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  1. who here is near FT Bragg

    Sorry for late reply, but I am about 2 hours away. Sheaths and scabbards are our specialty.
  2. Storing Small Patterns.

    I put them in a file cabinet if the same or smaller than 8.5x11". Larger patterns I hang on hooks from a shower curtain rod that stays in the shop in the corner.
  3. Drumstitck Bag Pattern

    I am working on one, once I get it proper, I would be happy to upload the pattern measurements. I doubt I will give directions, but I will habe the pattern for you. I go as I go, if that makes sense. Very hard for me to remember directions.
  4. Copper inlay

    Thank You! The customer was blown away!
  5. More sheaths

    We always use welts, yes. We work for custom knife makers all over the we have to be on point.
  6. More sheaths

    Thank you! These are out of 8 ounce. And yes, nice and snug!
  7. I am getting bored with the same tooling, over and over and over, but our knife makers request these. Any ideas for new border designs would be appreciated!
  8. Heads Up! Giraffe

    I am extremely curious as to why any company would be selling giraffe. These animals are in danger and are protected as at least threatened.
  9. Pangolin Supplier?

    My husband and I make a LOT of items for Conservation groups (legit groups) that fight against illegal poaching and capture. These groups raise money with pur products theough auctions. That being said, Pangolin are the most highly trafficked (illegally) animal in the world right now. Their captures/poachings are illegal, as well they should be.
  10. Recommended Leather Suppliers (US)

    I use Zack White. They have a huge selection of just about everything and are reasonably priced.
  11. my knife sheath

    Here is my honest amd very humble opinion. My husband and I work for several custom knife makers and do this 24/7. Our first sheath was horrid. Absolutely garbage. If this is your first sheath, it looks far better than ours did. Welts are extremely important. It is also important to keep in mind the use of said knife. If it's going to be in a showcase, good. If not, the white lettering and other tooling is going to get destroyed. All in all, I think you did a great job, even if it was a kit. Kudos!
  12. Absolutely beautoful. Nicely done!
  13. Copper inlay

    My husband and I have been making various items for the last 6 years. This past weekend, we had a special request from one of our custom knife makers.....we were asked to make a display sheath. We inlaid copper and found copper speedy rivets. So here it is.
  14. Interesting, as we started making these a few months ago. They are super fun!
  15. bunkhouse tools experiences

    I have not used their wheels, but I absolutely love their embossing plates. They are great folks to deal with, as well.