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  1. Machine for mostly canvas, some heavier stuff

    I used the Safety Clutch on my Consew 206 once ( stupid mistake on my part right after I bought the machine). My consew 206 is a beast, and it is a canvas sewing machine. Plus you have readily available attachments like binders that would come in handy on a bag machine.
  2. Olive oíl as a finish

    I have used 100% extra virgin olive oil for nearly 20 years on horse tack and Ive never seen any bug issues.
  3. Finisher on top of Angelus paint?

    I air brush mop n glo over angelus. Works very well. I can add semi to gloss sheene based on how I thin my mop n glo and how many coats
  4. How to apply fabric to leather

    I use 3M Super 77 or High Strength 90 to glue fabric to leather, which works extremely well. Spray glue both sides, sitck them together and I use an iron to get out the wrinkles and really set the glue. However, the issue is the edges. Cloth will fray along the edges if you don't use some sort of binding or anti fray spray( sold at joannes). On the purses I make, I like to use synthetic fabric like nylon or polyester so I can melt the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying. Cotton will fray forever.
  5. Adhesive for leather and canvas bag

    I would river and s titch strap tabs.
  6. Adhesive for leather and canvas bag

    I use 3M High Strength 90 spray glue for that application
  7. Acrylic paint over dye?

    One of the biggest issues I see with dye bleeding through to paint is that the clear coat wasn't given enough time to dry/cure. Plus, like any painting, the base color will show through white until you get enough coats on to make it opaque. I airbrush mop n glo thinned 50/50 with water. If I give it 2-3 coats, and it dry for a day, I don't get any bleed through. If I only wait till its dry to the touch it will bleed through like crazy.
  8. Inline Cowboy presser feet on Cowboy CB4500

    Sorry, I didn't read the whole thread, but what are the CONS to this foot setup?
  9. How to Ship Consew 206RB5

    I drove from Arizona to West Virginia, all highway, but the roads do suck in New Mexico and Arkansas.
  10. How to Ship Consew 206RB5

    I drove mine across the country with the head on the table. All the welds in the table broke loose. Had to re weld the table when I got to my destination.
  11. Machine for holsters

    A 227 isn't big enough for holsters, I'd look at Cowboy 3200 or 4500.
  12. Nylon Webbing to Leather

    My Consew 206 will sew that combo without any trouble. I think what you really want to ask yourself is what size thread do you need/want/ While my consew will sew webbing onto 10-12 ounce leather without much trouble, it can only sew with #138 thread, which I consider kinda small for heavy duty applications. Do you need a cylinder arm, or will a flat bed do? Also, will you be limited by throat space? A lot folks need that extra space between the needle and arm to make turns or manipulate bigger items. Are you just sewing straps? or making bags? etc... I believe, Cowboy, Cobra and techsew all make a smaller version of the 441 (Cowboy 3200) that will sew 1/2" thick with heavy thread for about $1000 less than their full size 441 clones.
  13. Carving graphics on leather

    Most folks use a swivel knife to carve leather. It has a thick blade that leaves a wider groove to set your beveled, and ball bearings to make cutting curves much easier.
  14. Good price on Singer 31-15

    Looking to pick one of these up and add a roller foot setup for some more decorative stitching on my bags . Anyone know what the going rate is? I see them on ebay for 150-500$ and a leather site on facebook says 900, which sounds ridiculous.
  15. Consew 206rb

    Those made in Japan Consew 206RBs are outstanding machines. One of the industry standards. They sew with up to #138 thread and 3/8" thick . I have one just like it, and I really enjoy working with it. Going strong decades after its manufacture.