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    not stitching my fingers together
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  1. Really nice, love the colors. Nice looking leash too.
  2. Now thats impressive. Thank you for sharing. I too would love to see some of your techniques.
  3. great job on the collar. Awesome dog.
  4. good looking rig.
  5. your a holster makin machine ! They look great.
  6. I really like this one . Nice clean work, good job !
  7. Good ideas sojammer. Thanks
  8. excellent idea !!!! who would have thunk. good job.
  9. Thats a whole lot of impressive stamping ! Thanks for sharing.
  10. So I found this little derringer last week and the salesman made me buy it. I wanted to be able to carry it without covering it up. I had a side of econo vegi tan from Weavers in 7-8 oz and thats what I used. does not color well. does not tool well, forms pretty good. Since it is for myself I can except a few flaws. I included some WIP pics to show how it went together. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome..
  11. Thanks Beret, lots of good thought in your post. I too like the idea of one of a kind, dont care for making something over and over. Thanks for your post
  12. I like everything about it. Nice work.
  13. Really nice. I would use that for sure.
  14. Learned all those techniques, put together all the needed tools and completed a dozen projects in 24 to 36 hrs. now that would be remarkable.
  15. Im wanting to sell some of my work to help pay for supplies and hopefully one day suppliment my retirement. Do you folks that sell build an inventory and take it some place to sell like a craft show or concentrate on getting the word out and take orders.