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  1. Well hello, everyone, it has been a wee while since i have been on. This is because i have had a few issues and moved house etc! This is not an advertisement But i felt i needed to correct a previous statement that i have made. Ihad previously had a really bad experience of using Tandy in the uk and been outspoken about it online as one does, BUT wednesday this week i travelled up to Tandy in Manchester initially to buy a few bits and met Alex and the staff there! My views have changed, they were helpful, polite, and knowledgable! I got to play with the tools before buying. I got some great deals and watched some of the wednesday circle working on projects in store, with a fantastic tutor giving advice on carving and lacing, i learned a lot. They made a real effort to help, but not pester, it was a very positive experience! I am really pleased with the experience and will definately go back soon! I speak how i find, and these guys have rekindled my faith in Tandy. Pip
  2. Thanks for the pattern. Pip
  3. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Thanks so much!!
  5. Nice work, it is enjoyable!!
  6. First attempt at Sheridon style, bizarre order changes had me foxed but got there in the end!
  7. Gone for Blackraven Leather! Thanks for all your help.
  8. Hi Pete, welcome !! a note, get yourself some paper suits and a good respirator!!
  9. Great work, I too wish I ha started younger!! Well done keep at it you got talent!!
  10. Great stuff thank you!!
  11. I had a long think and a sleep and as I work in the public eye, and my name gets used a bit locally, I kinda want to detach from work and my name for my leather creations. A non name name, would be best, I think....., sorry guys! or am I just being fussy??
  12. Pip is my leatherwork name, Not my given name, I tended not to use it on line to guard against fraud, and its become a habit. Well hello there (possible extended family), texaslady. Our surname originates from Oxford, England (at least that is as far as I traced it) where Thomas (one of our family names) Harding was Mayor........ oh and executed for heresy. Sounds like your Hardin's are methodist stock with John Wesley names being recurrent?? They sound pretty cool to research!! It is a fascinating name, in uk ancestry our harding I was told by a historian meant 'of kings', (probably illegitimately if the rest of our history was anything to go by). We always seem to end up on the wrong side standing with our principals and suffering for it, hey ho, this apple did not fall far from the family tree. I lost track all the paperwork on my side of the family years ago and my dad and I are the only surviving Harding's of our line. I am not having kids, so its broken pillar time (a broken pillar in a British grave yard is symbol of end of family line). We have a family crest which is quite cool, three stags heads diagonally descending across a field of blue. I will ask my dad about it and see if he has it, and look and see if we have a connection, somewhere. Don't think we ever escaped Britain much except My Uncle Lee but he was mums side, but it did get really tricky to follow around the 16th Century. Pip
  13. Welcome to the forum bud, lots of good peeps here, ask away, lots of experience too! Pip