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  1. Hello everyone I want to buy a stitching awl, or the handle and blade separate. Like most people out there I started with tandy years ago and I am now wanting quality tools. I sew very little by hand but want to have the best tools when necessary. So what do you guys recommend. I'm thinking of Barry king, Douglass or cs Osborne. I've also seen picture's of the vergez blanchard but the wood handle color throws me off :/ lol. Also as far as harness needles are John James better than cs Osborne? What do you guys recommend? Oh my next hand sewing project is covering a 2"ring with about 2-3 or 4 Oz leather. I'm assuming for this I would need a smaller blade right? And then I'm moving on to 2-3 pieces of 4-5 Oz veg tan what do you guys recommend for that. Ps this website rocks!!
  2. Vergez blanchard plough gauge

    Yes I'm thinking of buying a new one. I need something that helps me cut leather faster(right now I use a big ruler and box cutter ) . I'm doing 2" 2 1/4"belts and I'm about to do a 3 " belt also I'm about to do some saddle stirrups that need to be 3 3/4 do you guys think this vergez blanchard plough gauge will work for me? I see 2 different sizes on ebay. I think 100mm and 150mm what is recommended
  3. Hello everyone I'm thinking of buying a vergez blanchard plough gauge. I just wanted to know if people recommend it. I had a tandy draw gauge and didn't like it at all the cuts would swerve ruining my belts or straps. Anyway what do you guys think of the vergez blanchard. Or How about the original strap cutter?? Is that any good ??? I'm looking for precision and consistency.
  4. Hello everyone Ive been sewing chaps with eit her bonded nylon 69 and bonded nylon 138. I'm just wondering if people would prefer polyester or bonded polyester. I'm also thinking of using bonded nylon 92.I'm using a consew 226. Any thoughts or comments would be great.
  5. Thanx Gregg. I didn't know they had some with rubber I was actually thinking of all metal. But rubber sounds good too.
  6. I'm looking for a smooth feed dog and or a smooth foot set for my consew 226. A while back I had a couple of singers 111w s. And with one of those I had a smooth set that it came with and so many many other attachments ( smooth feed dog and smooth foot set)I wish I hadn't got rid of them anyways does anyone know we're I can get these ???? Also on the 111w's I would use 138 thread on top should I have that same capacity on my 226?
  7. Very nice videos. I just got a 226. Just wondering if you have the model # for the hirose hook. Also what else does hirose have for these consew machines 225-226? Anyone know?
  8. Thanks everyone can't wait. It is a grey machine it had the cable's belt Wich was coming right of and the guy that sold it to me gave me a black rubber belt. The guy had 7 of these same machines ( head only) I paid $400 head and servo motor. Other than the belt everything else is in very good condition. What do you guys think was it a good buy?
  9. Hello everyone I'm trying to replace my timing belt on my consew 226. Can anyone tell me the process on that? How many total screws do I have to remove? And from where? I had 3 111ws that I used to mess with and had success. So I have some knowledge on the mechanics. Thanks.
  10. I just got a consew csm550 how much horsepower is that? 550 watts,119v, single phase, freq 60hz, rpm 0-3450. I also got a consew 226 both for 400$ was it a good buy, a decent price? Or he pulled my leg? By the way no table. All I need the machine is for when sewing chaps (2 piece of 3oz suede) or when sewing wallets or cell phone cases. Will this servo motor work good at sewing slow. I have a cobra class 4 and love how it sews slow. Over all I feel excited to get them running but now I'm short 400$ :/
  11. I actually had problems casing,tooling and oiling them
  12. Singer 31-20 /singer 15-90/ Singer 66

    Honestly I don't know how to put up pictures on here. I could send pictures through text message right away. All three sewing machines work I've sewed light leather on all three. On the 66 I actually was sewing belts almost 1/4 thick veg tan.
  13. I'm selling three singer sewing machines one is a model 31-20 treadle(the frame of the table is broken)$150 Also a 66 and a 15-90 both work just fine. I'm asking 65$ each. I need all three gone asap. I live in the San Fernando Valley. Preferably local customers. 818- four03-9782. Call or text for pics. California
  14. 415 Bonded Nylon

    Hi y'all. I'm looking for 415 bonded nylon for my cobra 4. On most peoples web site they only carry up too 345 or something like that. Any help would be great.