I did this a few times. My machines are all very close to 5mm again. They were 3,5mm or less. Don't know how it holds up. Don't use it enough to say anything about durability. I use mig. Great restauration Mechanic!!! Sandy.
  6. I have only experience with the old quick rotan. Do you have a pic? Mine had one slow setting. Which is pretty slow and one stitch at a time if needed. After this slow setting you just have a clutch motor. Enough topics about this. I liked the qick rotan very much. Needle up and down position makes work very easy and fast. The electronics inside looked very simple. Only a few components on a small curcuit board. Not like the efka's with al LOT of electronics inside. If you don't want to spend extra money and want to spend time switching the quick to the singer, I would say go for it. The clutch motor on the singer is pretty useless for knive sheets. The quick would do an awsome job in the slow setting. Sandy.
  7. Maybe glue? Helpes me out sometimes in these kind of cases.
  8. For what it's worth. If you are going the epoxy route. I would reinforce the piece with a bracket. Epoxy the broken piece and epoxy the bracket. Secure the bracket with two bolts if you have the space to tap threads. Hope you find a satisfying solution for your machine. Sandy. (Hope my masterpiece of a drawing makes sense)
  9. Haha, why not indeed. Too bad I don't have a spare hook. If I can't fix (re-time) my machine, I will try the same probably. It's strange though. All the shafts are pinned. The timing can't be off. Maybe the previous owners placed the wrong hook in it? I don't know. Hope I have time soon, so I can play with the Adler Thanks. Sandy.
  10. VanRhodes, Have you solved this issue? My longbed Adler 20 has the same issue. After a good cleaning it went better. But sometimes the hook doesn't 'fall' back past the needle and sits still exactly in front of the needle resulting in a missed stitch. Not working on the machine right now, but just curious how/if you handled it. Sandy.
  11. Could it be the bottom thread twists once in a while and so doesn't give thread? Or the top thread jumps out of the tension disks a stitch or two and then 'falls' back in place? Looks like irregular tension to me somehow.
  12. I don't have enough experience with different brands. So I can not recommend a certain machine brand. But it looks to me, a machine with double feed (drop and needle) sounds perfect. Sandy.
  13. Is this what heaven looks like?? Then I am not afraid anymore......
  14. I hope wizz is just joking! I think wizz thought the machine was for the husband. He read the first post to quick maybe and didn't understand it. He doesn't have to apologize to anyone. He never showed disrespect to anybody. Never. Wizz is one of the most respectfull and helpfull people on this forum. Hoping you fooled me Wizz. Sandy.
  15. It looks the same as my Adler 20 and 21. Should it move after loosening screw 3? I never managed to move them. They where realy realy stuck stuck stuck. Maybe I wasn't mad enough? Should give it a try next time. Sandy.