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  1. Braided Horsehair Hatband

    That is outstanding! I've been wanting to braid horse hair too......what is that braid?
  2. Oil Tanned Leather

    Hi, I'm working on a seat for my motorcycle and I have run into a problem....the original seat cover had an inside seam and threads to pull it in and match the radius of the seat. I'd like to get out of the inside seam and am wondering if the oil tanned leather can be wet formed and stretched to match the seat and not leave the air space. I could fill in that space with foam if that's the best solution and keep everything simple. Would the leather stretch by it's self overtime? Thanks! Dano
  3. Attaching Core To Stainless Steel Handle

    Could be it's a tube and the core is stuffed inside it? Seems like a good way to me.
  4. Craigslist

    Thanks for the replies, what has me worried is this part I'm going to copy and paste here from the Terms of Use line 7 Fees..... 7. FEES CL may charge a fee to post content or for other features, products, services or licenses. You are responsible to CL for any fees applicable to content that you post or other features, products, services or licenses you purchase or that are purchased through your account. You authorize CL, or its designated payment processor, to charge your specified credit card, debit card or other payment method for such fees. On their home page the "terms of use" section is highlighted "new". Dano
  5. Craigslist

    Hi, I've been looking for a way to sell some of my work and I looked at Craigslist's "terms" page. Like any other agreement you look at it takes an attorney to understand it. Seems like they may charge fees and they want your credit card numbers so they can do it when they want. This has me scared to go any further.....has anybody else here used Craigslist? Thanks! Dano
  6. Best Lace For Mexican Braid Please.

    I've skived both ends before and carefully put a drop of superglue on the joint and bonded them together. It made a very strong connection and to see it you almost have to use a magnifying glass. I too am on a budget and I didn't want to waste material. Good luck! Dano
  7. Ostrich Leg

    Thanks for the pictures, the condition looks good enough for me. Springfield Leather is where I was thinking about ordering from, the price is lower than Tandy's and I probably will be ordering a few other things too. I think I can work around any defects. Thanks again!Dano
  8. Ostrich Leg

    Thanks for the replies! I didn't know there would be scales down the middle like that. If I carry on with my plan I see I'd have to use the sections off center. What grade is the leg in the picture? I've seen some for sale online at a really good price but it's listed as Grade 2. Tandy has some on sale but I haven't made a trip there to look it over. Thanks again!Dano
  9. 8 Strand Braid On Flat Core

    I'm making a necklace that measures about 18" or so when laid out flat. I don't have to use oil tanned leather, I have some 1/4" wide latigo that measures .080" thick. It's just not quite as soft as oil tanned. I've made a few bracelets with a flat core and I see what you are saying about the challenge, the backside is hard to keep right. So...if I use the latigo, .080"+.080"+.25"+.25"=.660" circumference or .210" dia. if it's round. If I multiply that circumference by 1.5 I get .99" divided by 8 strings=.123" so I guess 1/8" lace is good. All that' s left is 24" or so for the strands? Sounds good to me! Thank you! Dano
  10. 8 Strand Braid On Flat Core

    Could you give me an example please? I don't quite follow, I'm not familiar with the formula you use. How long would my strands be? Or how wide for what I'm doing? Thanks, Dano
  11. Python

    TY feel free to to give them a try, I just buffed them good with white then red rouge. Gotta be careful though, if you go too far the silver plate will rub off. Thanks again everybody for the tips! Dano
  12. How To.. Accurate Measurements

    Tandy has some great books by Al Stohlman in their Leathercrafter Library. I downloaded the first one and found it very helpful in seeing how to make a project I had in mind.If you can go to Tandy you can look through all of the books to see if you find what you are looking for. Good luck,Dano
  13. Python

    OH, here's what I was making....
  14. Python

    Rolling the skin so the scales stood up worked out really good! TY for that suggestion Suicide.....I did it using a latex enamel spray and the scales got covered over and bonded good but the latex even though it was "glossy" came out cloudy. I sanded it smooth and sprayed a couple of coats of clear enamel and once it dried it looked very good. Nice and shiny like I wanted and I can roll the skin tight and it doesn't crack. Thanks again for the help! Dano
  15. 8 Strand Braid On Flat Core

    Good morning, I've been braiding some necklaces and bracelets with 1/8" kangaroo lace using a 1/8" round cord as a core and the 8 strand herringbone method of braiding. I usually cut my strands about 1 1/2 the length of the finished length plus a little to be safe and it works out pretty good. My next project is using the same braid on a flat core, a 1/4'" wide strip of 4-6 oz oil tanned leather for the core. It's obvious it's going to take a lot more in length to braid because of the width of the core, what's a good way of determining how long to cut the strands? Thanks, Dano