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  1. Modelling tools

    Thanks guys, that's all really useful. I will post if I have any success.
  2. Modelling tools

    Back bevellers not heard of them, thanks!
  3. Modelling tools

    Hi folks I have posted a bit in the critique section so please excuse the cross over. I am looking for pointers and/or tutorials in effectively using modelling tools. Especially in creating realistic cylinders, on knotwork (to make it look like beading or piping) or pillars, snakes, poles etc in pictorial carving. Do I double bevel the thing first? (a recent thought I have not yet tried). it seems like it should be such a simple thing but its doing my head in!! and I can't get it right!! I want to make this knotwork look like rounded braid next time (or maybe the time after that, or the time after that :)), and the pillars in the dragon pic look rounder. Please help thanks Pip
  4. Hi folks I am in the uk. I am deliberating about buying a sewing machine, but I have very little idea of where to begin. I make tooled belts, sheaths, pouches, wallets and bags. I was looking at a flat bed walking foot machine (juki 1541) but someone advised me to go for a cylinder arm and build a flat bed to get maximum value. I don't have enough experience about threads or needles or machines and whilst I have watched a number of videos and read a whole load of posts I don't know what I need, or more I am getting very confused about what I need. Other than its got to be walking foot. I have a brother which I was duped into buying, as the seller said it could be used (converted) as a walking foot but it was cheap and I have used it on thin projects for a year of so but it is inconsistant and frustrating. I dont have the money to waste on another mistake. Please help if you can! Thanks Pip
  5. having a fantasy crisis

    Thanks everyone! I havent been on for a while, its nice to come back to positive feedback!
  6. having a fantasy crisis

    Here is the dragon i chose in the end!
  7. This is as close as i can get to what i want!
  8. Hi All I am having some difficulty with a lego belt, ie carving lego blocks onto a belt. I just cannot get them to look right, either they look puffy or just wrong. Please help! Pip
  9. A centoring ruler, whats one of them sounds good!
  10. I am carving a fantasy serpent breaking the water after a fish, i want the mouth half open and the bottom jaw just breaking the water! But i cannot get the water to look right! Any tips? I will post picks, but they are messy as i am trying a whole mess of techniques!
  11. having a fantasy crisis

    One of those annoying none specific customers, the leave it to you! But may not like it, i am just mocking up a design first! That will do nicely i think ! Thanks! , i have started with some pictoral Carving panels i will post pics tomorrow!
  12. Hey all, Having an issue as all the titles appear vertically in the forum, with no spaces, major problem for me because i am dyslexic, what can i do!? Pip