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  1. Custom armguard for injury.

    Nice job ! feels good to help people with things we make bet this guy loves it .
  2. Holster and Gun Belt

    that's a beautiful job love, it makes me want to try carving
  3. Am I Totally Inept

    You know Chan Geer uses a glass slicker be four stamping , his stamping is world class.must be something to it.
  4. Thank you for the nice comment .
  5. wow nice looking work !!!
  6. Ya that's a nice one lot of work thanks for showing.
  7. outer veg tan 7 to 8 inner 4 to 5 veg tan bonded with contact cement 277 nylon thread black dye finish resolene 50 50 water . Note the grip safety on the front of grip its a strange one .
  8. hunting cross draw rig for a gunsmith in Florida

    Thank you all for the kind words and interest .
  9. O k lets say your belt 1. 3/4 wide get some nice poster paper , cut out a rectangle 1.3/4 x 6''.0'' using a square mark a center line 3''.0'' from one end then mark a line 1''.0'' in from each end then on the long edges mark a line in from each edge 3/8'' . now with a sharp knife cut the center line almost all the way though now fold the paper in half on that cut line so the lines you made are showing, make sure the edges line up now in the large rectangle starting at the 3/8'' line top center draw an arc that is almost flat but not down to the line that is 1''.0'' in from end and 3/8'' up from bottom now cut the line you have drawn and only down to the 3/8'' line now cut then cut the 3/8'' line from the bottom arc to the end of paper open it up and that's your temp now its up to you how you want to make your lines place the bottom of the temp on the edge of the belt draw your lines. when i divide my belt i a small mark on each side of the belt but the marks must be dead square across from one another mark one side of the belt then the other this temp would be for a belt for the 4.'' 0'' pattern now you can lay in the lines for your edge stitching in this case i go 1/4'' in that leaves an 1/8'' from the arc . dikman with this temp no need for that line down the center of the belt . Jass Bass hope this helps now go to work i want to see those belts
  10. Jazz Bass don't feel intimidated with the stitching when you do it you will find its not so hard. stopping 4 or 5 stitches back from the points and space them out ,that seems to work for me . Dikman is right though its not perfect .i will be sending a explanation of how i do my temp lets for this stitch very simple to make and use. i'm no expert that's for sure but it look's ok Again Thank you for the kind remarks and interest.
  11. Made this for a gunsmith in Florida ammo case holds 357- and 270 in a small package