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  1. First leash

    good clean knots. good job.
  2. SOG Bowie style sheath

    Thats a great look. Nice stitching.
  3. Knife Sheath

    Thats a beauty. Everything about it is just right.

    Did not forge this one, it is a blank. I got a deal on three of them and thought it would be a good way to sell some leather.

    Two very good points I did not consider. Thanks !
  6. Sheath is 9-10 oz burgandy Latigo with welt. Cut lace rubbed neatsfoot oil finish. Had some problems cutting the lace and its a little square and rolled when lacing. ARRRRGGGGGGG...... Thanks for looking and comments always welcomed
  7. Trying a new item, missed a couple stamps with the tri weave, guess you have the Jim Beam AFTER stamping not during ! Anyway Im happy with the pattern and assembly. Originally went with a sam brown button but it was to hard to snap so switched to a line 24 snap. Made with 8oz english bridle and cut lace dipped in neatsfoot oil and a 8 oz welt. Thanks for looking and comments always welcome
  8. nice looking. Good job
  9. Bravo mattsbagger for the lively debate ! If you had of said the dumbest way to carry a gun, we wouldnt have anything to talk about.
  10. Home Grown Burnisher

    Great idea Dwight. Keep it simple !
  11. bikers vest

    Nice stuff, I like it.
  12. First class work as always Dwight. Ive recently used saddle tan as well and love the color, looks awesome on your holsters. The "dip dye" idea is a great idea, now if I can only save enough money to buy that much dye LOL
  13. The Safety's Off

    I like it ! Its a good look for the style of pistol. Took me a couple minutes to realize out how you did the border between the stitching and basket weave. Clever work.