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  1. Granite Slab

    I put a post up on Cragslist looking for remnants and got 8 pieces of it (enough to give lessons, each one between 14" to 22" dimensions) for $5.00, each a different color. Seriously do not buy granite slabs retail!
  2. Thanks for all of the comments! LNL, I don't mind sharing. On the flask I used Liquitex iridescent gold and silver and just a touch of blue. The base is not painted; the process of sealing it with wax gives it that color. Any coloring you want to do must be done prior to wax sealing- once it is waxed, no paint or stain will adhere to it.
  3. Thank you, I appreciate the advice! I'll see if I can find that manual in the library, but I think keeping the first few stitches loose might just do the trick.
  4. Just wax. I use a method which is basically the same as this tutorial here: http://leatherworker.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=3084 You can mix the beeswax with brewer's pitch if you like, but I use straight beeswax.
  5. Great idea, a diaper bag you could wear to the faire!
  6. Thanks, Jimbob! Actually the bottle is made from leather and beeswax- there's no bottle inside of it. The beeswax makes it very hard and waterproof!
  7. My latest two pieces. The dragonfly wallet/purse thing is for my wife who doesn't like purses but complains about her old wallet being too small and not having a coin pouch. I'm open to any suggestions for making the cross-loop lacing more seamless where I finished it off. I just watched a Youtube video to learn from, and I couldn't get the ending to look as seamless as I'd like (you can see it in the upper left above the dragonfly). Are there any tricks to doing this step?
  8. Belt Pouch And Fencing Gorget

    Thanks, Bill. The gorget just buckles on around the neck. I fence with the SCA and they try for historical accuracy as much as possible, which may explain the reason why they require a gorget. The purpose is supposed to be to protect the throat primarily, but also covers the base of the spine (the flap goes in back over the spine). Modern fencing masks have some protection for the throat, which might be okay for epee/foil fencing, but it is simply not sufficient protection for some of the heavier schlagger/rapier blades that they sometimes use for fencing in the SCA.
  9. Quiver For My Brother

    Very nice; I like the rampant stag. Did you use an airbrush to do the stain? The edges are very soft.
  10. The gorget is my first leather project, but I am only now getting around to photographing it because I still haven't quite finished it yet (needs padding inside, then I'll know how short to cut the straps). I'm not totally happy with the colors on it (too bright, looks like plastic) and if I had it to do over again I would do the tooling better (I'd had no practice at all when I did this one). The second picture is a belt pouch I just finished last night. I kept it simple since it was sort of an experimental project; I didn't have a pattern to go from so I just made one based on pictures from the net, making it big enough for my phone, wallet, keys and a few other possibles. I always like positive feedback, but I also appreciate the kind that helps me improve, so feel free to let me know if you have any suggestions or critiques.
  11. Immiketoo: Thanks! Basically I just followed this tutorial. Be sure that your leather is very dry before using the hot wax; I've seen some images of flasks that went horribly wrong when they blistered and shriveled in the hot wax due to residual moisture in the leather: http://www.muzzleloadingforum.com/tutorials/methven/LeatherFlask/LeatherFlask.html Whiteeugene and olds cool: Thank you, I'm pleased with how it came out. It won an award in a competition with over 40 entrants and I've now got commissions lined up due to it, so all in all I'd say it has been a success! My next project, however, will probably be a formed belt pouch. Basically I'm just making things that I need... and in the process I'm learning how to make things that I enjoy making!
  12. Peter; I'm impressed and pleased that you noticed the Welsh influence. It was intentional but I wasn't sure anybody would notice it. The Scot influence was not intentional but probably inevitable with the knot work elements and the general color palate. Benlilly; thank you! I agree about my wife as well! Jonathan; I think it's great when people can share interests that complement one another. I have no interest in learning textiles, and my wife has no interest in learning leatherworking, but the two work together beautifully. If you PM me your GF's email address I'll pass it along to my wife. I'm sure she'd be happy to share ideas and such. Gamekeeper; thank you!
  13. I'm pretty new to leather work, but I'm not new to the arts. This is my second flask; the first was a smaller, less ornate experiment to make sure I knew what I was doing before trying something more elaborate. Made from veg tanned belly hide, sealed and hardened with beeswax. My talented wife hand wove the strap to match. I would like to replace the leather straps holding the D rings with brass rings, and I would also like to replace the cheap cork stopper with a hand carved wooden stopper as well, but for now I'm calling it "done".
  14. Acrylic Paint And Conditioning Leather

    I can't speak much about conditioners and finishes as I don't have much experience there yet, but I can say as an artist that Sharpie markers aren't a good choice for your work. Most colors of Sharpie markers, after about 800 hours' exposure to the sun, will have faded away to almost nothing. This sounds like a lot of time, but on a dog collar, assuming the dog gets to be outdoors for an average of 3 hours each day, the markings won't even last a full year.
  15. Making A Baldric?

    You are right on the money. I want to make one that is period, particularly in the early Cavalier period (early 1600s actually), but I don't know the first thing about baldric styling. The image linked is not at all the actual design I’m wanting to make, but was just meant to give the basic idea; i.e. a large leather shoulder strap with a frog attached, having straps that are adjustable for use with different swords. I would prefer it to also include an actual belt in the design as well (I couldn’t find a picture of this, but I'm sure you know what I mean). My goal is nothing as colorful or flamboyant as the image I linked to; a bit of tooling, but nothing terribly fancy, and probably stained all the same color (simple brown or black). Historical accuracy is definitely a goal, but it doesn't have to hold up to close scrutiny. I actually do happen to dress in pirate regalia from time to time, but its main purpose will be for both fencing and SCA use. I would very much appreciate any help I can get!