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  1. First Swivel Knife

    I have swivel knives made by Robert Beard, Barry King, and Leather Wranglers (Albuquerque, NM). They are all high quality and perfect in every way for me. Oh, and fairly expensive, but worth it every penny for me. With regard to blades, it depends on what you are doing....for 99.9% of my work I prefer a 3/8" straight blade. I have a couple of hair blades and a couple of bead blades that I keep in cheaper swivel knives. Sooner or later you will want a really good (read more expensive) knife, so you might as well bite the bullet and get it first. My earlier , cheaper knives are the ones I use for the hair blades and bead blades. Good Luck Paul
  2. Craftool stamp modification

    Not a tough question at all for me. Any time I get a tool with a domed top I immediately grind it flat. I found out many years ago that a domed top is very susceptible to glancing mis-strikes and the results of that are usually not "Grind 'em if you got 'em. Paul
  3. Clicker dies

    Texas Custom Dies......they have a rotating banner ad at the top of this forum and they support this site.....and they are as good as it gets! Paul
  4. Leather glues how do they work?

    ....and that is the beauty of using rubber cement. It will rub off any area where it is not supposed to show with just your finger, but as stated it's far from permanent. Paul
  5. Leather shows

    Hey Trav, the Boot and Saddle Makers Round Up is a very good semi small show in Wichita Falls Texas in early October each year. Most of the same vendors as Sheridan, and Prescott. I've made it every year for about the last twenty years in all of its previous locations. A whole lot of leather vendors, 3 or 4 sewing machine vendors including Cobra and Cowboy, custom tool vendors, Barry King, Robert Beard and several other new guys. Weaver Leather, Tandy/LF, Wickett&Craig, Herman Oak and a lot of independent vendors. Van Amburg leathers for your exotics, along with The Ostrich Market. All in all about 75 top vendors and worth the trip for me each year. Its a two day show and I stay for both days and spend a ton. You and Souther Cross need to get your passports in order and come on over. Paul
  6. 1. There's your first mistake. If you are going to use Neatsfoot or any other oil it should go on first and be allowed to level. The Super Sheen used first acts as a resist and won't allow the oil to penetrate properly and cause the "goo" you experienced. 2. Never a good idea to put leather in an oven, PERIOD. Neatsfoot Oil should be used very sparingly applied to the grain side only. It will penetrate all the way through to the flesh side as it levels out, therefor applying to the flesh side is not necessary and should not be done, except in very rare and unusual cases. In every case each subsequent top coat (different product) should only be applied after the previous coat is completely dry or has leveled out. The foregoing is my personal opinion based on my experience and others may differ. Paul
  7. Cobra class 18 or 20

    Hey Trav, The 20 is so new to me that I don't know anything about it, however the 18 will do what you have described just fine and will also handle inlay work nicely. As you know the 18 is what I use and you've seen the work it produces. Paul
  8. Belt Tip with no hole

    I have secured many, many belt tips like yours with epoxy. I use JB Weld brand, the 5 minute variety. Never had one come off, but I have taken a few off and it was difficult. I don't think just losing the tip would be a factor to be concerned about. Paul
  9. Stitching Troubleshooting Cobra Class 4

    Don't want to beat a dead horse, but if you did everything you saId and are still getting the bobbin pulled up like on pass 6, then there has to be a bind somewhere in the thread track from spool to needle. A silly question, but are you sure you threaded the machine correctly? What you are experiencing is quite common with the thread track from spool to needle hanging up on a screw, or an unintentional extra wrap around the secondary tension on the way to the take up arm, or a little bit of bind going through the last "screw" loop or the last hole before the needle. I have had similar temporary problems, but they all traced back to pilot error and a bind somewhere in the thread track. I know it's frustrating. I'd give Steve a call and see what he might suggest. Good Luck Paul
  10. Landis Splitter - leather catching on knife

    It appears that your blade has been poorly sharpened in the past, with both ends rounded slightly. The blade should be straight across end to end. it should either be replaced with a new blade or re-profiled and sharpened by a competent sharpening professional. (if that competent professional is you.....have at it!) Paul
  11. Removing the horn from a saddle... is it possible?

    I would suggest, (if you have not already) you check out Australian stock saddles. pretty much like the western saddles, but no horn. Paul
  12. Material For Template

    I solved this problem at my local sign making shop. They use thin PVC stock for making their signs such as you see for "No Trespassing", "No Hunting", "For Sale", etc. It cuts easily and literally lasts forever as a template/pattern. I bought a 4X8 foot sheet and and that also lasts a very long time. While it costs more for the 4X8 it's a lot less expensive per square foot than buying the ready made signs at the hardware store. Paul
  13. Do yourself a favor and get on the phone to Leather Machine Co. and then hop in your truck or van and make the very short drive to pick up your brand new , in warranty machines set up and tuned perfectly and enjoy years of trouble free use. If you are doing enough volume to warrant the machines in the first place, they should pay for themselves in saved time and quality very shortly.......and Yes, I practice what I preach, I have three machines from them and have had for four years. They are a great company and have a great track record for excellent after the sale service. Paul
  14. Belt/Pocket Clips

    nealverde found me, but for the benefit of others who may need or want the clips. Paul Long 830 367 5536 or Thanks. Paul
  15. The Search for Colorful Leather

    Those wallets you show could be made from two layers of Kid skin which comes in just about any color you can imagine. You simply cement flesh to flesh with Black on the inside and whatever color on the outside and then cut out your patten. Top grain both inside and outside and will be about 2/3 oz total thickness. His wallets appear to be clicker cut. Getting the custom made rubber bands will probably be a bigger problem. Good Luck Paul