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  1. having a fantasy crisis

    Thanks everyone! I havent been on for a while, its nice to come back to positive feedback!
  2. having a fantasy crisis

    Here is the dragon i chose in the end!
  3. This is as close as i can get to what i want!
  4. Hi All I am having some difficulty with a lego belt, ie carving lego blocks onto a belt. I just cannot get them to look right, either they look puffy or just wrong. Please help! Pip
  5. A centoring ruler, whats one of them sounds good!
  6. I am carving a fantasy serpent breaking the water after a fish, i want the mouth half open and the bottom jaw just breaking the water! But i cannot get the water to look right! Any tips? I will post picks, but they are messy as i am trying a whole mess of techniques!
  7. having a fantasy crisis

    One of those annoying none specific customers, the leave it to you! But may not like it, i am just mocking up a design first! That will do nicely i think ! Thanks! , i have started with some pictoral Carving panels i will post pics tomorrow!
  8. Hey all, Having an issue as all the titles appear vertically in the forum, with no spaces, major problem for me because i am dyslexic, what can i do!? Pip
  9. New Guy

    Welcome to lw new guy
  10. Easy Coin Purse

    Thanks Tom
  11. Photo Demo: Making a Biker Wallet

    Thanks Kate, fantastic tutorial, with great photos
  12. Thanks so much great advice, I have never been fully happy with my designs, this explains well where I am going wrong. Pip
  13. Hi all Recently been at a show, a gent stood watching me carve a collar from start to finish, took nearly an hour, asked lots of questions, and at the end asked for three commissions for his sons, belts, two are easy one i am really stuggling with.... He wants a fantasy belt with dragons etc on. My initial thoughts where scenes from lotr or hobbit but i have discovered i cannot draw dragons, that small, belt is 40mm wide belt with 5 mm border. Ideally i want one breathing fire as each scene is to be framed with simple designs to reduce the cost of the belt and keep it in budget. I have done usual searches, but either to fiddly detail or not enough, just wondering if you fellow leatherworkers could help! Here is something similar to what i need! Thank you Pip
  14. Tandy, manchester uk

    Well hello, everyone, it has been a wee while since i have been on. This is because i have had a few issues and moved house etc! This is not an advertisement But i felt i needed to correct a previous statement that i have made. Ihad previously had a really bad experience of using Tandy in the uk and been outspoken about it online as one does, BUT wednesday this week i travelled up to Tandy in Manchester initially to buy a few bits and met Alex and the staff there! My views have changed, they were helpful, polite, and knowledgable! I got to play with the tools before buying. I got some great deals and watched some of the wednesday circle working on projects in store, with a fantastic tutor giving advice on carving and lacing, i learned a lot. They made a real effort to help, but not pester, it was a very positive experience! I am really pleased with the experience and will definately go back soon! I speak how i find, and these guys have rekindled my faith in Tandy. Pip
  15. Simple Id Wallet

    Thanks for the pattern. Pip