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    wood carving, camping, fishing, one tank trips on the Electra glide

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    not stitching my fingers together
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  1. Motorcycle bag

    great job.
  2. A Fun Holster to Make

    Short and fat hard to make, you done good. Dave
  3. hardware question

    Chicago screws.
  4. Couple of items this week

    Both look fantastic. I need a new wallet, wish I could make one of this quality...
  5. Finished Handbag

    This latigo is black also, from Weaver
  6. Tank bib

    Impressive. I like it alot !
  7. Finished Handbag

    This is drum dyed from the tannery
  8. Finished Handbag

    Finished this handbag for my granddaughters 16th birthday. I wanted something "cool" enough to use now as well as when she is older. Its cut from 8-9 oz latigo, measures 8 1/2 X 6 1/2 X 2 1/2. Open interior. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcomed.
  9. great job on both.
  10. Leathercrafting helped save my life

    Fantastic work on the projects. Takes real courage to make that post, GOOD FOR YOU !!! God bless you and show you continued grace and mercy. Reach out if you need to brother....
  11. LOL..was really trying to make the make the connection...glad you explained before my head exploded. Very captivating story though
  12. Saddle Bags for a 1985 H-D FXR

    Great looking bags. I am a big fan of black and nickle, these bags have the right look in my humble opinion. Good job.
  13. Retiring

    Good for you ! Thanks for all you have given to the forum and the craft, I have learned much from your post and videos.
  14. Ruger Blackhawk Holster

    Looks great. Good way to repurpose. Love those blackhawks !
  15. Holster leather

    Just wondering how many of you use vegi tanned for holsters even if they are not molded ?