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  1. I solved this problem at my local sign making shop. They use thin PVC stock for making their signs such as you see for "No Trespassing", "No Hunting", "For Sale", etc. It cuts easily and literally lasts forever as a template/pattern. I bought a 4X8 foot sheet and and that also lasts a very long time. While it costs more for the 4X8 it's a lot less expensive per square foot than buying the ready made signs at the hardware store. Paul
  2. Do yourself a favor and get on the phone to Leather Machine Co. and then hop in your truck or van and make the very short drive to pick up your brand new , in warranty machines set up and tuned perfectly and enjoy years of trouble free use. If you are doing enough volume to warrant the machines in the first place, they should pay for themselves in saved time and quality very shortly.......and Yes, I practice what I preach, I have three machines from them and have had for four years. They are a great company and have a great track record for excellent after the sale service. Paul
  3. nealverde found me, but for the benefit of others who may need or want the clips. Paul Long 830 367 5536 or Thanks. Paul
  4. Those wallets you show could be made from two layers of Kid skin which comes in just about any color you can imagine. You simply cement flesh to flesh with Black on the inside and whatever color on the outside and then cut out your patten. Top grain both inside and outside and will be about 2/3 oz total thickness. His wallets appear to be clicker cut. Getting the custom made rubber bands will probably be a bigger problem. Good Luck Paul
  5. Very interesting, Martyn. Would you happen to have an eBay link, or vendor eBay name? Thanks in advance. Paul.
  6. This is what I do, but to each his own. I buy Wickett&Craig utility grade saddle skirting and have it split to 7/8 oz. I buy five colors. When the sides arrive I "square up the side", (Cut of the belly leather) and run it through My Cobra 14 splitter taking it down to about 2 OZ., which I then use for linings my custom sheaths etc. I have found the top grain of belly leather is for the most part equal to the top grain anywhere else on the side. This means I no longer have to have additional sides split to 2/3OZ. so my overall inventory of leather has gone to about half, and I don't have trash cans full of belly leather. It works fine for me, you are welcome to try it too! Paul
  7. Sandy is 10 years and one day older than I am so he will be 93 on April 16th this year. He is no longer doing commissioned work and while he has slowed down, he's still active and makes the semi local knife makers round ups around his home turf. I call him every year on his birthday and we wish each other Happy Birth Day. He's still in Blairsville, Ga. Email me if you want his contact information. Paul Long (sheathmaker)
  8. I apply it the same way Bob does, but if you ever do have an occasion to need to thin some, common hardware store Lacquer Thinner will get the job done, and the ratio is whatever pleases you. Paul
  9. Any machine that requires the constant use of one of your arms in order to operate will become a real pain sooner if not later. There are times when you absolutely need both hands to manipulate the leather being sewn and unless you have three arms that could be a major problem. I appreciate your concerns on noise, but unless you are just hyper sensitive I think you'll find the modern servo motor machines are not all that noisy. Another point to consider is the price. $1495 for a manually operated machine is a MAJOR step toward the price of a 441 clone type machine. Even more major if at some point in the near future you decide the manual machine isn't quite what you thought it would be and decide to upgrade to a motorized machine. I think you owe it to yourself to reconsider the 441 clone machines and specifically have a discussion with Steve or David at Leather Machine Co. (Cobra brand). They will advise you and try to work with you regarding product and pricing and their after the sale customer service is the best I've ever experienced. They are also supporters of this site. I've traveled both roads and I speak from experience. Paul
  10. I met Ray once and I was a good friend of Bob Dellis who was also closely associated with Ray years ago. I believe Bob learned a lot from Ray. If my memory is correct they both were carving for a famous saddle maker in Arizona at the time, and were either room mates or stayed at the same boarding house. Their styles are very similar, but I think Ray came fist so Bob probably learned from him. Bob is deceased, and I don't know about Ray. Most of their work was in fact free hand although Bob did use "tap off" flowers on a lot of his Sheridan style work. The free hand scrolls on the back of the belt was kind of a trademark for both of them. They both used a lot of tri color technique using the natural leather color, under a resist and oil and one dye producing three distinct shades on the belt according to the pattern. As to the current worth of Ray's work, I have (a few years ago) seen a few of his belts for sale at Clint Orms Silver Smiths shop selling in the neighborhood of $800 to $900 to go with his very high quality and high dollar custom buckle sets. Depending on condition being like new, your belt could be quite valuable to the right person. That's all….Iv'e strained my memory. Paul
  11. Go2tex Questions. Do you still have this for sale as of 12/26/14 Are you sure it's brown? Photos look like Chestnut. What is the weight in ounces? Give me a call 830 367 5536 I'm in Kerrville, so close enough to drive down and pick it up for Cash. Paul
  12. Beautifully designed and executed. Attention to detail and overall artistic work is some of the best I've seen. Paul
  13. I have been a Tandy customer for various supplies and some leather since 1951. Last Monday will mark my last purchase from Tandy for exactly the reasons outlined above. I have been on the very best price level for years and I was shocked to find Feibing's TanKote @ over $20 quart, Barge Contact Cement $62 gallon, and the Sam Browne button washers at $1.80 each and only available in single pack packaging. I usually buy ten dozen at a trip in the master packs of one dozen. So any way the inflated prices and changes to business methods is enough for me to say it's been fun for many years but now it's over. Paul
  14. I will second JohnOK's post word for word. If you have the mechanical knowledge and expertise to set it up for your type sewing then it could be a good deal , albeit potential warranty issues could be a major pain should any arise. These are not tuned up to your specs at the factory. Steve and David at Cobra are my choice. Paul
  15. I had an error in Josh's email address above. It's Paul