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  1. Cobra Class 4 Help Please If You Can

    On that bobbin screw don't forget the lock screw first and the best news on this machine is you can call Steve! .
  2. Bruno i find gluing the plug in first works well also dbl thickness of 8oz for the plug with a very lite stitch grove, just what i do don't mean its right by your work i know yours will come out very nice cant wait to see.
  3. First off nice job ! is their s toe plug and did you hand stitch it in would like to see it if you did thanks nice job!
  4. Sewing Machines & Humidity

    Dehumidifiers work nice
  5. How Hard Is It To Learn?

    A year or so is all it takes
  6. That sure gives a new meaning 2 standing behind what you make and then some!
  7. WOW Very nice! like to try that hog hunt some time but i think gun, love the knife and sheath good luck on the hunt.
  8. IMHO No not for holsters but all of the sponsors on this forum know better than me that's for sure my advice is call them tell them exactly what you intend to sew then your informed by a pro you can trust all of them for sure.
  9. Back Stitch Unraveling

    Brewers pitch and bees wax 50/50 mix by hand or melt i mix by hand it holds very good.
  10. Wow that's some nice work josh but frank i did find fault with yours it's not mine! josh that coffin bowie very nice!
  11. Surgery

    Steve take it slow! go easy hope all things work out well for you.
  12. Surgery

    Steve sorry to hear that, some advice don't push it to soon when healing i have retorn both L & R shoulders good luck Steve and take it slow!.
  13. I did sharpen the back side of a head knife on one side for the pull cut dumb f-----------------------------------------ing thing to do! IMHO