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  1. Consew 226 Sewing machine

    I used a size 25 needle in my consew 206 with #138 thread when I was sewing biothane/brahma webbing for GPS tracking collars and padding material. The smaller needles just wont do it. I now have a Cowboy 441 clone, so I don't do it anylonger
  2. **Help Identify Machine**

    Ive seen those same pictures on Ebay - These are not leather machines, and wont sew anywhere near as nice as those pictures in real life leather applications.
  3. And it aint even April Fool's yet ...

    I feel your pain. I use to be extremely active in the custom electric guitar market, and posted on the the guitar forums a lot. I finally quit the guitar forum because I was constantly getting asked questions from around the world about guitar building. I didn't mind the questions at all, but what really pissed me off is no one wanted to put the effort forth to make high quality stuff. I would lay out the labor intensive steps on how to apply a high gloss lacquer finish or build nice guitar necks, and people would always me to make up short cuts or easy ways out. If you can't afford the tools you need, you need to get creative. If you want to half ass it, it will come out half ass. Don't even get me started on famous guitar players or pickers who worked for famous people. Always wanting something for nothing. The worst ones were nobody bands that no one knew telling me I should give them a guitar because they are the next big thing in music, and me giving them a guitar will be good for me. I always told them I would give them the "artist" price, which to me was 30% more than I normally charge.
  4. Glue pot

    I bought the one Weaver sells. It does work well, but these are what I don't like: My brush bristles keep falling apart, and super heavy stopper/brush is inconvenient for me to use. Unless you use it steady, it sets up and becomes a pain.
  5. Cobra 4 backstitch problem

    I had this exact same problem making my GPS collars. I added the lube pot filled with silicone and the problem went away. Don't ask me what the problem was ( I suspect the thread was getting hot).
  6. Using Wax Lube Pot on a 441

    I was running great, and sewing my GPS collars without any troubles, at last. I decided to turn the speed up on the servo, so I could get through quicker. Now my silicon lube is sloshing out of the pot. Anyone have any remedies for this problem, besides slowing the speed down? I bought the machine to increase production efficiency, not slow it down.
  7. Using Wax Lube Pot on a 441

  8. Using Wax Lube Pot on a 441

  9. Mini padfolio

  10. Continuing Stitch Line with New Thread

    I start back 3 stitches
  11. Bonded polyester thread?
  12. THE COWBOY 3200

    I have a 4500 from Bob. Im impressed with the stitch quality of these 441 clones.
  13. Stool for sewing at

    I wish I could grab some good used lab chairs from my school. They don't send them to surplus unless they are broken here.
  14. Consew sewing machines

    I have a Consew 206rb-1 and it will sew anything less than 3/8" with #138 thread without any problems. Does great on light and medium leather. It starts struggling if I have to cram material under the presser foot or when I try to do longer stitch lengths.
  15. Consew 206rb-5

    I have a 206 rb-1 and that machine is a work horse. Ive sewn miles of leather with it at this point. I recently wore out the tension discs ( probably has 40 years of wear) and I was able to replace them within a few days with new parts that only cost a few bucks.