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  1. Hey all, Having an issue as all the titles appear vertically in the forum, with no spaces, major problem for me because i am dyslexic, what can i do!? Pip
  2. Welcome to lw new guy
  3. Thanks Tom
  4. Thanks Kate, fantastic tutorial, with great photos
  5. Thanks so much great advice, I have never been fully happy with my designs, this explains well where I am going wrong. Pip
  6. Hi all Recently been at a show, a gent stood watching me carve a collar from start to finish, took nearly an hour, asked lots of questions, and at the end asked for three commissions for his sons, belts, two are easy one i am really stuggling with.... He wants a fantasy belt with dragons etc on. My initial thoughts where scenes from lotr or hobbit but i have discovered i cannot draw dragons, that small, belt is 40mm wide belt with 5 mm border. Ideally i want one breathing fire as each scene is to be framed with simple designs to reduce the cost of the belt and keep it in budget. I have done usual searches, but either to fiddly detail or not enough, just wondering if you fellow leatherworkers could help! Here is something similar to what i need! Thank you Pip
  7. Well hello, everyone, it has been a wee while since i have been on. This is because i have had a few issues and moved house etc! This is not an advertisement But i felt i needed to correct a previous statement that i have made. Ihad previously had a really bad experience of using Tandy in the uk and been outspoken about it online as one does, BUT wednesday this week i travelled up to Tandy in Manchester initially to buy a few bits and met Alex and the staff there! My views have changed, they were helpful, polite, and knowledgable! I got to play with the tools before buying. I got some great deals and watched some of the wednesday circle working on projects in store, with a fantastic tutor giving advice on carving and lacing, i learned a lot. They made a real effort to help, but not pester, it was a very positive experience! I am really pleased with the experience and will definately go back soon! I speak how i find, and these guys have rekindled my faith in Tandy. Pip
  8. Thanks for the pattern. Pip
  9. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks so much!!
  11. Nice work, it is enjoyable!!
  12. First attempt at Sheridon style, bizarre order changes had me foxed but got there in the end!
  13. Gone for Blackraven Leather! Thanks for all your help.
  14. Hi Pete, welcome !! a note, get yourself some paper suits and a good respirator!!