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  1. Sew divider in leather box?

    thanks for the replies. It's a "hard box" with a fairly thick leather that im taking about, so i'm not sure that rejeromes suggestion will work very well. At Least it it wont look very nice. TonyRV2 suggestion is ok and I have already tried it, but.. I am wondering if there is a common technique that is used in this case.
  2. Hi, I´d like to know how to sew a partition/divider in a leather box? So if there are three leather pieces they would look like an "H" when finished. Pictures are greatly appreciated. Is there any good book?
  3. How to draw other things than sheridan?

    Thanks, that was very helpful.
  4. Hi, I am wondering how you actually draw other things than sheridan? There must be differences in how a drawing intended to be stamped on leather of for example people or landscape looks differently than a drawing that you put a frame on and hang on the wall? Please show pictures of your drawings so that i can understand what I should be drawing. I understand that you can take a painting as it is and stamp it on to leather, but i onestly dont want to waste so much time in making a perfect picture when there is no need for it. /Daniel
  5. Restoration?

    Hi, I am searching for a book or information on leather restoration. How to restorate briefcases, bags, books etc.
  6. Techsew 2700 Vs Consew 206Rb-5?

    Constabulary have been kind enough to offer me to by a Singer 211. I have been thinking and searching for info about it so long that it seems like i have missed the opportunity. But it got me thinking, why put out 5000 Usd for a machine even if i got the money, when i could get by with a cheaper machine like a Singer 211? Is the Singer 211 a good machine for sewing stuff like bags with veg-tanned leather? Or is there better machines that isn't so expensive that i actually could find inside the EU? I would se the Singer like a "starter" machine that i could keep for lighter tasks, and later buy a 5000 dollar machine. Does that seem like good idea?
  7. Techsew 2700 Vs Consew 206Rb-5?

    Yes, but it was my first pm so i didn't notice it, sorry. But i have replied on it. So over all it is a good machine, then i'll consider it. Does it take any bigger thread than 207?
  8. Techsew 2700 Vs Consew 206Rb-5?

    I have done some reading and found that Sieck 411 is the same machine as the cowboy 4500. Sieck has on their homepage a Sieck TSC 411, I am guessing that TSC stands for some kind of "additional equipment". So the question is if that machine is a "good" machine and if it is appropriate fore the things i want to do? Edit: It seems like the Sieck TSC 411 is a clone of some other machine. and the one with a servo motor would cost 2500 euro plus 19% = 2975 euro. Is this a fair price for a clone of some machine i don´t know?
  9. Techsew 2700 Vs Consew 206Rb-5?

    I have contacted most of the swedish sewing machine companies about if they could take home a Techsew 5100‏ for me. All but one replied that they dont deal with industrial sewing machines. One replied that they could sell me a Juki TSC-441 for 111 250 SEK, or 12976,33 USD. I just wanted to share with you how it is in Sweden..=)
  10. Techsew 2700 Vs Consew 206Rb-5?

    They have a lot of machines, unfortunately i only recognized one brand "Pfaff", i know that it is considered a good brand but nothing more. They don´t seem to have any of the machines that i´ve read about, like techsew or consew and there is lite info about the machines. Is there a machine you could recommend? They seem just as expensive as the consew or techsew machines and if i have to ad an extra 19% i don´t think that there would be much difference in ordering from over seas. Or am i wrong?
  11. Techsew 2700 Vs Consew 206Rb-5?

    yep i know,, it's about 30% of the total price of the machine including shipping cost. So if anyone know any good vendors inside EU i would appreciate it.
  12. Techsew 2700 Vs Consew 206Rb-5?

    The Techsew 5100 seem interesting but as Colt W Knight said, how does it do on light materials? I will probably sew more on light materials, at least for now. And do anyone have some tips regarding shipping such a big machine across seas? Art, I don´t think I'll get my money back if i'll sell it because there are no more than a handful of leatherworkers here in sweden. There are plenty of saddle makers here, but there is only one that actually make saddles occasionally that i know of.
  13. Hi, I am fairly new to leatherworking but i have already sold some stuff, and plan on selling more. So i have decided to purchase a leather sewing machine. I really make anything and everything but i always use veg-tanned leather, and I always do some stamping. I often use both skins and leather combined in a project. I make wallets, quivers, mittens, purses, belts, knife sheaths and any odd stuff people want. The machine needs to be able to sew two layers of 4mm thick (10 oz?) leather. Or two layers of 2 mm (5 oz?) leather plus two layers of skin. I live in sweden and there are no vendors that sells these kind of machines. I am currently looking at Techsew 2700 and Consew 206RB-5 but i am open for other options. I´d like to keep it under 2000$ if possible.