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  1. Wow - this board is great. Sounds like the 3000 is the way to go. Thanks - Jeannette
  2. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.
  3. Thank you for the input. Do you think you could sew deerskin okay on the 3000 or would I need a lighter machine also? Thanks
  4. I am looking for recommendations on a sewing machine for tack work - bridles and breastcollars (not doing saddle skirts or stitching on any veg tan over 20 oz.) I have been looking online at the Artisan 618, Toro-3000 and the Ferdco 1245 primarily. Does anyone have experience with these machines or could anyone offer a comparison of the models - ease of use, stitch quality, etc. I am familiar with the different specs on these machines, but have not had the opportunity to see them in person. I am looking for a machine that will sew anything from 3 oz of deerskin up to 20 oz of veg tan and is easy for a novice to operate and maintain. Also, if there are any other machines you would recommend instead of these, please let me know. Budget is around 2000.00. Thank you for any input.