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  1. Singer 132K6 Table abd Pan

    Howdy! i recently acquired a Singer 132K6 sewing machine that I am bringing back to life. I've searched everywhere but I can't find a supplier for a table top (outside of some folks in Australia). There's an outfit in L.A. that claims to be able to fit the machine, but after countless emails, and phone call attempts, I either get no response, or a general response with an email link to a top, that fails to actually promise a true fit for the 132K6. The machine requires a pretty large opening - roughly 10" x 20.5". I did try to modify another older table top myself, but wasn't successful. Can anyone suggest someone that might be able to provide a table top for thew Singer 132K6, as well as, hopefully, a drip pan? Thank you very much!
  2. Singer 132K6 Table abd Pan

    Thank you, shoepatcher! I have been in contact withWayne, at Bill's, and so far, he has provided outstanding communication and help with making me up a table top and pan. I hope to receive it this week and really look forward to getting her sewing. Will keep you posted.
  3. Thank you, anchor snake, for your response! Your experience is very helpful. I will definitely buy some new needles and keep workin' at figuring this machine out.
  4. Gettin' a bit closer figuring this machine out. I sew with T90 thread on my Lu 563. The LH 515 doesn't seem to like it. Do you think I'm I trying to use too heavy a thread? I only have a couple of needles that came with it. Can you recommend the right size for sewing canvas and leather? Thank you very much, in advance!
  5. Howdy! I really appreciate your sharing of your experiences with the LH 515. I recently purchased one of these machines and I'm perplexed on how the thread comes out of the bobbins, to be picked up by the hook. I have quite a bit of experience sewing on an LU 563, but the double bobbin has me scratchin' my head. As you stated, the manual isn't very helpful. Also, the spring on the thread tensioner is pretty lethargic - doesn't seem to be doing its job. I'm a little reluctant to start taking things apart, because it doesn't always end up being a good idea. I think that if there is anyone who can service my machine around here (Western, MA), they are at least a hundred mile round trip. I've spent hours on the Internet, looking for info, but haven't been able to find any more specific user help. Can you recommend any resources? Thank you!
  6. Howdy! I recently purchased an experienced Juki LU 563. As I have been acquainting myself with the machine, it has been working very well. Yesterday, as I was sewing some canvas and leather, the needle broke. This seemed to throw off the timing, as the bobbin hook isn't picking up the needle thread. There aren't any repair guys within about an hour and a half from here, so I'd like to learn how to adjust this myself. Can anyone offer some pointers? Thank you very much! -Peter
  7. Some Bicycle Saddle Bags

    Fine looking work! You mention Waterhouse Leather. I just found out about them, minutes ago. Being in Western MA, I'm interested in giving them a try.
  8. Harness Leather

    Can anyone recommend a supplier of makers stamps for bridle leather? Most of the stamps I have found are for use on veg tan leather only. Thank you.
  9. juki 563

    Thank you both for your responses. I'll keep sewin', keep readin' the manual, and see if I can find a good sewing machine mechanic within 100 miles. -Peter
  10. juki 563

    I noticed this thread has been quiet for some time, but I need some expertise. I have been sewing with a Juki 563 for a couple of months, now. I'm sewing totes made out of waxed cotton, with bridle leather bottoms. When the machine is sewing well, it cruises. It just seems to automatically go out of whack - the timing and more frequently, the thread tension. I have been through the manual many times, taken the tensioner apart and cleaned it, but the upper thread tensioner seems to have a mind of its own. Changing a broken needle and realigning the needle, on this machine also tends to be a real time consuming event. I hate to blame the machine and not accept an element of operator error, but does anyone have any experiences with this machine and maybe be able to shed some light on these temperamental issues? Hope my description isn't too vague. Thank you! -Peter
  11. Juki Lu 563 Timing Adjustment

    BLESS YOU, DC! The guy I bought it from indicated that the right button was the stitch button adjustment and the left one for the clutch. Makes a big difference when you reverse those directions. Many Thanks! -Peter
  12. Juki Lu 563 Timing Adjustment

    Thank you all for your help. Another issue is the doggone stitch adjustment mechanism. No matter how much button pushing and wheel turning I do, the adjustment dial won't budge. I don't know if it's seized, due to lack of lubrication or if it needs some other tweak. Unfortunately, it's stuck on a real fine stitch setting and I need to move it to a more suitable stitch size for canvas. The nearest repair guy is at least a hundred mile round trip, so it'd be a whole lot better to not have to entertain those two trips. Thanks for your help. -Peter
  13. Juki Lu 563 Timing Adjustment

    Thank You! I'll give it a try.
  14. Finishing Edges

    I'm new to leatherwork and I am enjoying working with bison. Does anyone have any recommendations for finishing bison leather edges? I'm presently working with 7/8 oz. leather. It's very soft and pliable. I have been treating and burnishing, as one would with a heavier cowhide, but the leather is so soft, I'm not sure it's the best approach. Any suggestions? Thank you.