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  1. Great looking rig.
  2. I sure like the looks of that gator.
  3. I wear revolvers daily. Usually a Ruger SP101. I make my holsters with a hammer guard front and back. I like the retention. If I could stand on my head, my revolver will stay in the holster. Reholstering is no problem. I practice a lot. I have been involved with carrying handguns off an on professionally and privately for almost 40 years. I recommend buying a revolver and carry concealed with whatever design you come up with. I do not carry IWB but I have included a photo of a holster that can be worn IWB or OWB by attaching the straps to the holster with screws.
  4. Sold them all. Thanks everyone!
  5. I still have 35 left. Email haysholsters@hotmail.com for an updated list. Thanks, Jeff
  6. I think you guys are saying we eat better than they did in the 1950's. Great looking work as usual. I wear one of the Stohlman shoulder holsters daily.
  7. TerryJ, I have not received your email. Please check the spelling. Lots of folks claim I spell my name wrong. I drop the e. haysholsters@hotmail.com
  8. Excellent. I have 35 dummy guns left. Please email haysholsters@hotmail.com for an updated list. Thanks, Jeff
  9. 41 Dummy guns left. Please email haysholsters@hotmail.com for an updated list. Thanks, Jeff
  10. Howard, I do not have the 559. Jeff
  11. I am getting old. After looking at the pictures that Ken G posted, I went down to my shop and compared my 26/27 blue gun to my 19/23 blue gun. Not even close just like Ken G picture and JLS stated. Sorry about my earlier incorrect post. I do have the 26/27 blue gun for sale $34.00 includes shipping. Jeff
  12. It will work. With the obvious differences in barrel length.