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  1. Patterns for Horse Gear

    The only reason you would get sued for copying a protected pattern is if you were making them to sell. Nothing they can do if you make one for yourself. Thanks for the input here I just got asked to male a halter for my nieces horse. Never made one before.
  2. 22 Caliber Belt Loops

    Making my first cowboy rig for a Brother- in - law. Want it for a 22. I need help on how to make the belt loops and how to anchor them. Any sources or instruction would be a big help.
  3. Great Ebay Seller

    Just ordered the Barbed Wire set we'll see how they work!
  4. For Sale Leather Shop Tools

    I will be working in Knoxville this coming week I would like to take a look.
  5. Head Knife....i Want To Make One

    Awesome design on your blade Electrathon....any drawings available or all from scratch.
  6. Head Knife....i Want To Make One

    Carbon : Present in all steels, it is the most important hardening element. Also increases the strength of the steel but, added in isolation, decreases toughness. We usually want knife-grade steel to have >.5% carbon, which makes it "high-carbon" steel. 1080 has .75 to .88 carbon very high holds a very good edge and is tough.
  7. Head Knife....i Want To Make One

    Actually a circular saw blade is the correct material to use for a head knife. Just not one that had carbide tips. The carbide tip blades are a lower quality steel because they are not using the steel to do the cutting just to support the tips. An all steel blade is made of 1080 steel the same stuff you can make knives out of. I am in the process of finding some blades drawing up the rough round knife blade and having a friend who owns a waterjet cut them out. I plan on tapering the tang just like a file and using a file handle. Also I am going to put a couple holes throught the tang so I can rivet the blade to the handle. I can probably get them cut out for 10 to 15 dollars per blank. I travel a lot so it'll take awhile...let you know how it goes.
  8. Good Deal?

    I would say the same about Toledo Industrial Sewing machines the Cowboy dealer..I chatted with Bob on the phone for some time. He was very helpful and I have not pruchased anything yet. I got warm fuzzies about the service I would get from them. Probably going to buy a 4500 in the next couple weeks.
  9. Just read Wiz's dissertations on sewing machines, very very educational! Thanks Wiz.

  10. What Machine If You Can Only Get One!

    I need a little more model info on the 441 who makes it.I want to research that.....remember I know nothing about sewing machines. I live in 4 miles from where the Tippman Boss is made. They are in New Haven, IN I live in North East Ft Wayne. I could go talk to them. I actually used to have them as a customer when i was selling carbide cutting tools they also make the Tippman Paint ball guns.
  11. New Member 2/3/2013 - MAde one Holster and need to make a lot more from request from friends and for myself. Ilearned from reading and watching holster makers on Youtube. Enjoyed what I have done made some trash and kept on going until I got what I wanted for a Holster. i would like to get a machine and make lots more.

    1. powermallet


      That's what it takes. Keep at it and each one will get better

    2. LNLeather


      I see there is a cast iron Tippmann Boss for sale here at LW


  12. I need some help selectingg a sewing machine. I only have room for one so what is the most versital for holster making. I thought about the Tippman Boss But I think I need both hands on the project! I would like to keep it down around 1300.00 Used is acceptable.