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  1. Lucky Seven on Wallet

    Here is a better image
  2. Here is a wallet I made using one of the patterns from Tandy's Lucky Seven pattern book.
  3. I have been lurking around this forum for several months and realized that I have not posted a proper introduction. I live in a small town south of Dallas called Cedar Hill. The closest place to get leathercrafting supplies is from the Tandy flagship store in Fort Worth. I watched the store being built and have been wanting to visit to see what Tandy Leather was all about. I finally made it in earlier this year and was bitten by the bug. Since then, I have been trying to read and watch everything I can about this great hobby. I feel like I am good friends with Ian Atkinson, Nigel Armitage, and Bruce Cheaney. I appreciate all of the experts sharing their advice on this forum. I posted some pictures of some passport covers I made about a month ago in "Critque My Work." I am going to post a picture of a holster I just completed for my sister-in-law. Thanks again for all of the help!