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  1. ironbridge hot foil stamping machine

    Hi @IronbridgeKOREA, I'd like to order your hot foil stamping machine and letters but can't really navigate through the Korean website - ironbridge.co.kr and the Etsy listing only has the hot foil stamp press. Is there a way we can arrange payment & delivery? Thank you!
  2. Good Places One Can Sell Leather Items For Sale

    Etsy Amazon Handmade Create your own Shopify/Woocommerce store BigCartel Patreon (package your own video courses and create a tiered monthly subscription model) Gumroad (sell your own ebooks on how to leathercraft)
  3. Carnauba Cream On Buttero?

    Hey guys, just wondering if it is safe to use Fiebings Carnauba cream to finish Buttero leather. I've seen a few posts on finishing Buttero with Saphir Renovateur which seems like a good option but I have a gallon of the stuff and am trying to use it up.
  4. ironbridge hot foil stamping machine

    @bikermutt07 - https://www.etsy.com/listing/652917661/hot-foil-machine-stamping-machine?ref=shop_home_active_1
  5. ironbridge hot foil stamping machine

    Hi there, I've seen your product being used by Sean over at Fineleatherworking.com - it's a stunning tool. I also see that you're listed on Etsy. I'm wondering, do you include the letter set as well? Not really sure what's included.