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  1. Very nice stuff! I specially like the ID-card with the window. What did you use for the window? Cheerio...
  2. Thanks a lot! I have been looking for a while to find something suitable (here in Germany). :-))
  3. Very nice work!! My cup of tea :-) What material did you use for the "ID window"?? Cheerio ..
  4. Nook Cover

    Looks great! Matches my taste perfectly! What kind of leather did you use? Looks like you used elastics to hold the nook in place. Is that correct?
  5. Hi folks, since now I have made some knife sheaths and a few little things like a card wallet or a case for my smart-phone. Everything was done using veg tanned leather. On a trip to the US a short while ago I bought a neck part of oil tanned leather at Tandy´s. My intention is to make a medium size messenger bag out of it. Planning the project I have realized that oil tanned leather may not be the best for a bag strap but was not able to find conclusive information on the net. Would it stretch too much? I have also learnt it is not really possible to burnish the edges of oil tanned leather. Should I just leave them alone? Any thought? Ideas? Thanks for the effort!
  6. First Passport Case

    Looks great! I dig it! Would you mind telling me what kind and thickness of leather you used?
  7. Nice sheaths! I dig them! Thanks for showing! Lederfun
  8. They look great! Specially the last one (all brown/English tan) is very appealing to me. Thanks for showing! Cheers, Oliver
  9. Chat Tutorial

    Thanks for the tutorial! I think now I am ready to use the chat function without the feeling to make a mistake and get somebody angry.
  10. Thank you for sharing the details! I really do appreciate it! Oliver
  11. I like the look of it a lot! Thanks for showing! Oliver
  12. Like it a lot!! Great job!! I also would not mind to know more about the details What kind of leather did you use? The body is made of three parts if I am not mistaken? Thanks for showing!! Oliver
  13. I love you bag! Great job! Thanks for showing.