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    stopframe animating is another hobby of mine.

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  1. Restoration Of Blanchard Head Knife

    Looks exactly like the Blanchard I just picked up at an Antique dealers for just £15 ! An hour with Japanese water stone and it's got an astonishingly sharp edge...bargain of the year for me! Adam
  2. Andies Clone Bags 04

    thanks... do you mean for me to draw up a pattern or a completed bag? i've never really drawn one up before other than the fairly basic design for a satchel. I tend to design and make as i go along. The method i find works for me is to use semi stiff card which i cut to the size i want then use staples to fasten along the stitch lines. Once I'm happy everything is working in card and i have a life-sized card satchel, then i remove the staples and I'm left with a pile of cutting templates.
  3. Brass Hammer Safe On Pricking Iron?

    i'm with the marking only brigade - hitting it so hard the prongs pierce the leather will only knacker the Pricking Iron ! I use a very cheap Ivan iron, and a wooden mallet to whack it. Works ok til i can afford a better iron. To help keep the iron held vertically, i added a silicon putty (Sugru) around the shaft and molded it to my grip. Now i can hold it in the right position every time, and its less strain on my finger muscles - no more cramps after marking a big piece. adam
  4. I've not had much time to work on leather projects for the past few weeks, so thought i'd post the only thing i have done...a strap for my new camera! Its an outer layer of British Tan dyed veg tan, then a layer of spongy foam, then lined with a Paprika coloured suede. Very pleasant to wear, and it feels very strong and secure. The hardware used is the plastic buckles that came with the manufacturers strap. Having used it for a few weeks, i now want to alter it to use some quick release hardware, as the strap can get in the way when using the tripod! adam
  5. A Newbies Progress

    I started leather crafting with a Tandy Kit Christmas 2011 and now i'm hooked. Everything here is made from my own designs and patterns. There are more that i still need to photograph...
  6. Barking Rooster Camera Strap 2

    From the album A Newbies Progress

    comfy, classy and very strong. Although i want to alter it with some quick release hardware, now that i have lived with the strap for a few weeks!
  7. Barking Rooster Camera Strap 1

    From the album A Newbies Progress

    finally got myself a decent dslr camera, so the first thing that needs changing is the strap! The free ones that come with the camera are just too obvious to any budding i made a padded leather strap lined with red suede using the plastic buckles from the Nikon strap.

    © ©2014 Barking Rooster (Adam Taylor)

  8. At last! managed to get my website properly updated, and looking rather classy (in my opinion!)

    1. benlilly1


      Nice website and great looking product!

    2. lightningad


      thank you…appreciate the kind words!

  9. From the album A Newbies Progress

    One final view of the left side. The pen holder is visible, and you can also see that the bottom of the case tapers. This is done to allow the folio to sit better on a desktop when its propped up on the rolled cover. During the design phase I had made sure the rear pocket would be large enough that the taper would not force the writing pad to rise up out of the back.

    © ©BarkingRooster 2014 / Adam Taylor

  10. From the album A Newbies Progress

    My client wanted her initials on the case, so i embossed a little patch and stitched it on. The final job before delivery!

    © ©BarkingRooster 2014 / Adam Taylor

  11. From the album A Newbies Progress

    I made the toggle fastening mechanism from some pieces of scrap leather laminated into a strip which i then sanded down to a cylinder shape and burnished up to a glossy finish, before drilling two holes for the thong to pass through. The thong is long enough to pass right around the case and loop back over the first toggle. A second toggle was used to pull up against the first allowing it to stay firmly held in place. Two leather guides were stitched onto the case through which the thong passes to prevent it from slipping off

    © ©BarkingRooster 2014 / Adam Taylor

  12. From the album A Newbies Progress

    I decided to put the pocket for the writing pad and loose leafs at the back of the folio. This way they are available when needed, but kept out of the way. Its approx 2cm deep to take a reasonable amount of paper, and I also put the business card sleeve at the back also. Again, so they are readily available but stored out of the way.

    © ©BarkingRooster 2014 / Adam Taylor

  13. From the album A Newbies Progress

    Can't resist incluing a picture of my logo taking pride of place on the front of the folio!

    © ©BarkingRooster 2014 / Adam Taylor

  14. From the album A Newbies Progress

    This view shows the leather straps that are used to hold the roll in place. A popper on each allows it to be quickly put into action, and a second set of studs allows the straps to be held securely when not in use.

    © ©BarkingRooster 2014 / Adam Taylor

  15. From the album A Newbies Progress

    The suede cover was made so that it could be rolled up and held in place at the back to prop up the folio at a suitable angle for using whilst sat at a desk.

    © ©BarkingRooster 2014 / Adam Taylor