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  1. Hey, just picked up a Campbell/Randall stitcher, it's in great shape, has a ton of extra parts, but I'm looking for a few things! - material edge guide -razor feet to sew rolled reins with the throat plate - step up, pricker feet I know I end up collecting extra parts for all the machines I have, just looking to see if anyone has anything out there! -Andrew
  2. A crop has a much different action than a "buggy whip" I sell a lot of Westfield whips, and have been to the factory many times. Westfield is the oldest whip manufacturer in the world, and makes a superior products. Their cores are predominantly fiberglass, depending on the application. Traditionally they were made of whale bone (baleen) they would put rattan on the outside and wrap the core with linen and laqour them. A crop, or the shorter bat typically has less action and at one point they would have been made of holly wood, ewe wood, or bamboo even.during the industrial revolution souther plantation owners would also have what they referred to As a "walk trot stick" used with saddlebreds. It is fashionable for carriage whips with a drop lash to be made of these traditional woods as well. With the carriage whips finished, unwrapped with a plaited thong that has a baleen tip with a split goose quill and "whip stitched" top is what you normally see. The lash will go anywheres from 1/3- 1 1/2 of the way down the shaft, depending on the turn out. The lash must reach the shoulder of the furthest horse. The materials change with the times. Goad sticks and whips for oxen can be made from white ash, as this is a popular hobby still in New England I still see kids running around the local fairs whipping on each other. Be resourceful for that right feel, a lot has to do with personal preference. Carriage whips are all about balance, from carbon fiber to holly whips, balance is paramount. with a crop, it's more used to encourage, maybe a little spank, but the rider has the option to use seat, and legs to cue the horse.
  3. Sergey at SewPro was showing me his skivers last time I was down there, they are as Dan calls "inspired by the fortuna" ha! He sets them up with two motors, a constant running motor and a servo motor for the feed. Not are mounted under the table, and he does this not both the bottom feed, and the top and bottom feed. -Andrew
  4. Casey send me an email I'm in NH
  5. #10 has sold
  6. This is a 6" chase leather splitter. Made in Weare NH just about an hour from my shop. Works well, good usable machine. Older model, but very usable $225 plus shipping
  7. I have this US made hand crank 8" leather strap cutter. I have all the spacers needed to cut from 1/2" up to 1 1/2". I just never use this machine. Asking $825 plus shipping. The machine is hefty and would still be able to be shipped UPS
  8. Like brand new pneumatic strap cutter, comes with 10 extra blades, two extra cutting boards and a tape measure that sticks to the bench. Will cut up to 2.5" wide. I have posted a short clip in my Instagram account under "awharness" or #awharness slick little machine, made in the USA $200
  9. These are some random presser feet for the juki 441, they will also fit the knock off's. I have numbers and prices next to the numbers. I can ship them in a padded envelope, buyers expense. 1) center toe narrow harness makers foot $50 2) ferdco lower needle guide, replaces feed dog, need slotted plate $50 3) same as #2 just a diamond cut out $50 4) slotted needle plate $40 5) slotted needle plate, slot has been opened up some $40 6) narrow left toe foot ferdco style $50 7) narrow left toe foot ferdco style $50 8) double toe narrow ferdco foot $50 9) weaver "no mark" left toe harness makers foot brand new $70 10) left toe paddle foot, $50 11) left toe, narrow, smooth bottom foot, never seen one like this $50 12)smooth bottom, wide double toe foot pretty unique $50
  10. I wouldn't have been happy either! I read the thread about the undertaking to get it up and sewing again, sounds like it was a mess! Did nick not want to make good on it? I would have requested that he swap out the head! I know I've dropped the ball before, and then bent over backwards to make good on my word for different things I've made for clients that didn't end up working out for them for one reason or another.
  11. I've bought several machine from nick-0 and had really good luck. One of which was an Adler 467 and the other was a 20" artisan splitter. Both had been used, both came in working order. Nick moves a lot of machines, and is a fairly large company personally I wouldn't hesitate to order from him again. He crates, packages and sets them up pretty well from my experience. I do believe that he has been an advertiser on here in the past. -Andrew
  12. I've got one, I never use my stitching horse I love the little colt so much! Pretty slick, well crafted!
  13. I've seen several rotary die cutting machines by bluegrass leather out of KY both were in Amish shops who worked in biothaine -Andrew
  14. The clamps and presses are primarily used for impressing box loops, such as on show harness, carriage harness ect. I would be interested in these for they were to become available, I make harness and would use them.
  15. I'm looking to buy a domed creaser, would like a weaver, or newer one that has steel rolls on the top and bottom. Thanks!