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  1. My Sheath Caused Pitting On A Customers Knife

    Get him to put a (photographed) polished blank into the sheath and then re-photograph. As someone else said, it was probably there all along. Doh... Really should have read the whole thread!
  2. Images In Signatures Should Be Banned

    Doesn't bother me.
  3. What Is The Point Of A Head/round Knife?

    I've managed to hold-off buying one, purely because my large handled Stanley does the job - 100 double blades, changed everytime I start a new project, seems plenty sharp right up to 5mm leather.
  4. Interesting Wax Paper Transfer Print

    Good stuff.But i've never heard a Brit say that Or as you Yanks would say ... Have a nice day, y'all.
  5. Interesting Wax Paper Transfer Print

    That looks a much more sensible method :D
  6. Apologies if this has been posted before...
  7. The Truth About Ohio Travel Bag...

    Wow - This thread kinda makes me wish the UK had a branch of OTB! Great feedback to your customers
  8. Minimum Thickness For Granite Slab?

    I used a 3/4" thick slab of marble and sat it on top of one of those lap trays (hard tray on top with a big bag of polystyrene beads underneath). It probably sounds like it shouldn't work, but it does. Also means I can sit sown with the tray on my lap if I feel laaaazy :D
  9. My First Leather Thing

    Looks great - and it'll look even better in a few years, having naturally darkened.
  10. I like it - appeals to my utilitarian, no fuss preference :D The handle colour works, too.
  11. Need A Rebel Flag Stamp. Anyone Have One?

    They banned kilts once upon a time...
  12. Need A Rebel Flag Stamp. Anyone Have One?

    I thought the UK was bad for always wanting to ban things...
  13. Need A Rebel Flag Stamp. Anyone Have One?

    Why are they doing that??
  14. "the Punisher"

    Yes, just a beautiful piece!