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  1. How do you poke your holes for the lace do you use a lacing chisel?
  2. Man that is amazing! Great job looks very clean is that for you or did you make it for someone? What finish did you use? Also is that your pattern or did you get it from somewhere else?
  3. Thank you for the explanation and the picture. What a great idea!
  4. Hey Rohn great looking holster what's the extra strap around the holster for? Is there just a belt loop on the back? Can we see a picture of the back? Thanks!
  5. Dyeing with water-based dyes (Craftsha)

    If you are on mainland there is a kyoshin Elle store that sells fiebings and if you are in Okinawa I can point you in the right direction
  6. Dyeing with water-based dyes (Craftsha)

    The only thing to do is to try different mixes there isn't a right or wrong just depends on what color you want I usually dilute at least 50/50 and that seems like a good place to start
  7. Yes left to right inside your stitch box where the knife will sit it's just to give a little room
  8. I'm sure there is a pattern out there for a similar pocket knife but this would be easy enough for you to make your own pattern. just put the knife on a piece of paper and outline it then add 3/4 the thickness of the knife and there is your inside dimensions. next figure out the cant that you want and draw around it for belt loops. make one out of cardboard if you don't have any extra leather to play with.
  9. How do I use a pattern?

    I'm not sure what type of pattern you have or leather you are using but I usually use a scratch awl
  10. Knuckle duster

    Awesome pattern I didn't have a dowl so used a lighter and it came out pretty good. Thanks again!
  11. Knuckle duster

    I would really appreciate it if you would post your pattern. Looks like a fun project and I have a few buddies that would like one. Thanks!
  12. Knuckle duster

    What did you put in the bottom for weight?
  13. Another notepad cover

    Oh ok I see it now! Just had to look close because of the dark colors very nice! how did you attach the notebook did you cut a slit into the panel?