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  1. Another notepad cover

    Oh ok I see it now! Just had to look close because of the dark colors very nice! how did you attach the notebook did you cut a slit into the panel?
  2. Another notepad cover

    Looks great if you were to see the left panel only on the outside you could have a extra pocket for papers also!
  3. Looks like a great pattern is there any way to get photos of how it was stitched together also is the stitching around the body just for looks or is there two pieces stuck together? thanks for posting!
  4. Those look great! Please share the pattern!
  5. If you type this into YouTube "Block Dyeing Technique" you will get a great tutorial. Good luck and please post how it comes out.
  6. alaskan chest rig pattern

    Sorry I can't help but have been looking also. Hope you don't mind my jumping in here.
  7. Adult Section Request

    Please add thank you