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  1. Thanks. Crazy Horse Water Buffalo. Love working with the stuff and the pull-up look is fantastic with it. I don't have a Becker myself. Just 4 knives from local makers :-)
  2. One I did for a Becker BK-16 but with a removable can pouch. Customer requested design that allows for a left or right carry by re-configuring (belt loops, pouch and knife strap are all connected with chicago screws
  3. Camp Stool

    No problem. Just be sure to print with no scaling and let me know how it worked out for you.
  4. Really nice and a great looking knife too. Good luck on not having a welt. The stitch style (which I really like) should make it easy to install one if the knife works it's way through :-)
  5. Bag lever closure

    Weaver leather supply also sell them
  6. If anyone remembers Mick Foley, aka "Mankind" from WWE/WWF wrestling, he wore a unique leather mask (google it). Been ask if I could make one. Anyone have a pattern laying around? Trying to avoid a a "face fit" session if possible.
  7. Something given for nothing is worth exactly that, nothing. So far he has a free book commitment from you and you have nothing. My understanding is I can pay someone $50 and get all the social media "followers" I want.
  8. @howlback Your comments are right on. I finally applied it with a the recommended damp sponge and found exactly the results you describe. I too like a little bit of a "dirty" antique look or my leather to look like leather when I'm done. I have been spraying a 50/50 Resolene/water mix before antiquing (usually 2 or 3 light coats). Never tried the Tan-Kote but I will put that on my list. Do you cut it for spraying?
  9. Camp Stool

    Tool handles are too small. Head over to the nearest Home Depot, Lowes or whatever you have near you and buy a 1-1/4" hickory or other hardwood dowel. You can usually get a 6' piece. Cut it into 24" long pieces and make your legs.
  10. How to lace

    I am certain you will find this helpful. It has very good pictorial instructions for several different styles of lacing, how to start, how to splice and how to finish. I keep it beside me when I'm lacing, mostly to make sure I get the finish right. Tgis is an example of typical double loop lace on wallets.
  11. Filigree moisture

    Weaver Leather has a nice little video on cutting clean filigree.
  12. Camp Stool

    For those looking for a pattern, this is mine. PDF down load attached. Print on 8.5x11 paper with no scaling on the print size. I found 24" legs with hinge point 10.5" from the top works well. I use #9 copper rivets for my assemblies. Stool Seat PDF.pdf
  13. Anyone have experience using Fiebing's Pro Resist and can you cut it with water to apply with an air brush like Resolene? It's seem very thinck to apply it as supplied form. Thanks.
  14. Thanks. That is very clear.
  15. I have apiece 6 oz milled and was wondering what to do with it. Did you wrap it around a liner to give it some body?