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  1. I would also consider the venerable Consew 227
  2. I have a consew 206, and I can't get it to sew #207 regardless of what I adjust.
  3. No, I have only airbrushed Fiebings oil and conventional dyes. I have sprayed them full strength and thinned at various levels with alcohol. They spray no problem withere my Iwata brush, but clog in my cheapo brushes.
  4. I really like using the Angelus 2-thin thinner when I am airbrushing Angelus on something like a coat, cowboy boots, or a purse. Seems to flow out of the gun better(probably has a retarder to keep it from drying to quickly) . For simply coloring or hand painting, I use distilled water.
  5. Have you contacted the Hoffman Brothers? Hoffman Brothers 1795 Birchwood Avenue Des Plaines, Illinois 60018-3005 Toll Free - 800.323.9120 Fax - 847.671.1320 Email - They own Ferdco now. Maybe they have the part you need.
  6. Lowe's and homedepot sell metal rods.
  7. Thanks yall.
  8. Even cheap 1$ a bottle stuff available at walmart will work on leather. Its just more time consuming and requires some extra steps. For example, I used cheaper/craftsstore brand acrylics for a while, and when I used them I would have thin it with water and apply lots of thin coats to get adhesion and solid colors. Angelus on the other hand, I can use straight from the bottle, apply 1-2 coats and be done. The bottles have brushes built into the cap, and colors cover better, adhere nicely, and look more vibrant, IMHO. Took me a lot more work to get the results I wanted from craft store acrylic. Thats why I prefer Angelus. A bottle goes a long way in the leather craft world, so the cost isn't a big issue to me. I also really like using Angelus in my airbrush. I get great coverage with thin airbrush coats. I use it to recolor boots, leather hats, leather jackets, etc. and the color doesn't crack or flake off. Just like painting anything, THIN coats is the way to go.
  9. ^ this
  10. I believe Seiko makes Consew, so they are probably the exact same machine, but less than half the price. I would grab that up if you had the opportunity. The Seiko may need a new pulley or speed reducer though. Looks like it is setup for cloth, not leather. That big motor pulley and little handwheel will suffer in the torque department punching through leather. Not a big deal, just something to keep in mind. I have a Consew 206RB and it is a bad cat. Love that machine.
  11. I would skip the patcher ( The Singer 29) it would be great for repairing shoes or garments or sewing on patches. For construction of an entire project? Not so much, IMO. That Juki 246 on the other hand is a nice machine, but it will have a small bobbin. A Juki 341 or Pfaff 345 or Consew 227r would be the equivalent but with bigger bobbins. For $1700, I would hold for a machine that doesn't have a tiny bobbin.
  12. A consew 227R would be another machine to keep an eye out for.
  13. Thanks Bob, that bobbin screw had backed out to the point it had no tension at all. I don't know if I am threading it right or not, but she seems to be running like a well oiled machine right. I would like to know the proper path for winding the bobbin thread. The way I am doing it now just doesn't feel right. Really neat machine though. It feeds material better than my old Singer 66, and it has all those cool knobs to change needle position, stitch length, and zig zag stitching. Also which I knew how the buttonhole function worked.
  14. +1
  15. The pulleys are a good idea because they add torque. Sometimes the servo doesn't have enough get up and go to start and run at low speeds with the stock pulleys.