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  1. User manual for Cowboy CB 4500

    I am curious, what motor comes with that HighTex. My cowboy has the the FS-550
  2. G43 Holster

  3. Thor sewing machines

    That Thor machine is probably the same basic machine as a Cowboy or Cobra, BUT... It does not have the speed reducer and extra large fly wheel of the Cobras and Cowboys to give it that extra power to sew through thick leather slowly and control the needle position with the foot pedal. It also does not come with the nice adjustable height stand with casters. Those two features alone make the Cowboy and Cobras a much better deal in my opinion. Not saying there is anything wrong with the Thor though.
  4. I ended up getting a 4500 from Bob Kovar at Toledo sewing. Performance is amazing. These machines have a lot of capabilities.
  5. New CB 3200

    I got a 4500 from Bob a few months ago. Beast of machine!
  6. Cowboy 4500

    I own a few leather stitchers, including the Cowboy 4500, and I can tell you without hesitation, get the bigger machine. Once you get a leather sewing machine, you quickly start thinking about bigger and better projects that far exceed your ambitions when you were dreading hand stitching things. I have ran out of arm room on a leather sewing machine, and it sucks big time. Especially when you ruin a piece because you were too busy trying to scrunch it and feed it into the needle.
  7. SEIKO SK -8 SEWING MACHINE if you want to buy a copy Says its similar to Singer 132k - Maybe that manual is easier to find.
  8. Thread snips /nippers/ snippers...

    I use a set of Fiskars shears designed to cut up herbs these are sharp, and have hardened resharpenable blades
  9. Good deal? Cowboy CB 29 18” arm

    The new Cowboy servos have a brake built in, so it wouldn't surprise me if you wouldn't need to push the pedal some to release the brake to make turning the crank easy
  10. Looking for all-natural veg-tan leather

    You say you have problems with "modern" veg tan leather. Does that mean you have some non modern veg tan to compare it with?
  11. Good deal? Cowboy CB 29 18” arm

    I think its a great deal if you need a patcher. If not, it is an expensive toy being as you already have some really nice leather stitchers.
  12. sewing machine bad stitching

    What machine?

    Im not sure if Ed has a website or anything now, but you can contact him on facebook. He is active there and posts pictures of his new mauls all the time.
  14. Sewing machine for make guitar straps

    Either a Consew 206 RB-1 or RB-2, looks identical to my Consew 206 RB-1
  15. The Wax/lube pot was included with my Cowboy 4500