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  1. Samalan

    My new holster

    look's great !
  2. That's a fine looking job . Just started a chest rig for a ruger 44 mag should be fun hope it comes out as good looking as yours !
  3. Samalan

    IWB 1911 holster

    Nice work . I like to bring the leather up high enough to capture the safety so it stays on, but that's just my opinion .
  4. Samalan

    New work

    Wow that's very cool !
  5. When Barge is applied and stuck together at the appropriate time nothing is stronger. IMHO.
  6. Samalan

    Shows 'n' stuff

    That's it !
  7. Samalan

    Shows 'n' stuff

    What makes a plastic LV bag that may have taken 10 min to put together o and 5 dollars in material worth 6 or 8 hundred dollars some bags are thousands made in minutes.?
  8. Samalan

    Custom chest holster for rhino 60ds

    Nice job on that one !
  9. Samalan

    Cutting table features

    Like that Idea . My plan is to build a work bench with a straight edge and hold down in one around 6 feet long . the idea is to make a special cut tool to run on the straight edge making that first cut on a back or side fast and perfectly straight. then the whole hold down straight edge can drop down out of the way. right angle cut lip sounds like something i will add also.
  10. Samalan

    Flap Holster

    Look's like the thread tension was off just a bit but it could be just the way it looks in the picture. the thread and leather color look very nice together .
  11. Samalan

    Black tote with traditional romanian motif

    Looks great!
  12. Samalan

    Moreau-Style Stitching Clam

    Looks like you had some fun with Dad, Great job!
  13. Small amount of bathroom tub and tile cleaner diluted with water.
  14. Nice work very clean and detailed !
  15. Samalan

    Strap Scrap...suggestions please ;)

    Thanks for the pics of Sadie beautiful dog started my day of right !