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  1. Thanks everyone . It's that Stinky old Fiebings dye that they don't make any more !!!
  2. Ok so I know everyone hates this stuff and Fiebings doesn't make it any more , but I like it . And after reading Every post about it , no one seams to know what to reduce it with . I've tried denatured Alcohol and Mineral Spirits .The guy (sorry forgot name) that made the cross didn't mention if the turpentine worked for reducing the gray ..... The Gray (same Glass bottle and smell ) does mix with the white real nice contrary to what people say !! . Any Idea from someone Who Has Used And Reduced It With Luck ? Thanks
  3. Hum , ok got it ..Not sure but i'll try it on scrap .
  4. Hey , I was thinking that ,but can you then spray Oil dye over it ? I don't think it would work .
  5. Ummmm .....I mean the grayish whitish color ....
  6. Hey any one know how to make this color ? I don't wana copy the design just love that color . Thanks
  7. Tandy Leather

    Hey , Thanks for the input . As I said just feels funny . Maybe it is me !! Chain
  8. New Seat

    Love Big Daddy Roth since I was a kid .
  9. Tandy Leather

    Well I have tryed using the New Tandy european Bends . Very clean and beautiful ....but . I don't know what the problem is . It seems to me the leather is rolled so it's so smooth . And I don't know but It seems the fiber is so compressed it cuts and tools not that great . I was wondering if any of you have had this problem . Also When I dyed the one piece Using a Air brush , An Antique and a dauber with oil dye it had these spots in it that almost ruined the seat . I stopped getting the leather from them , just thought it looked so good I'd try it .
  10. My Nemesis, The Perfect Circle.

    I took a adjustable compass with a sharp peg in the one side . Took out the lead that was in the other side and flat sharpened a harness needle . When I put the peg side in the center of the circle I use a scrap piece of leather so I don't make a hole in the center than the needle cuts the circle so it's easy to follow in the grove with a swivel knife . Works great . Chain
  11. Adhesive

    I agree with outcast . I have seen work that the leather was not glued to the foam and it didn't hold up . The leather pulled from the foam and stretched to look Floppy and ... bubbly . If they plan on using the seat a bit ,glue it. Good luck , Chain
  12. Ya I let her pic the size . It's 11" long 9 1/2" high and 4" wide.
  13. Hey, Here's a messenger bag I made for the o'lady . She likes it stiff ...So I made it out of 9oz . Chain
  14. Lot "o" Skulls

    Hey All, Here's a Skull bag with Round braid I made recently . It has 9 skulls on it . Hope ya dig it . Ride Hard or Stay in Bed . Chain
  15. First let me say this is the BEST (non porn!) site out there . Some of you may know I can be a little blunt in my previous posts towards what people think of me and my work . But I got to say ,Thank you to everyone on this site. From the 25 Year Veteran Saddle Maker to the kid who just made his first seat , because I've learned something from all of you. Every time I come to this site I become a better leather worker . I don't really like posting my work because I don't need to hear if you like it or not . But I realize it's much more then that . I've taken so much from all of you that I owe this site this . If my work teaches you what to do or what NOT to do , I'm glad to be a part of what I think is the best tool out there . In the pic are 3 seats I have recently done and a Messenger bag . The last seat is a seat a customer gave me to redo . It was done by the NEW Generation computer Lasor engraver . What a piece of S@#t . I was worried when I first saw one of these . My neighbor brought me into his Studio to show me what he can do . He took a piece of leather and Lasored the flaming skull from Ghost Rider . Wow looked just like the picture ....But it had no human feel and looked like ... a picture that was glued onto the leather . Crap is what it looked like .Ha... I Don't think there's a short cut made yet . After all would you want a computer generated Mona Lisa or one painted by Hand , mistakes and all ? Hell I still like albums ! So Thanks again . I didn't mean to make this a Jerry Meguire moment but ... Ride hard or stay in bed . Chain