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  1. Louis Vuitton Leather

    hi jonathan i do not feel offended i just want to point out that there are so many people don't know about lv quality Louis Vuitton start working at the age of 14 to become what they are now i start my leather work 40 years ago and very proud of my work and also have a lot respect for other peole work if you do quality work you don't do fake stuff i myself don't like the monogram canvas from lv but that is their trade mark and their success reason why there is so much copy but the thing is a copy it will alway be copy my english is not very good too i have the same problem to express myself like you please you don't have to be sorry i think if we are here on this forum it to exchange our point of view best regards khan
  2. Louis Vuitton Leather

    please talk to another expert he is no expert for me louis vuitton had start as a malletier (trunk) since 1854 and i had also made quite a few trunk and use some brass accessory by the same supply without the lv stamp on it i will never accept a client to ask me to do work with the lv canvas if he want lv work he should go direct to lv i have seen some bad lv copy and very high quality copy but if you really know about lv quality you will see the different so let do our work and leave lv in peace
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