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  1. Black and Brown H.A.A.S. Calf

    I bought some of the brown and all I can say is- WOW!, this stuff is nice. A rich chocolate color that is so buttery soft, man is it soft.
  2. Shoemaking! [first ever shoe I made]

    WOW! I really like those. The contrast of the colors and textures really make them pop. I can't imagine all the complexities of making shoes and how hard it would be even if you had a mentor. My hat is of to you for jumping in and doing it. Don't be too hard on yourself about what went wrong and what might be better. Shoes are one of the projects that rides around in the back of my brain and occasionally bounces to the front and says "wouldn't it be really cool if you could pull this off?" Someday maybe I'll try it and you really inspired me to go tackle one of the many challenges that lurk within my mind.
  3. Home built stitching clam

    In the interest of full disclosure- while I haven't done much woodwork, I've had plenty of experience of seeing something that I want and figuring out how to get there. Add in the innate desire to make stuff and being a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to doing clean work (all traits I'm sure many of us share). Hobby wise- my background is in blacksmithing and knife making- both process oriented crafts that require attention to detail in order to do good work. All of this overcame any inexperience with woodworking. Working with leather has redefined to me what a sharp edge is and how to get there. That greatly simplified sharpening and tuning wood planes I picked up at the flea market. Sharpening a plane iron is waaaaaaay simpler and faster than a head knife.
  4. Home built stitching clam

    Thanks. I'm going to leave it as it is for now. I've got the jaws pretty well smoothed over, but if it does mark the work, adding some leather padding is easy enough.
  5. Home built stitching clam

    I just finished this stitching clam. Its made of steam bent white oak and is 36" tall. The jaws are under tension and measure 2 3/4" at the top. The throat is 3 3/4" at the widest and 19" deep. The dark areas on the wood are a result of the steaming process. I based it off of plans available here- https://www.etsy.com/listing/249232297/leatherworkers-saddlers-clam-and. I saw his video on Youtube last fall and thought it looked really slick. I have a stitching horse that I made from the plans from the back of Saint Stohlman's saddle stitching book and while it works well, it pretty bulky and is hard to store. This is slim enough that I can just lean it in the corner when I'm not using it. There's nothing to catch the thread when sewing- a problem I have with both the horse and another antique clam that I have. I like the fact that the jaws hold themselves closed- I can sit how I want and not have to hold the jaws closed with my legs like you do on the style that uses a hinge. It took awhile to scrounge up the material, make the tools and learn some new skills. Besides rough carpentry and workbenches, I've really no experience in working wood, but I think it turned out very well. I've yet to use it- the oil finish is still drying, but I just had to show it off.
  6. Large Horween Essex Scrap $6 per pound

    What is the name of the color in the bottom pic? Never mind, I've figured it out . Does it have a orange tint to it? All the pics I can find of that color doesn't show a bit of orange- at least to my eye and monitor. How would you describe the color in person?
  7. Italian Olive Upholstery Leather- by the pound

    I ordered 25 lbs and came home Friday to a box that was bursting at the seams that was a few lbs over what I paid for. I'd say the larger pieces are longer than wide, medium to soft in temper, a good thickness and feel for bags and pouches. The grain side sheds water like it's been waxed, but it's not oily feeling at all, no pull up to speak of. The color is a dark chocolate brown- think old school flight jacket. Nice leather and good sized pieces for a cheap price. I know as a beginner, I'm intimidated by cutting into a full sized side- I'm afraid of screwing it up and wasting material..With stuff like this, I'm not afraid to jump in and lay out and start cutting. I have no plans for it yet, but I'm totally happy with it.
  8. Moving sale .. V1.0

    I bought a 8 oz single shoulder and it arrived today with a piece of strap thrown in for free. Nice leather, honest description, and super fast shipping.
  9. Italian Olive Upholstery Leather- by the pound

    I've bought from you before and have always been impressed. I've PM'd you with the details'
  10. Making Coad Or Sticky Wax - The Easy Way...

    Thanks for sharing. Its so simple I'll have to make some just to try it out.
  11. Water Buffalo ( Chrome Tanned )

    Forgive me if you've already tried this- but what about neatsfoot oil?
  12. Its been a few years since I've done any leather work, its also been awhile since I've made a fixed blade knife. (Been fooling around making pocket knives) Here's a knife and sheath I made for an exchange on another forum. The blade is made from 1075 carbon steel, soldered brass guard and stacked leather handle finished with neats foot oil and bees wax. Saddle stitched sheath out of 7-8 oz veg tanned. Thanks for looking.