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  1. After replacing a broken nail, the machine started skipping nearly all stitches. On a closer examination I found this: I think that is a broken thread retaining spring, at least judging from the parts manual it seems to miss the paddle head. If that is the case I suppose to have found the culprit. In this case, how difficult is to replace this part? Do I have to unmount the whole needle bar? And, if this is not the problem, what could be the cause of the missing stitches?
  2. A bit of thread necromancy here: I have had the machine cleaned up and tuned by a service shop, for the moderate price of 65 euros. Now, with thinner thread it works great, but as soon as Itried using a thicker one it starts skipping stitches, sometimes on in 20, sometimesa five in a row. Also it appears that the needle can't always pick up the thread from under the plate when threading the machine, sometimes it picks the thread, sometimes after a couple of tries, other times I have to manually put the bobbin thread up trough the plate hole. The thread is around 0,8 millimiters thick, not quite a millimeter and more than half. It is a polyester bonded thread. Any tips? Also, how thick is thread #138? and with wich needle it should go?
  3. Vintage Zyliss Vise As Stitching Pony

    Oh, definitely a nice use for that tool. And a nifty hatchet sheat too!
  4. A couple of bracers I've made for a larp player, 4mm veg tan on a 2mm oil tanned chap leather. Part of a set also comprising a big gladiatorial belt and a couple of greaves, but those are still in the pattern stage.
  5. Greetings From Bari, Italy!

    I hope that my new facebook page will be enough to offset this 'bout of Thread Necromancy! https://www.facebook.com/scallywagleather Let me know what do you thinks, and how to improve the page!
  6. For cleaning I'm thinking to use nitro solvent, since many parts are really gunked up. Or it's better to use something else? Very nice manual by the way, will be very useful, many thanks!
  7. Cleaned, tested, max stitch lenght of about 3mm. I'm planning to disassemble, clean the gears, and idenrify worn parts. Any tips or pitfalls I should be aware of?
  8. Cleaned, tested, max stitch lenght of about 3mm. I'm planning to disassemble, clean the gears, and idenrify worn parts. Any tips or pitfalls I should be aware of?
  9. Thanks a lot! I will order the parts today, in the meantime I will clean and oil the old lady. The rest should be in working order, or so the shop owner told me. Can't wait to try some stitches
  10. Yep, south of Italy. I acquired the machine from a shoe repair shop clearance sale. I can find the thumb screw and the wire on college sewing?
  11. ok, here another batch of photos, including al the parts I was given together with the machine, of wich I don't know nothing. And another batch, from other angles And the last batch of photos
  12. Thanks, I will snap some detailed photos tonight and post them here.
  13. Hello peoples, I've acquired a singer 29k71, complete of a lot of bobbins, parts and such for the scant sum of 200€, circa 230$. Now I need to evaluate if there are missing pieces and such. Following there are a bunch of photos, if someone could help me by spotting missing parts, damaged zones or such, I'm a total newbie regarding leather sewing machines. Also I need to know the maximum leather thickness sewable by this machine, and any pitafalls, tips or tricks useful for use her at best. Thanks a lot in advance!
  14. How Are The Edges Done?

    different leathers glued together, edge burnishing, clear varnish, polishing, more varnish and so on until the desired luster is acquired.
  15. Historical Paint For Leather?

    boiled linseed oil, but do test it on some scraps, depending on the tanning and the finish, the oil could slightly change in color. Another way was to use guaches (diluted tempers), but could crack if the item is lexed.In this case the finish could be a light coat of water suspended waxes, I don't know how it's called in english, here is sold by the brand name 'top-polish' and is made by Gubra.