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  1. Ruger Blackhawk Holster

    Looks great. Good way to repurpose. Love those blackhawks !
  2. Holster leather

    Just wondering how many of you use vegi tanned for holsters even if they are not molded ?

    Well I just made my best left handed shoulder holster to date........However, Im right handed ! Didnt even know I could do that. Note to self, mark pattern finish side up for RT. HAND.
  4. Fender bib

    Man everything about this looks great ! Making your own lace is awesome, I havnt been very successful at that. The lacing on your bib looks fantastic, is that double loop ?
  5. Bissonette edgers

    Take a piece of dowel rod same radius as the cutting edge of the edger, wrap a piece of fine emery paper around it and use it like a hone ( push towards the center hole ) don't do anything to the bottom side of the edger.
  6. You could consider latigo leather, no finished needed.
  7. Taurus Judge Holster

    The Judge is a big frame short barrel as Im sure you know, hard to balance the two in a holster. I have made two, the second one was to replace the first one that was a total flop. I used the method in the Al Stohlman how to make a holster book with some success. ended up like this...
  8. Coaster

    Nice job and a handy item.
  9. Tooled Gun Rig

    Good looking rig.
  10. Rattlesnake Knife Sheath

    First class all the way. great design and color. Beautiful work.
  11. I actually found the one on that holster, and Its the only one I have ever used, not a big fan of them, but worked out for this one. Im sure any supplier, ebay, Tandy etc would have them. Dwight ????
  12. Not a pattern, more a how to. Made this one for my Cobra. Works pretty well..
  13. I need to make a shoulder holster for a 1911. I have the al stohlman how to make a holster pattern, but not sure I like all the straps. Any better ideas / patterns / pics ? Thanks...
  14. First leash

    good clean knots. good job.
  15. SOG Bowie style sheath

    Thats a great look. Nice stitching.