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    not stitching my fingers together
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  1. First class work as always Dwight. Ive recently used saddle tan as well and love the color, looks awesome on your holsters. The "dip dye" idea is a great idea, now if I can only save enough money to buy that much dye LOL
  2. The Safety's Off

    I like it ! Its a good look for the style of pistol. Took me a couple minutes to realize out how you did the border between the stitching and basket weave. Clever work.
  3. Two fresh off the bench

    nice job on both. I really like the one night stand, very clean.
  4. First Holster

    cleaver idea and you did a good job on it
  5. Finished holster for a S&W Governor

    Sorry I didnt see this post untill now. Yes the handle opens the clam arms, they are spring loaded. I found this as is at a antique shop in Berlin ohio. I added the board to the bottom and put my feet on it to steady it while stitching. It works really well.
  6. Tour My Leather Shop! Video

    Nice shop. I would imagine the customers will like being able to see you working on there items, really adds to the "handmade"
  7. Finished holster for a S&W Governor

    Thanks Capt Thanks for comment !
  8. Finished holster for a S&W Governor

    Thanks Rohn. I think those big frame short barrel guns make for square bulky holsters.
  9. The S&W Governor, shoots 45 long colt and 410 shotgun. The customer uses it to shoot snakes while he is mowing ! Also my current sewing machine...I really need to upgrade. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcomed.
  10. Looks real good Rohn .
  11. REX sewing machine

    Thanks CowboyBob Thats what I needed to know, thought I might have found a deal but the search goes on.....
  12. REX sewing machine

    Can anyone tell me if REX machine like in picture is a good first machine. And value in "good condition". Thanks, Dave