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    Sheaths and holsters, harness and saddles. Pretty much anything leather.
  1. Looking For Vintage Swivelknife With A Ring Handled Yoke

    I've got a Paul Burnett SK that I would sell. Pm me if interested. Its got a finger loop.
  2. Knife Steath

    Good looking sheath. I like the buck stitching. Lonnie
  3. Sign me up. Sounds like fun. Sign me up. Sounds like fun. Dang phone.
  4. Thoughts On These Chinks

    Supper nice. Real neat work. Lonnie
  5. Would it be Herford brand ? Best I remember I had one of their roping saddles several years ago. Lonnie
  6. Nylon Bonded Weaver Sells?

    I've used their 277 and 346 in my sheaths for several years .Haven't had any problems or complaints from customers. Lonnie
  7. Two Tone Floral Belt

    Good looking belt. The colors go well together.
  8. Knife Sheathe

    Nice looking work. Good clean lines.
  9. First Saddle Repair/restoration

    Looks good. The mahogany turned out good.
  10. My Stuff A Little About Me.

    What part of the palmetto state are you moving to? I live in the upstate myself. Welcome
  11. Good looking sheath! It really dresses up that sodbuster.
  12. Like New Cobra 4 Machine With Accessories

    Ouch. That woulda hurt.
  13. Adult Section Request

    I've gotta see this too. Thanks