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  1. Your notebooks and briefcases all look fantastic. Just wish I could tool as good as you
  2. Really nice like always!
  3. Again really nice work. I think I am getting better then I see people do work like that and I feel like a novice again. Your work and patterns are really unique. Do you ever get to Fort Worth to announce any of the events here?
  4. No worries just do what you can when you can. Call me anytime your bored at the shows LOL
  5. Really Nice Work!! I am just getting good enough to know how bad I am LOL!. I do like the flow of the flowers from the gun its neat. How many times did you "sketch" this out? After we talked the other day I bet you did it dozens of times before you got it perfect! Thanks for sharing its a great piece.
  6. George and Jim are in the planning stage for more classes. They are also working on having a couple of other people to do classes there as well. I would post my plate but its not as good LOL. or my Eagle from Jims class a couple of weeks before. We are lucky to have so many talented leather people in the area and the hope is to have at least 1 class a month. When everyone gets back from Iflog I will give yall an update
  7. Your work is always one of my favorites.
  8. Another great project Tim. As always you do fantastic work.
  9. The style and Color are really great.
  10. Very Nice. If I could get my wife to move out of the house I would have the room to do this !!
  11. I like it a lot. Steampunk style is starting to grow on me. Tandy is starting to support it more and more and will come out with more of it in the coming months. I want to do one like that but add some real metal rivets or a gear or two. The colors are great.
  12. LOL I agree I like his work space and No way am I posting mine till I do some work... It looks bad. So lets see some work places so I can copy them!
  13. More Nice work! Tims work is always great looking. Heck his tool rack is even better than what I can make
  14. More great work! Keep it up!
  15. Nice work!