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  1. Motorcycle project - Best materials?

    For what its worth, i use latigo for most of my projects. Latigo is used for horse harness and sees all weather elements. I stamp alot of latigo with lasting results. It is however difficult to tool alot of detail because you lose contrasting color. I use drum dyed latigo, its colored from the factory and colored all the way through so you can skip the dying process and the color will not bleed when wet but is mostly available in black or burgandy. The back of leather is suede...i would think you could get by without a liner for you bib. Dave
  2. Knife sheath

    Thanks viking.
  3. Shows 'n' stuff

    Dont sound very appealing .........So how DO you generate some sales without setting up at the shows
  4. First time in a long time.

    Great looking sheath, really sets off the whole rig. Does it have a welt and how did you do the rivets without breaking the stitch ? Really nice look !
  5. Knife sheath

    Thanks Jeff. I didnt think about skiving the edges, great idea though. These blades were about 1/8 thick and the gaurds probably 1/2 wide. Had to do the welt so thick to get the handle to lay parallel to the belt loop. Thanks for you comments...
  6. Got to make a couple sheaths for a local blacksmith who started making knives. Made from 10 oz latigo, welt is 3 layers 8 oz vegi. Saddle stitch assembly. Thanks for looking and comments are always welcome.
  7. Line 24 Snap Setting

    Looks to me that you are pushing the post into the dome. The length of the post should be about 1/8 inch over thickness of leather. Your going to need a stop on your press to keep from bottoming out, thats what is pressing your post into the dome. Could be as simple as masking tape around the ram.
  8. Minimal Wallet Template

    Thats sharp ! Good job.
  9. Just finished knife sheath

    Looks fantastic. Good job.
  10. another belt measuring question

  11. another belt measuring question

    Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge. The long version of your explanation will most assuredly be printed and hung on my shop wall. My confusion with the "add two inches" after further research, was actually for pant size vs belt size. 38 waist in pants size will probably be 41 inches from fold to wear hole on belt. So this weekend I randomly stopped girls at the mall and asked if I could measure their waist and then their belt to see if I was on the right track. The wife was not at all impressed with my data collecting...it was a good run. For my project the 30.5 inches was over the jeans she wears, I went 28.5 inches from the fold to the wear hole cut from 8 oz., the buckle will add 2.25 inches. I added two holes past the wear hole ( 1 inch apart ) and 1 hole before the wear hole. We will see how it goes ......
  12. another belt measuring question

  13. another belt measuring question

    I have only made a few belts and have used roller buckles, all of them have come out short using different methods to size it. The part I am missing is "adding couple inches" to waist measurement. 13 year old granddaughter, waist measurement over jeans is 30 1/2 inch, buckle bar to hook is 2 1/4 inch, want to use 4 holes ( wear hole, 1 smaller 2 bigger ) So......Fold to wear hole 30 1/2 plus couple inches (32 1/2) minus the 2 1/4 for buckle = 30 1/4 from fold to wear hole ? JLS love your " 3 hole " method
  14. another belt measuring question

    I want to make a belt for my granddaughters birthday who lives in another state. I will be using this type of buckle. How would I measure for proper fit to the middle hole ?