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  1. Book Box

    Yep. !!!! I have the Stohlman's Cases Books ! I guess the volume 1 has the boxes that Im thiking to do. Thanks a lot to make me remember !!!
  2. Book Box

    Hi folks. I always love books and become interested in book binding in general. I have a idea to make a "Box" to store my 3 volumes of The Lord of the Rings books. I have some ideas about the drawings, elves runes etc, but I need some help about the construction of the box itself. I want it sturdy and solid. Thanks for your attention !!
  3. Antique Paste Can I Make It At Home?

    Too bad to know that... So....The search continues
  4. Making Patterns From An Image/picture

    tks !! I have GIMP installed here but almost never use it. Now I'll pay more attention to it..
  5. Making Patterns From An Image/picture

    tks !! I have GIMP installed here but almost never use it. Now I'll pay more attention to it..
  6. Antique Paste Can I Make It At Home?

    Wow.... Here in my country I have some problems to import things. Actually the taxes are so high that turns prohibitive to import some itens. I'm looking for a recipe like this for a long time. Thanks thanks....and.... thanks !! <br class="Apple-interchange-newline">
  7. Ancient Quran

    Wow... One of the best works I have seen. I just wondering... How do you make the central motifs ? It is reaaly thin lines !!! Congratulations !
  8. A Good Workbench For Carving ?

    Thank you guys I think you all are correct. BTW, very nice space on the photo !!
  9. A Good Workbench For Carving ?

    Hi... I m working on a table that is driving me crazy when I need to carve. There s a lot of vibration noise, etc... Like a Since my "studio" is very small, I plan to make a small, but stable workbench that I ll use just for carving. I use a 10" x 10" granite on the table. I think to do a small version of this http://www.cornerhar...owto/ht082.html , what do you think ? What could helps to prevent vibration ?? Thank you !!!
  10. tool box 001.jpg

    Amazing !!!!!!
  11. English Style Gun Case

    Hi, A very good customer ask me if I could do a English style rifle case for him. The "leather side" of the project is fairly ok, but.... I think it involves too more aspects, ( wood working, hardware etc etc) The "Art of Making Leather Cases" vol. 3 is a very good source of information but I guess I have do get much much more knowledge before I put my hands on so big project like this. So, all kind of suggestions (books, videos, tutorials, schools) will be very appreciated.
  12. Bowling Bag Pattern

    Actually, the pattern that you need you'll find at the volume 2. I hope it helps.
  13. Hi... A customer ask me if I could do a leather holster with this inside waist "paddle" principle.(no need of a belt to retention) Im thinking to sandwich a sheet of Kydex or PVC to add rigid, but I have no idea how to get a good retention using this paddle. Thanks for ideas !!!!!
  14. Rip Paul Burnett

    Going to work this morning I was thinking about an eagle head that he made and now I open my email box and read the email.... I'm really really sorry...
  15. Need A Target Quiver Pattern

    Thanks for information ! So... Here it goes... I think its are very simple, well explained and very good jobs