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  1. Thanks CowboyBob Thats what I needed to know, thought I might have found a deal but the search goes on.....
  2. Can anyone tell me if REX machine like in picture is a good first machine. And value in "good condition". Thanks, Dave
  3. good stuff !
  4. I like it ! Thats alot of real nice stitching.Good jib on the loop holes.
  5. drum dyed latigo has color all the way through from the tannery, also its embedded with waxes and oils making it just about waterproof as is. Amish use it for buggy reins. I love the stuff.
  6. pretty good, whats if for ?
  7. Anybody that can cut that long and that straight gets my vote for awesome ! Nice work as always, I like the straps with the buckles, gives them a western feel
  8. I like that style of handbag. Nice job on the lacing, the whole bag looks great !
  9. looks pretty handy.
  10. Thank you everyone for the comments, I use them as a grade card of sorts. As for tracing...I have some friends and family out of state that like the holsters I make, I wondered if tracing was a way to make a holster without having the pistol or a bluegun. I agree with what has been pointed out that the gun thickness, leather thickness, and how you trace all changes final outcome. On this build, the stitch line is 1/2 inch out from the traced line, thats different than cutting the leather 1/2, or 3/4 inch as correctly pointed out by jlsleather, out from the trace line. For this build the 1/2 inch stitch line made for a snug fit that should "break in " just right. I think if the stitch line was 3/4 inch out from the trace line the fit would have been a little loose. For me....cut leather 1 inch out from trace line, glue edges, come in 1/2 inch from edge ( easy even numbers lol ) stitch, then trim to 1/4 inch of stitch line, put left handed holster in box of shame and cut out right handed holster ....TBD if this will work for different pistols ????
  11. So I got the Al Stohlman How to make holsters book and tried the" make your own pattern". It said leave at least 1/2 inch for the stitch line, I did and it turned out so small I couldnt get the gun in. The second one I cut out will make someone a nice LEFT handed holster....Im right handed ! This is my third attempt. I left 1 inch for stitching and came in 1/2 inch for stitch line then trimmed, then dressed it up alittle. Its 8 OZ latigo with latigo lace. I made it for myself. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome
  12. Love the crossdraw style for those big blades. Nice Job !
  13. Good stuff !
  14. Good stuff !! Love the rifle slings.
  15. Really nice, love the colors. Nice looking leash too.