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  1. New CB 3200

    I got a 4500 from Bob a few months ago. Beast of machine!
  2. Cowboy 4500

    I own a few leather stitchers, including the Cowboy 4500, and I can tell you without hesitation, get the bigger machine. Once you get a leather sewing machine, you quickly start thinking about bigger and better projects that far exceed your ambitions when you were dreading hand stitching things. I have ran out of arm room on a leather sewing machine, and it sucks big time. Especially when you ruin a piece because you were too busy trying to scrunch it and feed it into the needle.
  3. SEIKO SK -8 SEWING MACHINE if you want to buy a copy Says its similar to Singer 132k - Maybe that manual is easier to find.
  4. Thread snips /nippers/ snippers...

    I use a set of Fiskars shears designed to cut up herbs these are sharp, and have hardened resharpenable blades
  5. Good deal? Cowboy CB 29 18” arm

    The new Cowboy servos have a brake built in, so it wouldn't surprise me if you wouldn't need to push the pedal some to release the brake to make turning the crank easy
  6. Looking for all-natural veg-tan leather

    You say you have problems with "modern" veg tan leather. Does that mean you have some non modern veg tan to compare it with?
  7. Good deal? Cowboy CB 29 18” arm

    I think its a great deal if you need a patcher. If not, it is an expensive toy being as you already have some really nice leather stitchers.
  8. sewing machine bad stitching

    What machine?

    Im not sure if Ed has a website or anything now, but you can contact him on facebook. He is active there and posts pictures of his new mauls all the time.
  10. Sewing machine for make guitar straps

    Either a Consew 206 RB-1 or RB-2, looks identical to my Consew 206 RB-1
  11. The Wax/lube pot was included with my Cowboy 4500
  12. What sewing machines sew 12oz/5mm leather?

    A 441 clone is over kill for 3mm leather. Something like a Consew 206 or Singer 31-15 with a roller foot would work fine. But for serious horse tack the 441 clones are ideal, I think.
  13. Sewing machine for make guitar straps

    I have a Consew 206RB, and I have sewn a ton of guitar straps with it. These machines excel at tasks like belts and guitar straps, IMO. You can sew up to 3/8" thick with #138 thread. I think some of the machines can be adjusted to sew with #207 thread, but I think the machine runs best with #92 or #138 bonded nylon/polyester thread with #22 and #23 needles. It use to take me several hours to hand stitch one guitar strap. With prep work and all, it takes me about 5 minutes or less now with the machine. You can set the edge guide, and sew around the perimeter super quick.
  14. What's the Best Glue in 2017?

    I like buying the quart cans of Weldwood (red can gel formula). Works great form me. I bought a gallon jug of Barge, and it seems to dry up quickly. I would need to keep the thinner around with that stuff.
  15. Would this mallet work?

    A normal mallet will wear holes or become concave which makes striking the stamps square tough after the mallet has worn some. The round mauls will wear too, but since you are randomly hitting around the head, it wears down more evenly and you can consistently get a good square strike on the tool. I have wood and stacked leather handles, and they both work. However, I much prefer my weaver rubber handled mauls with shock absorption built in. Far superior to stacked leather or wood in my opinion.