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  1. Will a Consew 206rb-2 work?

    I own a consew 206 rb, and it is a great machine that will sew up to 3/8" thick leather with up to #138 thread, which really is too small for holsters. Most holster folks use 277 thread. The consew will sew the hell out of belts and two layers of 7/8 ounce leather( I do it all the time), but it's not a holster machine.
  2. What machine should a beginner buy?

    You can find a used machine for under $500, but you will have to do some serious looking. You may find that used machines can be worn out factory machines, or like new, been sitting in the spare room for 20 years. I bought my used Consew 206 for $400, an my cowboy 4500 was about $3000 new
  3. Rivet Press

    Ive got the big Weaver MT900 foot press with the autofeed hopper. This things has literally saved me countless hours riveting GPS tracking collars. I also have a benchtop hand press that I used to set rivets and grommets. Works better than hand tools, without question.
  4. Consew P1206rb tension issues?

    Yeah, you will need a #23 needle for that #138, some folks get away wih #22, but I have to use a #23 Your bobbin thread should pull up without any tension
  5. Consew P1206rb tension issues?

    Yeah, Id say you need to adjust something somewhere else, I have a Consew 206 and I never have to max out the top tension to get it sew things correctly. When I had a similar problem, turned out I need to reduce bobbin tension by like 1/8 of a turn
  6. Mop & Glo finish question

    I have used Mop N Glo for several years now on purses, whats, boots, jackets, guitar straps, padfolios, holster, and other odds and ends. I thin 50/50 with water, and air brush it on. 2 thin coats and I'm done. I'll give it 3 or 4 if I want it shiny. 2 gives me that nice sheen I'm looking for. I have yet to have any cracking issues. Generally, cracking issues in finishes are caused by heavy applications. This is true with just about any finish.
  7. Where Can l Get a Good Maul?

    The weaver shock absorption mauls are my absolute favorite. I was making them for a while, but the shock absorption mauls from Weaver are just much easier on my hands.
  8. Olive oíl as a finish

    Extra Virgin Olive oil will not become rancid like other vegetable oils. The US Calvary used Olive Oil and Castor Oil mix, the castor oil gave the saddles a water resistant property.
  9. Scissors sharpening

    I get by simply honing my nice scissors I use for cloth and garment weight leather. I take them apart, and run my find sharpening stone on the angled portion. Then strop it on a piece of leather with polishing compound. I try not to touch the back side. If there is a nick or something, I lay the back flat and work the scissor back and forth to keep the back nice and flat while grinding off the imperfection. You can really get a lot of sharpening done with a nice whetstone if you know how to use it.
  10. Machine for mostly canvas, some heavier stuff

    I used the Safety Clutch on my Consew 206 once ( stupid mistake on my part right after I bought the machine). My consew 206 is a beast, and it is a canvas sewing machine. Plus you have readily available attachments like binders that would come in handy on a bag machine.
  11. Olive oíl as a finish

    I have used 100% extra virgin olive oil for nearly 20 years on horse tack and Ive never seen any bug issues.
  12. Finisher on top of Angelus paint?

    I air brush mop n glo over angelus. Works very well. I can add semi to gloss sheene based on how I thin my mop n glo and how many coats
  13. How to apply fabric to leather

    I use 3M Super 77 or High Strength 90 to glue fabric to leather, which works extremely well. Spray glue both sides, sitck them together and I use an iron to get out the wrinkles and really set the glue. However, the issue is the edges. Cloth will fray along the edges if you don't use some sort of binding or anti fray spray( sold at joannes). On the purses I make, I like to use synthetic fabric like nylon or polyester so I can melt the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying. Cotton will fray forever.
  14. Adhesive for leather and canvas bag

    I would river and s titch strap tabs.
  15. Adhesive for leather and canvas bag

    I use 3M High Strength 90 spray glue for that application