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  1. Get him to put a (photographed) polished blank into the sheath and then re-photograph. As someone else said, it was probably there all along. Doh... Really should have read the whole thread!
  2. Doesn't bother me.
  3. I've managed to hold-off buying one, purely because my large handled Stanley does the job - 100 double blades, changed everytime I start a new project, seems plenty sharp right up to 5mm leather.
  4. Good stuff.But i've never heard a Brit say that Or as you Yanks would say ... Have a nice day, y'all.
  5. That looks a much more sensible method :D
  6. Apologies if this has been posted before...
  7. Wow - This thread kinda makes me wish the UK had a branch of OTB! Great feedback to your customers
  8. I used a 3/4" thick slab of marble and sat it on top of one of those lap trays (hard tray on top with a big bag of polystyrene beads underneath). It probably sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does. Also means I can sit sown with the tray on my lap if I feel laaaazy :D
  9. Looks great - and it'll look even better in a few years, having naturally darkened.
  10. I like it - appeals to my utilitarian, no fuss preference :D The handle colour works, too.
  11. They banned kilts once upon a time...
  12. I thought the UK was bad for always wanting to ban things...
  13. Why are they doing that??
  14. Yes, just a beautiful piece!