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  1. Stitching Pony

    Looks good! I'm so gonna copy your tightening setup
  2. Medieval Aquaman Armor

    just AWESOME!!
  3. Beautiful work! How do you shape your leaves?
  4. Hello everybody, Here are my two first tooled Hip flasks (Tandy kit). For the yellow one I thought the supplied leather strip would never fit over the flask so I made an additional piece, but it does actually fit (nearly sprained a muscle to pull it over the flask's edge though ) as shown on the brown flask. There's still a lot progress to make, but I like the results and so do two other buddies who ordered some customized flasks after seeing these two.
  5. Nice colors! What kind of dye do you use?
  6. Flasks, Bike Seats, And Bags!

    Love the flask, admiring the craftmanship on all pieces!
  7. Nice wallet. I liek the lok of the leather, what type of leather is it? Seems too rough to be cowhide (the only leather I've used so far)
  8. great work. Wouldn't wear one myself but I love the way it looks!
  9. Boiled Leather Vases

    Hi Costumeclaire. Nice vases! I just wanted to comment on he fact that you put the leather in boiling water. Since I've made a few pieces of armor using "cuir bouilli"/ "boiled leather" as well I did some research on the larp costume making forums and got the following info: the "boiled leather" name doesn't actually come from the fact that you boil the leather, but from the fact that tiny air bubbles leak out of it when you immerse it in water, creating the effect of boiling, even in cold water the hotter the water in which you put the leather, the harder it'll be when dry but also the more brittle. For armour I/larpers usually use warm tap water and have water of about 40°C (104°F) and leave the leather in the water until all the bubbles are gone. When it's put into shape and left to dry it stays in the same shape and is still pretty supple (meaning It can be bent to work it without breaking it and it goes back into shape once released). Just my 0.02€.
  10. Just gorgeous!! I'm totally in awe of your work. Hope I can do things like that someday!
  11. Wall Hangers

    Looks great!
  12. Hello From Brussels

    Hello everyone, yet another new guy on the forum I started working with leather thanks to the LARPing I've been doing over the last few year. I made a few pauldrons, helmets, pouches, scabbards and even an armour but always pretty plain and simple. I always wanted to make more elaborate pieces but didn't have the gear/info/time/motiviation and I've decided to changge this as one of my 2013 new year resolutions. I'm getting the "tandy leather deluxe starter kit" for Christmas and I'm planning to try my hand at some decorated pouches for LARPing at first and maybe even a helmet if I ever work up the courage and most importantle the skills. Since I'm pretty new I'll mostly be bugging you all with quesions at first